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Rupert Murdoch's Sky Takeover Has Been Temporarily Blocked by a U.K. Regulator

Britain’s competition regulator told Rupert Murdoch his $15 billion takeover of Sky was not in the public interest and would be blocked unless there was a way to prevent the tycoon from influencing the network’s news output. 363 kata lagi


To Those Who Need Encouragement...

Be great.

Be unbelievable.

You are absolutely capable of being  and doing so.

Everything that you need is at your disposal and you have the talent and creativity to make it all become real.   327 kata lagi

Advice And Learnings

A Fundamentally Good Man

Some disparaging remarks that Meryl Streep made about Walt Disney in 2014, spouting the typical load of nonsense that is brought up periodically without any context to back it up, have been making the rounds on the Internet again. 1.070 kata lagi

Brave Little Tailor Review

It’s time for a retro Disney short. Mickey Mouse returns in this one as the star of the show. I’ve seen more Donald shorts than Mickey ones I believe so this will help the mouse catch up. 652 kata lagi


Film 2018: Fantasia 2000

The Film Year’s only three Sundays old and I’ve already abandoned the random selection idea. I’m going to try to keep up a fresh mixture, from week to week, except when I get to Terry Gilliam month (about which you’ll learn more when I get there). 1.664 kata lagi

Films & DVDs

Mulan: A Review

Looking into the Disney Renaissance, my journeys decided to take a look at perhaps one of the favorites that many think of musically…Mulan.

Mulan is based on the Chinese legend Mulan. 456 kata lagi