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My Weight Story

I’m not really sure when my weight became such an issue for me. I’ve been battling it as long as I can remember. I was a “thick” baby and toddler, an even thicker adolescent and an overweight adult. 465 kata lagi


What to Do

Being invited to go to a party should be something to look forward to, right? Well, for me, it has created a day long emotional battle of whether I will really go, who will be there, what food will I have to want and not eat, what will I wear that won’t make me feel disgusting and how will I avoid drinking too much just so I won’t be anxious and paranoid. 209 kata lagi


The Lone Wolf Wall

Yes, my friends…

…a new wall!

These letters were a practice in lines and using a minimal amount of colors but blending them to create shadows and color nuances. 259 kata lagi



I love the walls around my soul. When I have them firmly in place I feel so strong and so powerful. I’m confident I can do get things done. 262 kata lagi


Countries wanting to tackle migration should follow Switzerland's lead and boost local economies rather than punish individuals

Switzerland wants to give Tunisians an incentive to stay home rather than leave for Europe, but instead of building walls it’s investing in promoting tourism to the region to create jobs… 675 kata lagi


Walls Engender Respect

Love your neighbor doesn’t mean let your neighbor steal from you, rape or murder your children.

Walls are necessary due to the barbaric nature of humankind. 44 kata lagi