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My Pedal Board, Part One

On two out of the last three Mondays I’ve taken a walk down “memory lane” and revisited my guitar setup from my playing days. I started with my guitar, and then followed up with my amplifier. 416 more words


Selayang Pandang


ada yang suka dengan Singkong???

atau ada yang suka dengan Pisang???

wah pasti punya kesan sendiri yah disaat memakan kedua makanan yang sangat khas di negara kita ini. 143 more words

February Promo Deals!! (20% off all Office Support Services)

Office Support Services

Word Processing, Data Entry, Resume Writing, Blog Work, Website content writing, Photo editing, business cards, stationary, graphics edited, Business correspondence and anything that would have to do with the administrative actions of your office. 74 more words


Interested in working from home?

Working from home sounds great, of course it can be great, but is it for you?

There are so many work-at-home jobs out there, but which ones are legitimate, which ones pay well, which ones are the most beneficial — well, its all about YOUR preference. 226 more words

Make Money From Home

when you want to tell the ppl you like, that you like them but you’re a pissy baby

whoever reads this, this is for you, I like you and ur great :)

My Newest Co-worker

When I first started working this morning, my co-worker was lying on my workspace on her back with her head dangling off the edge. Since then, she has violently murdered a post-it note with her teeth and frantic slapping motions, rendering post-it note apparently dead and very soggy. 51 more words