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Basic Steps To Writing A Research Paper By Tonia Walls

Most people wouldn’t put it that way, since the Bible is, after all, sacred Scripture for millions on our planet. But good Christian scholars of the Bible, including the top Protestant and Catholic scholars of America, will tell you that the Bible is full of lies, even if they refuse to use the term. 1.064 kata lagi

Term Paper

Dense Walls in Uruguay

Some walls with different colors, fonts and textures caught my eye in Punta del Este and Colonia del Sacramento. Perfect for the Dense challenge.


Walls and a Fence

There has been a lot of talk about walls — and one wall in particular — lately. As it happens, I’ve been making images of walls lately, too. 116 kata lagi



A heart of gold,

a lining of stone,

a hollow shell,

tap it,

it echoes.

The cave inside,

is dark and shallow,

filled with hurt,

shame and sorrow.


I’m walking,

Ploughing on in endless space,

Until I bang my head against a wall,

Sprouted in the middle of nowhere,

Just a single wall in a world of nothingness. 107 kata lagi