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Consensus & Reason towards Legitimacy

Consensus remains a vital enterprise in the democratic system as it is essential in formulating policies, making collective decisions, effecting political processes, and defining political outcomes. 1.523 kata lagi


9 Reasons why Young people shouldnt bother to Vote in #GE2017

The General election is now only 7 weeks away, but you have only until 22nd May to register to Vote.

If for a variety of reasons you’re not already counted and registered, and theres been a huge surge in trying to get young people to vote.   873 kata lagi


So, What's the Deal with Voting at Grand Convention?

Will you serve as a Voting Delegate at Grand Convention this summer in Hollywood?  Have you ever wondered more about how and what voting occurs at Grand Convention?  645 kata lagi

Grand Convention

Parallels between Nouvelle Droite and certain cliques within Rx politics

In Faye’s book Archeofuturism, He explains why the French New Right failed and never really changed the political landscape of France. The strict adherence to all is cultural, all is intellectual and their refusal to back Front National eventually lead to their downfall. 551 kata lagi


Why your church (and pastor) can't be partisan.

Recently a person unknown to me posted his “resistance” oriented event on the Facebook wall of my church. It wasn’t clear what the event entailed and it seemed that it might cross the line into partisan territory. 1.276 kata lagi


Albanian Assembly to hold third round of voting for President on Thursday

TIRANA – The Albanian Parliament will hold the third round of voting to elect the new president of the Republic of Albania on Thursday at 3.00 pm, ATA reports. 127 kata lagi


They say it echoed somewhere

It was voting day in Rathaudi village. In the midst of external commotion and internal qualms, Manya went around completing chores. His emaciated limbs and lean chest heaved and convulsed as he unloaded a sack of grey mud from his shoulders on to the ground next to his house. 2.035 kata lagi