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When to trigger plugin or workflow on Survey Response Voice of Customer

Voice of Customer (VoC) is a excellent tool for survey editor right in CRM, though it still lacks some nice to have functionalities. I’m not going to discuss about VoC in this post. 151 kata lagi

How To

Scorch-Proof Polyurethane Foams


 Number/Link: WO2018/064521

Applicant/Assignee:  Vanderbilt Chemicals

Publication date: 5 April 2018

Gist”: A synergistic mixture of antioxidants prevents scorch… 122 kata lagi


Jacob Roggeveen,Explorer. The discovery of Easter Island.

On this day in 1722—which was Easter Sunday—the little-known Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen became the first European to visit Rapa Nui, or Easter Island.

Jacob Roggeveen  was a Dutch explorer who was sent to find Terra Australis, but instead came across Easter Island (called Easter Island because he landed there on Easter Day). 489 kata lagi


Why the air you are breathing indoors is killing you slowly

Nowadays, (outdoor) air pollution finds increasing attention — also due to recent events like the ‘Diesel scandal’. There is no doubt that it should be taken care of to keep the air around us as clean as possible. 622 kata lagi

Air Pollution

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)

FMEA is a tool to reduce the risk.

This tool use in Six Sigma as part of  Improve Phase.

How to choose FMEA topic?

Choose topic base on following: 164 kata lagi