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White Russian

About the White Russian

The Dude abides. The White Russian or known as the “Caucasian” is a 1960s Oakland, CA variation of the IBA Classic Black Russian cocktail. 117 kata lagi


A Polish wedding (The Survival of the Fittest)

I had the honour to attend a Polish wedding in September 2016. And no, it was not mine, I’m still available, ladies.

A week before the event, a friend told me she was going to a wedding and her plus one suddenly couldn’t go. 760 kata lagi

Eastern Europe

Make a "Jolene" Just in Time for Dolly's Birthday

She’s a songstress whose work has made generations of music lovers fall in love with her. So of course Dolly Parton should have a special drink in her honor so that we can all raise a glass and toast her on her upcoming birthday on January 19.  79 kata lagi



I noticed today’s deposit on the curb and picked it on the way back from walking the dog. It was a bit early – wasn’t really expecting it until this afternoon – but it was on the usual day. 326 kata lagi


Vodka Came Out My Nose

Occurred: January 2017

This one’s short, but it’s decently funny too, so I figured I’d write about it.

Due to being embroiled in a Master’s degree, it had been a while since I’d felt the sweet embrace of alcohol upon my lips and liver. 408 kata lagi

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