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If Walls Could Talk

Bannock, Montana is a town that was founded in 1862, and had residents until the 1970s. I was assignment to take a series of images that related to each other. 150 kata lagi


Gloomscapes #4

In this week’s Gloomscapes entry, I give you some barbed wires.

Dystopian fiction often features prisons or some kind of locked environment.

You are guilty of harbouring negative thoughts about The State/The Empire/Our Almighty Leader/The Big Brother.  73 kata lagi


Where's the freedom now?

I wrote this poem exactly 16 years ago. I was just finishing uni and was about to step out to the real world and starting my real adult life. 173 kata lagi


Memories of a Bridge Builder

My mother was born to a family that spoke Plautdietsch at home and German in church. Those languages, sometimes called Low German and High German, were meant to be a protective wall, preventing folks of that heritage from feeling at home with the people around them. 430 kata lagi


A Metaphorical Wall

I like metaphors, sometimes. A metaphor can be a non-sequitur, overly-wrought, or otherwise distracting, but sometimes they are simply good to think with.

A few years ago, I got caught up comparing my academic progress to my basketball jump shot At the time my jump shot wasn’t falling and, at the same time my academic progress felt stuck in neutral Literally and figuratively, I couldn’t put the ball through the hoop. 546 kata lagi



Build bridges, not walls; so that whoever  you negotiate with, they feel empowered not isolated.


break the wall, rescue my heart

He moved up to my cell and whispered not his queries but his soul.
Perhaps we die today, what would you miss doing or regret not doing? 162 kata lagi