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Role of Activated Carbon Filter in Air purifier?

History and Use in Purification Processes of Activated Carbon.

as long as 2000 year ago, humans are using carbon to filter water. as soon as time pass out human comes to know activated carbon can be use to clean air impurities as well. 222 kata lagi

Air Purifiers

Interactive Journey of the Zuytdorp Silver

Earlier this year I gave a presentation at the National Archaeology Student Conference about the silver assemblage from the wreckage of the Zuytdorp. The Zuytdorp… 220 kata lagi

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VOC 9 Confused with assessment

This was the final theme for our current team EduGrapes. Finally we got to use the Kahoot game we all had been waiting for. Overall the session was quite confusing. 1.057 kata lagi


No more ”Walking through” (VOC 8)

The topic for VOC 8 is curriculum and creating lessons. The core content is how to use and develop the content of curriculum as a vocational teacher. 997 kata lagi


Failed expectations (VOC 8)

Before this session I was really excited. Based on the pre-tasks it seemed that it was going to be a great one. There would be good sessions with some role play, interesting discussion and even dressing up for Halloween. 205 kata lagi


Air Quality Surveillance for Whole Cities

Air quality is becoming a major issue these days, and not just for cities like Beijing and Los Angeles. It’s important for health, our environment, and our economy no matter where we live. 234 kata lagi

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