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How to breathe easy on your bike (and off it!)

For the urban cyclist, life in the big city moves pretty fast. We’re all busy people, and thinking about air quality exposure can feel like one task too many in an action-packed day. 510 kata lagi

Plume Air Report Global

Who Knew? You Decide!

A few years ago I discovered wax melts and the amazing aroma from these “fire safe” and beautiful warmers. After purchasing three wax melt units, I placed them strategically throughout my home to optimize seasonal fragrances. 2.576 kata lagi

Life Lesson

The Richest Colonial Company on Planet

Since the antiquity, spices were very precious almost as that of the gold. All of the ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, India and Arabs used these precious commodities as condiments, ingredient of cosmetics and remedies and elixir. 1.006 kata lagi

Colonial Era

Keep up with customer perceived value

To thrive in today’s hyper-competitive and hyper-connected customer-focused world, you must not only deliver a positive Customer Experience every time you interact with a customer, but also create, deliver and refresh value, as perceived by customers, on a continuous basis. 475 kata lagi


Remembering our Audience

This weekend I was incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to spend three days with my mom, sister, and 6 month old nephew. While I was there, enjoying every baby cuddle and giggle, I realized that we often forget who our audience is when we are in the classroom. 619 kata lagi

Professional Learning

The soundtrack to our CX lives

It was only a matter of time before someone pulled together this ridiculous notion. So I thought, why not me. I often dive into popular culture forms to find examples of the outcome or process I wish to convey. 2.244 kata lagi


Batavia and the Dutch Golden Age

The exhibition Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age: Masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum, is on display at the Art Gallery NSW until 18 February.

The United East India Company (VOC), one of the world’s first joint stock companies, was founded in 1602 and held a state monopoly over trade with the Far East. 873 kata lagi