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the oscars shouldn't matter.

In less than two hours, it is the biggest award show of the season. THE OSCARS. The time when people would get out their wine and snapchat the day of preparing for The Oscars with… 884 kata lagi


Ugh, Politics (1 of 2)

Serious games often have the difficult job of taking something that is un-fun and trying to at least make it bearable.  This can work wonders within so many fields such as education, art, mental illness, training, etc. 512 kata lagi

2017 Windham-Bennington District Town Meeting Information

2017 Windham-Bennington District Town Meeting Information

Times and locations for our districts Town Meeting and Australian Ballot items are below.  Act 46 Australian ballot votes and other notable Town Meeting education articles are in green.   392 kata lagi

Economic Development

BHM 2017 Day 5 -- Going back in Time: The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments

Hi folks,

Sorry for the delay. Work has been a bear. I wanted to take a few minutes to go back in time and go over the 13th-15th amendments and the miracle of getting them passed. 1.692 kata lagi

Craven approval and vote-grabbing....

When I started Rocks and Bones, I wanted somewhere I could share and develop my own writing and enjoy and promote that of other people, but I had no long term plan. 105 kata lagi


America’s Future Voters Are a Click Away From Revolutionizing the Republic

By: Maggie Turchinski

What can change the world? Who can change the world? How can one change the world?

America Land of the Free, Home of the Brave… 1.212 kata lagi