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Walls and Words

While I sit over here
Crying, enclosed within these four walls
My words, my thoughts
Travel through miles
They cross oceans, mountains and plains
Halfway through the globe… 41 kata lagi



I’m an expert at
building walls and
pushing people away
I can construct the
highest barriers
and leave no cracks
I’m so great
that even I am
unable to tear them


Damp pervades all

Or at least pervades the ground floor. We haven’t heated the ground floor at all during this winter. So it has got quite cold. Descending the stairs becomes a slow immersion into a pool of very cold air. 217 kata lagi



The barrier between what you see,
and what I know

The bridge between the known,
and the unknown

The curtain which both exposes,
and┬áconceals… 15 kata lagi


turning and walls

for the watersa

and its own

and caught on the doing

and for the seeking

and for the turning

and level

and what it held… 47 kata lagi


Bathroom (1)

Chris has been getting on with the bathroom. We’re having a Japanese-style bathroom, which means several differences from standard North American bathrooms.

  1. First of all that there is no toilet in the same room as the bath and shower.
  2. 572 kata lagi
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