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We're camping n00bs!

This weekend at the last minute everyone decided to go campin, so I went to compete my 15.1 workout for the crossfit games open, and headed on out. 127 more words

Day 9 - roadblocks

Another lovely day in the sun – I have a pretty hearty sunburn now and I’m feeling really euphoric with the hyperdose of vitamin D. Ahhhhhh silence. 204 more words


Green Eggs & Ham Bloody Mary

I am Sam

Sam I Am

That Sam-I-Am!

That Sam-I-Am!

I do not like that Sam-I-Am!

Do you not like

Green eggs and ham?

I do not like them, Sam-I-Am. 988 more words

Bloody Mary

blah blah blah

I learned this the hard way on Tuesday so to keep you guys happy I put the last weeks rounds up in the archives page. Now leave me alone with my pasta and Mel Brooks movies.

4 Fun Green Cocktails To Try for St. Patrick's Day

St Patricks Day is fast approaching, which means alcohol will be in abundance. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to drinking beer. Why not get a little more creative with your beverages? 210 more words

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Vodka infusions

Over the summer months last year I got quite into making martinis and margaritas, giving them the true Sugar Bear spin, by infusing the spirits with all manner of flavourings, my favourite of which was the rosemary tequila I used in my… 358 more words

Food And Drink

Polish Hooch

A favorite Polish tradition is to make homemade fruit vodka. I’ve attended a wedding that served bottle after bottle of homemade lemon vodka courtesy of the groom’s father. 130 more words