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History of Vodka Museum

When in Russia, do as the Russians do, right? About a year ago, I was told about a museum dedicated to vodka, but it was only today that I got a chance to actually check it out, thanks to new expat friends Hayley and Alice. 414 kata lagi


Russian Banya (Sauna)

Author: Alex Markovich.

In my career as an interpreter there were no incidents when a foreigner was offered a visit Russian banya and he would say no. 822 kata lagi


The Bullshot

It is something warm to start the day. It takes the chill off and helps one to settle into a lazy “day off” kind of mood. 126 kata lagi

Clever Cocktails


This unusual coloured cocktail is simply delicious and one that you can drink all night long.


15 ml Blue Curacao

15 ml Midori

15 ml Raspberry Liqueur… 39 kata lagi


Susan, where are my keys?

Susan, I can’t find my keys. I placed them on the table by the door last night, but they are nowhere to be found. 91 kata lagi


Intoxicating Cocktails: Day Four

Though it will be a number of days before I publish this post I am, at this very moment, blissed out on a combination of caramel and butterscotch.  253 kata lagi

The Mana Potion

The Pairing

Sufficiently Advanced Magic, by Andrew Rowe

The Reasoning

The mechanics of Rowe’s magic system works very much like the videogames I found myself playing in the 90s, and in such a world, there are staple items that are always needed. 127 kata lagi

Cocktail Compendium