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Loyalty, Law and Order: 24th Taraweeh 2017


Loyalty, Law & Order

Tonight’s taraweeh consists of Juz 28.

The Sûrahs covered are nos. 58-66 Al-Mujâdilah, Al-Hashr, Al-Mumtahinah, As-Saff, Al-Jumu’ah, Al-Munâfiqûn, At-Taghâbun, At-Talâq and At-Tahrîm. 910 kata lagi

Mountains of Revelation: 23rd Taraweeh 2017


Mountains of Revelation

Tonight’s taraweeh consists of juz 27. The Sûrahs covered are 51-57: the second portion of Adh-Dhâriyât, At-Tûr, An-Najm, Al-Qamar, Ar-Rahmân, Al-Wâqi’ah and Al-Hadîd. 927 kata lagi

Structural Integrity: 22nd Night of Taraweeh 2017


Structural Integrity of The Ummah                                  

Tonight’s taraweeh consists of Juz 26.

The Sûrahs covered are Al-Ahqâf (The Sandhills), Muhammad , Al-Fath (Victory), Al-Hujurât (The Apartments), Qâf   789 kata lagi

Witness Protection Program: 21st Taraweeh 2017


Witness Protection

Tonight’s Taraweeh consists of Juz 25 and surahs no. 41-45. They are the end of Fussilat, all of Ash-Shura, Az-Zukhruf, Ad- Dukhan and Al Jathiyah. 732 kata lagi

Idea Talk: An Efficiency Comparison Between Different Digital Marketing Avenue

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Idea Talk! Market Segmentation with AI

Why businesses even the small businesses should care about audience Segmentation

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Wali Wednesday: Hello World! 3 Things about Wali

It dawns on us starting to blog now, that we of the Wali team haven’t introduced ourselves to the world quite yet. For this post, this is going to be our official “Hello” letter to the world. 529 kata lagi