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Politics as usual not for Greens

The decision by the Greens to give most of their Parliamentary Question Time to National will be seen as a sign the party is determined to maintain its own identity and stick to its principles — and could pose problems in future for the Labour-led Government. 27 kata lagi


Who is Chris Liddell?

Kiwi expat Chris Liddell has landed a star role in the Trump Administration as one of the president's two deputy chiefs of staff, with responsibility for policy. 46 kata lagi


Putin says he ‘doesn’t want arms race’ with the West

Russian President Vladimir Putin has struck a softer tone towards the West after winning his biggest ever election victory, saying he had no desire for an arms race and would do everything he could to resolve differences with other countries. 40 kata lagi


NZ businessman gets top Trump role

News | Politics. 20 Mar 2018 9:23. | outlook hotmail | yahoo mail | gmail | news | weather | finance | shopping | about nzcity | Search |. 28 kata lagi


Living Large in Carson City: All the News that Fit to Print . . . Not Edition

It is almost impossible to start with the first blog of the week without a mind-numbing paralysis hanging over my laptop keyboard, effectively rendering any semblance of objectivity moot and any sense rational thought impossible. 984 kata lagi

South Auckland school pupils keen to meet former US president Barack Obama

"Like what made him want to be president, and to be in politics. "People around the world look up to him." Harleen says she would ask Obama how difficult it is to "step out into the world knowing you are the first at something". 36 kata lagi


The Latest: Critics call bid to end gun investment political

Critics of a push for the nation's largest public pension fund to divest from retailers of assault weapons are calling it an ineffective strategy and a political ploy. 53 kata lagi