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Tear sheet added on the double-ended dormer extension

Following on from the ‘Revisits’ post that showed a slideshow of a recently completed project in County Mayo HERE; I’ve included a ‘Tear-Sheet on this project HERE’ 29 kata lagi


Not Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

I never liked the show and once took a job replacing a man who had Mr. Rodger’s quotes laminated and posted all over the work area. 647 kata lagi


Section of outfield wall falls down during A's game

A piece of the left-field wall at the Oakland Coliseum came tumbling down during the game between the Angels and the A’s on Monday night. 124 kata lagi


End of August Recap & Wall #2!

I understand now why so many tiny house builders don’t blog very often even though they’re making progress! After a day of building, you don’t want to do anything but sit and eat and sleep. 235 kata lagi


All The King's Horses

We don’t need no legal immigration
We don’t need no constitution
No dark skins in the classroom
Media leave that man alone
Hey! Media! Leave that man alone! 147 kata lagi