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Flooring Research and Shopping

We’re flooring 3 areas in our home. We’re also expecting a child in a few months. We decided to pick flooring based on these factors: 1.155 kata lagi



Ally兩歲之前,我們仨一直是”co-sleeping” 把她的BB床放在我跟烱太太的床旁邊一起睡。當Ally快兩歲時,炯叔叔跟炯太太就忙著裝修我家的另一間房間,搭建Ally未來的睡眠和活動空間。





其實我們每一天在家裡和在辦公室可能吸入很多不同毒氣。這些毒氣主要來自現在的家具的合成物料(synthetic furnishings)和我們現代密封式建築(hermetically sealed buildings)的有關。

根據美國the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA)對大廈和住屋室內空氣的研究,主要可以歸納三點:

1)每一個人平均每一天呼吸20,000次,帶動大約10,000 升(litres)空氣進肺內。在城市生活的人往往有90%的時間是在室內的。所以室內空氣對人的影響很大。

2)EPA 認為室內的空氣污染比室外的高3-7倍,為頭五項影響公眾健康之一。

3)EPA 更認為10個住屋和大廈中,6家有問題危害人體健康 。哮喘、過敏、頭痛、鼻敏感、疲勞、氣管不適等等的症狀, 病源有可能來自 73 kata lagi


The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

You may have to make room for one more on your list of favorite authors. David Mitchell is a spellbinding writer. He manages a large cast of double-dealing characters, obscure Nippo-Dutch historical facts, entwined stories, brilliant plot twisting strokes and still leaves himself room to show off. 319 kata lagi

12 Plants That Make Your Home and Office Healthier

How clean is the air in your home?  Noxious chemicals build up very quickly in one’s house.  These include:

Carbon monoxide (from heaters, fireplaces),

Radon… 223 kata lagi


Traffic Safety Products to Help Keep the Construction Site Safe

Planning is critical for maintaining safety for the public and the workers before, during and after road construction. Traffic Control Plans and Internal Traffic Control Plans will be necessary, and often required. 508 kata lagi

Traffic Safety

Managing Hazards is Important Before and After Road Construction

The building and repair of roads and bridges supporting our nation’s infrastructure is planned to increase throughout the coming years. This will improve traffic safety throughout the country for the long-term. 395 kata lagi

Traffic Safety