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On the drawingtable

Started working on the Batavia, a ship of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It was build in Amsterdam in 1628 and armed with 24 cast-iron cannons, and a number of bronze guns


How to Spring Clean without the Chemicals

Spring is fast approaching, and in keeping with the season we’re beginning to think about how to kick off a fresh start around the home. But the idea of freshness that many companies would lead us to believe is the cleanest is really more of a chemical attack on your home. 622 more words


Examining material aspects of manuscripts. Part II: Bindings and provenance

Anna Pytlowany
University of Amsterdam

This is Part II of a series. Part I is here.

At first glance, the history of Dutch East India Company (VOC) linguistics is simply a history of texts. 2.335 more words


Saksi bisu penjajahan Belanda

Saksi bisu penjajahan Belanda di Panarukan, Anyer-Panarukan, tempat ini berada di Kabupaten Situbondo, yang merupakan saksi bisu tentang keberadaan penjajah Belanda di tempat ini. Menara pantau/mercusuar ini dipasang tepat berdampingan dengan pelabuhan yang juga dibuat oleh Belanda, disebelah selatan dermaga terdapat gunung yang menjulang tinggi dengan sebutan gunung putri, ketika dilihat dari arah timur gunung ini seperti perempuan yang memiliki rambut panjang sedang tidur. 131 more words


of ministers and pink shirts.

slightly misleading title aside, the last month has been pretty chill with the occasional gig and me getting more studying done than usual.

so last month i did a charity gig at hong lim park which involved looping for a ten-hour dance marathon it was pretty cool… 344 more words


Professor Science: the secret mumblings of plants

Plants have feelings just like us and boy do they like to talk about them!

At first glance plants seem to be relatively simple creatures – just there to feed the rest of the world! 596 more words


Canadians, Not Exactly Stewards of the Earth

When I lived in Hawaii, a nurse asked me, “how could you leave such a beautiful country like Canada?” Her question was spot-on. Canada is a vast land of striking scenery and resources. 501 more words

Ecological Chem