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Mamfaat LAN

Dengan LAN user dapat melakukan Sharing (Berbagai)  seperti Hardware maupun Software.

Contoh :

Hardware ; Printer Harddisk, Modem, dll

Software ; Aplikasi, E-mail, Game, dll… 71 kata lagi

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Perbandingan LAN dengan WAN

LAN dan WAN adalah jaringan komunikasi yang menghubungkan sejumlah perangkat dan sejumlah simpul.

Beberapa perbandingan antara LAN dengan WAN dapat diuraikan sbb :
1. Ruang Lingkup… 78 kata lagi
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BIM in Cloud - Myth or Reality

Over the last decade IT Cloud solution has gained considerable popularity and the term has been widely used by various categories of IT users. Though the technology itself is as old as Internet but the term ‘Cloud’ found its way in the main-stream IT literature only in the last decade. 792 kata lagi


Quotes 8/19/16

Here is to an amazing Friday and a great weekend!!

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol

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The Quest to Make Aquaman Cool Continues

(Source: www.gq.com)


Warner Bros.

James Wan says Aquaman is kind of like Wolverine. We have some thoughts about that.

In the grand arc of history, one thing has always held true: Aquaman is not cool. 567 kata lagi


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Remote IT is Moving to the Top of the IT Whiteboard

Riverbed Briefing Note

Most of the focus in the enterprise is on the data center, but in reality most of the action is in the remote office/branch office (ROBO). 502 kata lagi