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crying, sobbing, wah, weeping, wahh Gif for Fun at your Time


Market Research Recruiting

I love working from home and often take on little side gigs for a bit of extra spending money. Sharing an opportunity with you all if you would like to participate. 72 kata lagi

A rare and unexpected time

I am exhaling, looking around, crying occasionally.

The purpose of this blog is not to guilt you into action, or inundate you with personal details about myself, my family. 757 kata lagi

Growth Through Pain

Episode 16: Last Chance to Back Out Donald

2016_01_16 : Episode 16: Last Chance to Back Out Donald

Cowboys and Kiddos (filler)

Recursive Analysis

#bubblegumteam update

1) We fight bad people
2) We help people… 33 kata lagi



After having a reflective tutorial with Johnathon about my feedback again today, we mainly discussed the idea of my work becoming more fine-art, and how I can have a conceptual element running through all of it. 240 kata lagi


HOT AS HELL are a  Los Angeles based brand who describe themselves as being ethical and sustainable. Their website features, intimates, bridal wear and swimwear. Their Instagram @we_are_hah has 49,500 followers and features a lot of their products as well as imagery relating to the brand, including roses, lips, alcohol and cigarettes, but all with an outdoorsy ideal-esque feel to them. 407 kata lagi


Stupid ice in stupid Alaska

So I earned myself a pair of these yesterday when I took a reverse swan dive onto my rear end in a parking lot. Thankfully, I didn’t then get run over by automobiles sliding on aforementioned ice, and I hobbled my way to a meeting. 244 kata lagi

Growth Through Pain