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6 Must-See Hot Springs Around The World

Hot springs are definitely a tourist draw for many countries. A hot spring is a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity.   282 kata lagi


The Beauty and Power of Mexico’s Volcanoes

For Hector Guerrero, Mexico’s volcanoes embody the environmental and social challenges facing his country.

Published: June 28, 2017 at 05:30AM


from NYT Multimedia… 62 kata lagi


When the Volcano Blows

June 25, 1997 began as a normal day in the Caribbean, and the people in the villages on the southern part of Montserrat went about their routine activities, aware of the smoking Soufriere Hills but not overly concerned. 697 kata lagi


Hawaii's volcanic spectacle and Pele the Fire Goddess

This sky-level satellite image above shows how most of Puna is covered in a lush green canopy, with some visible lava flows in the District of Puna. 457 kata lagi


Azorean Style Corn

When I was in the Azores (Portugal), my guide said that there was something special about the corn there. While I gave a dozen guesses, I couldn’t figure it out. 325 kata lagi


Pozzuoli - Volcanoes,  Gladiators and sunken treasure

Before you take a trip to Pompeii or Herculaneum, make sure you make your way to the suburb of Pozzuoli.

If you have a few days in Naples, the town of Pozzuoli is well worth a day (or two) of your time. 1.910 kata lagi

From the archives: Operation - Photography!

Back in my first year at Yoobee Design school, we were tasked with a photography assignment wherein we had to take a series of photos, subject matter of our choice, that demonstrated one or more visual principles (symmetry, perspective, proximity, contrast, texture etc.); and then present them to the class. 117 kata lagi