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This is a Thing? Why Did No One Tell Me?

This is a thing? Espresso Martini? Why did no one ever tell me? This sounds awesome. I have a birthday coming up if anyone needs an idea.


What to do with overflow of fruit?

Vodka of course, or maybe it’s just my Polish side that loves to macerate fruit and other things (herbs) in alcohol. Anyway, Friend of ours gave us very kindly more gooseberries and jostaberries. 393 kata lagi


I love water, there is nothing finer than water that is frozen, into nice little cubes, and surrounded by a large quantity of vodka!

Last Shot Lament

Do you ever get that post-Friday night paranoia? Those “I’ve been sleeping all day” Saturday blues? That all too familiar “Did I say too much?” wariness? 158 kata lagi

A Voluptuous Mind

splash in the water

splash in the water
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