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VOC 14 Sustainable development

The topic VOC 14 was about sustainability. The group had prepared a thorough website and a massive amount of basic material to study.

  1. Ecological sustainability…
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Eeva Kiuru

VOC 15 Special Needs Education

Special needs education topic was well designed and interesting. We had two specific tasks.

First a group task. Our group was Abdiweli, Mari and myself. Our task was to plan a session to teach Topic 3 – How to carry out special needs education? 241 kata lagi

Eeva Kiuru

Unexpected Iq Testing Is Unexpected, And Triggering

I am working with Voc Rehab, a government organization that helps people with disabilities go back to work. They wanted to get an updated mental health evaluation to see what kinds of treatment could help at this point in my recovery. 62 kata lagi

• big whiff •

• big whiff •
Unless you are in the ‘biz’, there’s no reason you should know this, but for those who deliver newspapers (or, as it happens, domestic mail) chemical sensitivity is a thing you just learn to deal with. 261 kata lagi


The New Year

The last of our subcontractors are easing their ways to the end of the last of their necessary electrical, plumbing and concrete jobs. And, as wonderful as most of them are…?… Yay, Yay, Yay,Yay, and Yay!     1.230 kata lagi

#eco Building

Interaction with the Working Community (VOC 13)

Voc 13 is about interaction with the working life community. This course was create by my co-students.

For this course I chose my own vocational field which is marketing & communication, because reflecting on the topic what I will be teaching will benefit me the most. 222 kata lagi


8 Positive Impacts of a B2B Customer Satisfaction Survey

The data you collect is always less scary than the data you ignore. Marketing research, focus groups, and client satisfaction surveys are polarizing topics. You have one group that live and die by data and truly believe in it and you have another group that avoids it at all costs. 720 kata lagi

Market Research Training Tips