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Quote of the Day...

~ To New Beginnings….. Happiness….An Wealth… Oh! An Palm Tree’s.


Two Heads are Better Than 1!

You know the old sane… ” Two heads are better than One.”  Well I do believe that to be 100% true..  135 kata lagi


Quote of the Day....

I couldn’t have said it better my self!


Quote of the day...

I love seeing quotes rolling past my screen and I figured you might too… So starting today I will post quotes from all aspects of life. 9 kata lagi

The Curve Ball...

When life throws you a curve ball you try your hardest to catch it! An I was thrown a curve ball, that went out of the park! 553 kata lagi



मेरी हर आह को वाह मिली है यहाँ…..
कौन कहता है दर्द बिकता नहीं है !!