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Finding the Best Headset & Telephone for Work at Home Agents

You’ve decided to work from home as an independent or virtual agent, and now you need to find the best headset equipment to use. You’ll want it to be durable, comfortable and affordable; if you’re just starting out, you’ll probably need to find equipment to fit within a certain budget. 251 kata lagi

Affordable Headset

Grass is Greener...

Debbie Downer.

Don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer as we head into the weekend, but a new report says the job of “broadcaster” is among the most over-rated in 2015. 40 kata lagi


wah wah heaven

After a while of non-activities, i took the wah projects by the balls and finished them successfully.

Inductors: one is a Stack o Dimes, the other is called a Hasel inductor, both handmade by the nice guys at ARTeffects in Israel. 75 kata lagi

Dinner is Served

The only thing that keeps me from doing things yet pushes me to do them at the exact same time is the thought that eventually we will all be food for hungry, wild animals. 240 kata lagi

Just Going Through the (e)Motions

I live selfishly in the sense
That if I want to cry
Well I’m going to cry
And if I want to
Want to bleed… 56 kata lagi

A Breath

I think if given the choice
I would have skipped the opportunity
Because life is what’s truly scary
Not the lack or end of it… 59 kata lagi

Traveling Round the Drain

I haven’t been this tired in so long
My eyes fall heavy on anything
Everything, begging for sleep
The day’s going by quickly,
But I’m just floating on… 13 kata lagi