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Almond Oil - to be Enjoyed with Caution!

Pure sweet almond oil is rare. Test samples showed that most almond oils were mixed with oils from apricot, peach or plum seeds. This is a pity because almond oil has a high content of vitamin A, is soft and velvety and almost tasteless and odorless. 11 kata lagi

Metabolic Balance

#Vitamin A #Supplementation Was Associated with Reduced #Mortality in Patients with #Ebola Virus Disease during the West #African #Outbreak (J Nutr., abstract)

J Nutr. 2019 Jul 3. pii: nxz142. doi: 10.1093/jn/nxz142.

Vitamin A Supplementation Was Associated with Reduced Mortality in Patients with Ebola Virus Disease during the West African Outbreak… 472 kata lagi


Vitamin combo may help treat kala azar

A team of scientists at the PGIMER, Chandigarh, have found that a combination of Vitamin A and Vitamin D3 could be used to treat kala-azar. 22 kata lagi

Questions on Vitamins

Questions on Vitamins, regarding Fat Soluble Vitamins, absent or scarce in low-fat diets, and Thermolabile Vitamins, scarce or weak in foods after cooking.

Vitamins are often categorized based on their solubility. 1.146 kata lagi



It can be very confusing as to what kind of vitamins are good for you and how much to take. The vitamins listed here…..D,A,K and E are not water soluble and therefore you must not take too much of any of these. 163 kata lagi

Does your skin get drier as you age?

As I get older my skin seems to get drier every winter. And yes, WINTER IS HERE!

Do you suffer from tightness of the skin, itching and flaking? 729 kata lagi


Health: Thyroid: Intermittent Fasting & Your Thyroid: Dr. Berg: Two YouTube Videos

Video One:

Video Two:

Dr. Berg talks about Intermittent Fasting and your thyroid. Many people are concerned about intermittent fasting because they think they will lower their calories and damage or slow the already slow thyroid.

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