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Reducing Aldehyde Emissions from Polyurethane Foams


 Number/Link: WO2015/071065 (German)

Applicant/Assignee: Evonik

Publication date: 21-05-2015

Gist”: Use of pentaethylenehexamine to reduce aldehyde emissions… 86 more words

Flexible Foams

Insight Indonesia --Spice Islands Saga

I realised that the 2011 Berita Satu/Jakarta Globe TV interview on Spice Islands for Insight Indonesia had never been posted to the blogsite. I hope you find it interesting.

To start with..

My Post Abuse Handbook.

To start with..

Something bad happened to me.

I made a big effort to make it seem like the bad thing never happened. 492 more words

Original Material

5/12/15 Amsterdam

After taking two trains through four countries (England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands), we finally made it to Amsterdam. While there we visited the National Maritime Museum. 119 more words

E se smettiamo di chiedere Feedback ai Clienti?

AICEX: come diceva la nonna … il troppo “storpia” – Time to Stop asking for customer Feedback?

After spending most of my day in an airport because my fiends at Delta airlines thought I needed a 3-hour delay so I could enjoy some airport sushi. 594 more words


Voices of Change, Dallas' Premiere contemporary classical music ensemble, celebrates 40 years!

The halls are alive with the sound of music, new music that is, thanks to Voices of Change (VOC), Dallas’ premiere new music chamber ensemble. It’s been an amazing journey for the musicians, composers and patrons whose passion to create something outside the classical music box continues to keep the halls alive with the voices of 20th and 21st century classical composers. 2.902 more words

Who wants to be a phrasal verb millionaire?

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I’ve made this set of phrasal verb questions for CAE (C1) students using Adam Simpson’s amazing Who wants to be a millionaire template. 31 more words