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Are Alabama's House seats gerrymandered?

This map has a lot of people saying so:

Unofficial results, but #ALSen by Congressional District. Left is 2016, right is 2017. Doug Jones turned HRC's 28% loss into a 1.5% win while *only* carrying…

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Are Christians morally obligated to vote only for candidates likely to win?

I really don’t want to write this. I’m sick and tired of politics and I’m sick and tired of writing about politics. I’m not sure I have anything more useful to say on the topic that I haven’t said somewhere else, or that others haven’t said far better than I. 2.447 kata lagi


AOL -- How a Former Sharecropper in an SUV Helped Drive Doug Jones to Victory in Alabama's Black Belt

This story introduces us to Perman Hardy, a resident of Lowndes County, Alabama, who on Tuesday made a significant contribution getting Alabamians in her community out to vote. 20 kata lagi


Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality, you ask?

It is the thing that until today preserved our free communication over the web. It protected our First Amendment Right to Free Speech. 756 kata lagi

Rising from the Ashes was nominated!

Evernight Publishing is hosting their 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards, and Rising from the Ashes has been nominated for Best in Mainstream! I’m not sure how long voting is open, but you can vote… 826 kata lagi


One of Those Charts

The last time we had a big overhaul of the federal tax code was in 1986. Back then, the poorest 90 percent of the population owned 3 1/2 times as much as the richest 1/10th of 1 percent. 125 kata lagi


A First Family Example

President Trump and the First family live in the White House now but their official address for voting purposes is still in New York City so during the 2017 election this November the First Family sent in absentee ballots to cast their official votes in the election. 239 kata lagi