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The Dutch East India Co. #earlymodern

The Dutch East India Company

The Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, the Dutch East India Company, was a trading company founded in 1602. Considered by some to be the first corporation in the world, the VOC was in any case the largest and most impressive trading company in Europe during the Early Modern Period. 52 kata lagi



Het treintje boemelt voort. ‘Wat is het hier troosteloos’, denk ik. Kou en mist. Alles is gehuld in een wittige miezer. Het landschap is volgekegd en afgehekt met beton en asfalt. 2.212 kata lagi


blue WORKS Industrial Grade Low VOC All Purpose Lubricant Spray, 11 oz.

This versatile All-Purpose lubricant has all the power and performance you expectfrom a WD-40 Company product, and is non-toxic, biodegradable and derived from natural plant-based ingredients. 53 kata lagi

Autism and Indoor Air Pollution

There is rising evidence that environmental exposures such as air pollution in genetically-susceptible individuals are a cause of autism. Some examples of air pollution are heavy metals, toluene, solvents, and flame retardants. 195 kata lagi


Beef Roll

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Beef Roll

Vegetable, beef, and orange spicy sauce.

Didalam gulungan beef tsb berisi sayuran, yg saat digigit akan memberikan taste unik di mulut. 24 kata lagi


Sultan Hasanudin Menentang VOC

Penulis : Sagimun M.D.
Penerbit: Depdikbud, 1985, 298 hlm.
Harga : 35.000,-
Kondisi : lawas, terawat
Minat silahkan kontak/sms 0857 4118 5724


Customer Rage: The Bottoming Out Of Complainant Satisfaction & The Unintended Consequences Of Corporate Customer Experience Vices

By Scott Broetzmann

Customer Rage – Many companies don’t really understand it and are impotent to manage it because they are infatuated with insincere customer experience metrics and narrowly focused on optimizing a transaction. 1.905 kata lagi