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Champagne in Space: Part 4 of our Bowl serie.

WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.

WhiteWater introduced in 1999 the SpaceBowl, a slide that was integrated in a RainFortress installation at Lake Lanier Water Park in Georgia.  1.211 kata lagi

Water Ride

Waterbom Bali - One Climax Day

I always love water park and slides! So when I got a chance to join the photo shoot for Waterbom Bali, I took it! This place is 100% about fun, truly the best water park I have been to. 257 kata lagi


[Super Late Post] Liburan ke Bali (lagi)

Bukan bermaksud sok sibuk, apalagi sibuk beneran, tapi apa daya, kita kehabisan tenaga buat update blog ini:( Okeh, kita mau cerita yang waktu ke Bali yaaa. 864 kata lagi


Waterbom Waterpark, Bali

Today we went off to Waterbom a water park in Kuta Bali. We had a great time and a good laugh. This was all shot on the HERO 4 and plenty of selfie moments went down range, and I wouldn’t expect anything less hahaha! Livin the dream :)

Part 2.3: The Good and the Bad in Bali

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom seems like a very weird place to visit when you are on a vacation in a beautiful island. To think that this simulacra is just 5 minutes away from Kuta Beach, how can anyone opt for the Waterbom instead of the beach? 443 kata lagi


Meet the Monkey: The King's Paw

I HAVE ringworm. I call the one on my shoulder ‘wormy’. The other three on my stomach don’t have names yet.

For some reason the monkeys have quarantined me to my throne room this week, with no company except for a few birds.This means there is little inspiration for this week’s blog post. 340 kata lagi