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4 Positive Business Impacts from CX and VOC Research

It’s a simplistic concept but arguably nothing can build culture and revenue with a company quicker than a universal strategy to focus on the customer. Oftentimes in business it is easy to sidetrack yourself by focusing on tasks that are far removed from the customer. 739 kata lagi

Market Research Training Tips

Paint it blue

The final bit of work – wiring in the lights – was completed on Friday morning and our official opening was held that evening:

So my blogging absence can be explained by a weekend wielding a paint brush and turning the bare grey concrete interior walls into vibrant blue: 223 kata lagi

Ethical Living

Book review: “Half Moon” by Douglas Hunter

The book had been prominently displayed with a selection of others. One of the libraries I frequent had not only decided a summer vacation means people read hefty books. 996 kata lagi


Why have gas prices remained so high despite low oil cost?

For those of you wondering why the price of petrol, or gasoline as we call it in North America, has continue to rise despite the all-time low price of oil, this article is for you. 422 kata lagi

Opinion & Debate

Rumi's love for Needle Doodle "Addiction"

  The lady who got addicted to my “Addiction” a year ago . I still remember her first message in my inbox requesting for a customised bag. 452 kata lagi


Voice of the Customer ( VoC)

In order to determine the pulse of customers, we need to have standard customer survey mechanism in place for effective customer loyalty paradigm.

Gone are those days, people used paper as a medium to understand the value of their products or services for an continuous business improvement programme. 161 kata lagi

Contact Center Technology

Practice Grammar and Vocabulary for B1, B2, C1 (PET, FCE, CAE)

Đây là quyển Destination _Grammar & Vocabulary cho trình độ B1, B2, và C1 ( tương ứng với PET, FCE, và CAE). Ba quyển sách này có đáp án sẵn nên rất thích hợp cho các bạn tự học. 28 kata lagi