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New Google Doodle Wants to Help Get You Registered to Vote

On the eve of National Voter Registration Day, Google is taking the opportunity to prompt voters to get registered.

Clicking on today’s Google doodle, which flashes “Register to Vote in different languages,” leads users to the search engine’s… 79 kata lagi

ACC making it easier for Austinites to register to vote

AUSTIN (KXAN) — With the prime-time debate airing Monday night, Austin Community College wants to remind Austinites to register to vote.

Joining us in the KXAN studio is Dr. 135 kata lagi


My first time voting in Switzerland. Did it matter?

I have lived in this country for 17 years and yesterday I got to vote for the first time on five initiatives that effect my life. 351 kata lagi

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MIT Technology Review: The Internet Is No Place for Public Elections

From MIT Technology Review: The Internet Is No Place for Public Elections. “Despite what your local election officials may tell you, you can’t trust the Internet with your vote. 64 kata lagi

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The Climate Change We Need - Local Body Elections 2016

By Matthew Fanselow: published author, maker-of-change, doer-of-things, West Coast Gentleman.

October 8th is polling day for the 2016 local body elections, and many of you are surely wondering “why should I care”? 592 kata lagi



Because she has a vagina, Hillary claims she can fix anything. She can make employers respect women more and pay them equal to the men on staff and give them paid maternity leave in addition to vacation and sick time, longer workday break times, allow them to leave work early in order to attend school or family functions or partake of anything womanly. 316 kata lagi


Chartism - Full Suffrage

So what has chartism actually done? Let’s begin by looking at full suffrage. Although it originally began as for males only, suffrage, or the right to vote, now includes females as well. 197 kata lagi

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