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Listening through observation - seriously !

One important research technique product managers use is called the Voice of Customer (VoC). It basically helps to capture customer preferences, needs and expectations. These so called customer needs have to be prioritized in terms of relative importance of value and satisfaction but with respect to available options.  694 kata lagi


Teach Better... the NZCALNE (Voc) Qualification

So even as the name of this qualification gets longer, my goal is to make it feel like the whole package just got more straightforward. 361 kata lagi


Holding to account The Motley Fool for terrible information about Vocus (ASX: VOC)

From May to November 2016, multiple writers from The Motley Fool kept identifying Vocus as a stock that was a “buy” or a stock that could “make you rich”. 804 kata lagi

The Motley Fool

The Dutch Connection - Katargam Cemetery and Hortus Malabaricus

Remember your Class 8 History textbooks ? One of the most interesting chapters is on the Age of Exploration or the Age of Discovery that dominated the world history between the 16th and the 18th centuries CE. 805 kata lagi


The Canary Effect and VOCs

As a research physician told me many years ago, my body is an “environmental indicator for what’s to come for everyone else.”  And that was in 1991…  While on a tour bus in Central Costa Rica touring a banana plantation, I became very ill.   643 kata lagi


Flexible PU Foams Containing Latent Aldehydes


 Number/Link: WO2017/001543

Applicant/Assignee: Shell

Publication date: 5 january 2017

Gist”: Flex foams from polyether polyols containing latent aldehydes show improved compression set… 163 kata lagi