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SD-WAN tipped for rapid adoption

SD-WAN may provide the low cost, low maintenance branch office router solution that enterprises and service providers have long craved.

After a slow start involving a small number of limited availability trials, network services based on software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) platforms are now being fully commercialised and starting to arouse a lot of interest among enterprise buyers. 829 kata lagi


TELoIP at Networking Field Day 15

No Networking Field Day would be complete without a presentation from an SD-WAN vendor. The technology is now established and maturing into a ubiquitous WAN solution across small and large enterprises alike, so at the upcoming… 345 kata lagi


So How's The Diet Going? A Series on Losing Weight. Part Two

Welcome to the second part of our look at dieting. If you read yesterday’s episode (CLICK THE LINK, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!), you’d know that it’s all about starting a diet, how hard it is, why people look stupid when they model for those diet photos, and the added idiocy of having a last final hurrah takeaway. 1.129 kata lagi

Losing Weight

Find me a date: Bryan and Wan Lin

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The date: our daters had a meal at Senso Ristorante and Bar

First impression

Wan Lin: ‘He seemed like a very young, polite guy. 210 kata lagi


德国儿童绘本诉说叙利亚难民的真实故事 ·

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这篇文章由 Lucy Martirosyan 撰写,原文于2016年6月20日发布于PRI.org,现根据内容共享协议转载于全球之声。



然而当德国的成年人对于接收难民的情况忧喜参半时,德国作家基尔丝汀‧波伊 ( Kirsten Boie) 希望孩子们至少能够意识到难民孩子其实与世界上其他孩子一样,并无差别。

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绘本以德文及阿拉伯文出版,目的是为了让德国本地及新移民儿童都能够在学校里阅读。 (英文翻译本可按 10 kata lagi

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