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Illuminating Dirk Hartog

Last Thursday night saw the launch of the museum’s latest roof projection, A chance encounter, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Dutch mariner Dirk Hartog’s… 469 kata lagi

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Why is customer service important in the supply chain?

Customer service has an important place in the supply chain. It is responsible for the way customers feel about the product and the company who is selling it. 830 kata lagi

David Kiger

Green Tea Memory Foam

Patent Title: Foam with Green Tea Additive for Foam Mattresses, Pillows and Cushions

 Number/Link: US2016/0270549

Applicant/Assignee: Zinus

Publication date: 22-09-2016

Gist”: Green Tea is added to memory foam formulation… 97 kata lagi

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Menjelajahi Bekas Keagungan Benteng Sanrobone

Berdiri di depan reruntuhan bekas kompleks benteng Kerajaan Sanrobone membuat saya berangan-angan. Betapa besarnya peradaban yang dimiliki Sulawesi Selatan kala itu, sehingga mampu membuat benteng begitu tebal. 738 kata lagi


Crumbling legacy, so much potential: In Jakarta's Kota Tua

When we found a slice of our Friday free in Jakarta, we seized the chance to walk around Kota Tua, the old city. Located in the northern part of the city, generally considered the poorer part, Kota Tua had a run down but distinctly historic feel to it. 603 kata lagi

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Can we measure health & wellbeing in buildings?

In the recent years health and wellbeing have been main topics of discussion in relation to building design, both in residential and commercial buildings. A large amount of research has been carried out on the relationships between building parameters and associated thermal comfort and wellbeing, however considering the subjectivity and vulnerability of some of those, it is definitely not being an easy job. 580 kata lagi


Ever wonder how many asthma attacks are caused by the oil and gas industry?

AP/Carlos Osorio

❝ New analysis from the Clean Air Task Force shows that by 2025 America’s children will experience 750,000 asthma attacks each summer that will be directly attributable to the oil and gas industry.

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