Label » Walls


The walls are spinning,
Twirling, turning,
Burning down into
Ashes of my mind
As everyone around
Looks on with disdain.

Why do they think I… 89 kata lagi


I Put Up a Wall ...

I put up a wall to keep you out … because I am wounded and fragile and afraid you will hurt me.

You see my wall and feel rejected. 138 kata lagi

A Shift In Perspective

Belly up 

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to brush up on my therapy skills and put them into practice. Like anything, there are certain things you forget when you don’t have to use a certain set of skills consistently. 250 kata lagi

What I Think

Ah, Those Walls . . .

Today has been sunny and almost warm. It is a pleasure to be out; we take our time, we smile at everyone, even those who are in such a hurry they haven’t noticed that they share the planet with other sentient beings. 437 kata lagi


Duvarları yıkmak

Duvarlar; dikey düzlemde mekan sınırlarını belirleyen, aynı zamanda algı dünyamız ile ilgili ipuçları veren, metaforik anlatımlarda adını çokça andığımız, tezat sembolik anlamlar taşıyabilen temel yapı elementleridir. 230 kata lagi

Interior Design