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"Tomorrowland" A Great Concept Movie From Disney

We are seeing “Tomorrowland” tonight and I can’t wait. When I first saw a preview of it I was immediately interested in the concept of taking the Tomorrowland section of a Disney park and turning it into a movie. 33 more words

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Tomorrowland Review

Disney as cult is not a new concept. The Corporation would never choose such a descriptor, but neither has it ever shied away from behavior that justifies the label. 1.426 more words


LA Trip - Day 4 Disneyland

I know I know! Baby A is too young to 1. know what Disneyland is all about and 2. to remember any of it!! We got tickets to Disneyland more for us and a little for his growing love for Mickey Mouse. 614 more words


When You wish upon a star...and become president of the walt disney studios

For anyone who doesn’t know me, my life long dream has been to be Head of Marketing at The Walt Disney Studios. For this guy, however, the dream became a reality. 290 more words

Whatever Happened to Mickey Mouse?

In the Spring of 1928 Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks struck gold. They created a mouse, a mouse they called Mickey. Arguably there hasn’t been, nor will there ever be a bigger icon in the history of animation. 568 more words


Let's Appreciate: Beauty and the Beast

Romantic and charming, exciting and involving. As Broadway as it gets, great songs, great visuals. The entire ballroom sequence comes together like the Apollo Moon landings – it works. 12 more words


Apple is no longer the favorite stock of hedge funds

Apple’s reign is over.

For a while, Apple reigned  “undisputed as the most popular hedge fund stock,” according to Goldman Sachs analysts.

But things have changed. 156 more words