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The Great Distraction

Politics. The greatest of the great distractions. I used to say world news was the greatest distraction, and it still is. However, now that we’re firmly planted in yet another presidential election cycle, politics moves up to the number one great distraction. 340 kata lagi

Why We Don't Get What We Vote For

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Pat Leahy wrote a piece in the Sunday Business Post, arguing that Fine Gael are going to war to get the “the middle-ground voters who feel they have a stake in society.” 738 kata lagi


Antioch Kitchen Chef Rocks the Vote

Margaret Kinner Fischer intends to bring Voter Registration forms to North Kitchen for anyone wishing to register on Saturday and Sunday and before she turns them all in at noon on Monday! 290 kata lagi

What you need to know about registering to vote in the Illinois primary

Cook County Clerk David Orr joins Justin to discuss what you need to know about registering to vote before the Illinois primary on March 15th. They also talk about technological advances that will make voting easier, money in politics, voter suppression and voter ID and the role media can play in assuring an even playing field for candidates. 29 kata lagi

The Download

Newmanity and Voting

Evangelicalism seems to bleed the same color. Seems to think with the same mind. Seems to vote with the same heart. Evangelicalism also seems to uphold and believe the ‘love one another’ banner. 402 kata lagi