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city walls

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city walls

Winding dry-stone walls
Undulating through Swaledale
North Yorkshire, England
Kew Royal Botanic Gardens,
landscapes, glasshouses, historic buildings
and a vast range of rare and beautiful plants. 12 kata lagi
Weekly Photo Challenge

Daughter before Mrs.

So uhm… ever got mad and started giving God attitude because of “unanswered” prayers? Well before you answer no prayer goes unanswered we either dont accept God’s answer and we hope he changes it. 915 kata lagi


Would You Keep These Redwood Shower Walls? — Good Questions | Apartment Therapy

Q: I'm having a remodel dilemma: keep the funky redwood walls in our shower or take them out and tile? We live in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in CA so the redwood goes well with the boho lifestyle up here, but the house itself is contemporary in style, so there seems to be a bit of an identity issue…

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Stylish Play Space!

Good morning/afternoon/evening!!

I just love {passionately} vibrant bursts of bright colour injected into children’s rooms.

Today I’m taking about walls. This quirky wallpaper brings a unique stance to a child’s play space. 76 kata lagi


the walls between our gardens

If only we knew
the walls between our gardens
If only we knew how to walk on them like we used to, and
meet on them,like we once did… 6 kata lagi