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The Impact of Wide Area Networks on Business

In this age of information, sending data over long distances is a necessity. Fortunately, technologies have been developed that enable networks and their users to communicate and exchange data quickly and easily — no matter their geographic location. 1.707 kata lagi

LoRa wireless nodes made easy with new solutions from Microchip

With the growing interest in low-power wide-area wireless networks for Internet-of-Things and M2M applications, Microchip Technology has been rolling out a number of wireless solutions based on radio technologies such as LoRa – addressing requirements such as long-range connectivity, strong energy efficiency for long battery life, and low hardware cost to enable high-volume deployments. 834 kata lagi

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#1: Cisco, Juniper, OpenConfig, Yang - oh, my!

About an year ago, I moved to rather little known section of my company – the WAN networking team. Being a software engineer, my task was writing tools that help them manage the network. 364 kata lagi


Why MPLS is a Viable Solution to Network Multiple Offices VS Older More Expensive Legacy Platforms

The operations of a multi-location business in this era of always-on, instant communication can pose many challenges. Companies must be able to share data in “real time”, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, all in a secure environment. 325 kata lagi

Here's What Happens When Your Dream Filmmaking Job Ends Up Being a Nightmare

Indie Wire recently ran a story about screenwriter Max LaBella, and the pitfalls he encountered in the making of his film “Demonic”. It tells of a long five-year process full of ups and downs, and at the end of which La Bella doesn’t even have a copy of his own movie. 350 kata lagi

Last Winter Sun

Last Winter Sun

The sun is wan today,

A last winter sun

Spring has been promised

Through the weather

Turns so far

And parochial nature… 21 kata lagi