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Homeplate Park is a Home Run!

Norris Design envisioned an interactive water feature for a park at the new Midtown residential development in Denver. The design called for an interactive stream and a splash pad. 138 kata lagi

Colorado Hardscapes

How to enhance your home to increase property value

(Source: www.99.co)

The property price index for Singapore’s private homes fell for the 11th straight quarter and it is deemed to be one of the longest losing streaks in almost two decades here as reported from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). 234 kata lagi

Money Matters

Retrospect is much easier to empathize with 

Took a trip to the Berlin Wall today and experienced so much more emotion than I had anticipated.

Our tour guide told impassioned stories of families being torn apart, of people being shot and killed trying to cross over, and of the joyous reunification that happened for many 28 years later once the wall came down in 1989. 584 kata lagi

Walls and Bridges

Growing up, there was an older couple I used to know who treated each other with compassion and kindness. Each time they spoke to each other, their words would build up their other person. 782 kata lagi



Y’all will be pleased to know that I have settled the debate over the Lord’s prayer,”debts, sins, or trespasses?” I settled it in the usual way I settle all theological debates, by asking God to explain it to me. 647 kata lagi