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Six word story challenge

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This weeks prompt : Mistake

Here’s my Six word Story on the prompt

“He chose blue instead of red”

(Fellow British WordPressers – make of that what you will!)


Open Letter to the DNC, Debbie & Hillary

Hi DNC. Hey Hillary how’s it going?

I’m technically a member of your party at the moment–though my eagerness to remain is waning fast. I’m one of those kids who registered to vote the day I turned 18. 1.365 kata lagi

3 Reasons Why I Think the Age Restriction on Voting is Just Stupid

Most Americans would rather not see minors gain the right to vote in elections. Especially our more conservative friends, who’ll be shaking in their boots at the thought of scores of liberal high schoolers, running to the polls to enact their agendas of social justice. 479 kata lagi


Texas Makes Deal On First Election Under Weaker Voter ID Law

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CORPUS CHRISTI (AP) — Texas has struck a deal on new voter ID rules for the first election since a federal appeals court this week ruled that the state’s ballot-box restrictions are discriminatory. 118 kata lagi


Media & Politics

Once upon a time there was this thing called journalism; in which people reported on facts, news and events.  But somehow journalism has turned into more of – well – your daily soap opera.   402 kata lagi

American Dream

American Dream
Man stop with that tired ass shit about flags and matters. Bitch you ain’t got no skin in this game and you wanna whine from a distance. 512 kata lagi

Social Commentary

The GOP is not the 'Christian' party

On Monday, July 18th, Pastor Mark Burns of South Carolina took the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention to give the benediction. However, instead of simply giving thanks to God and praying over the convention, it quickly became politicized. 907 kata lagi

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