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fall into the dream between staying and leaving

fall into the dream between staying and leaving
© 2016 Jim Wittenberg
asemic, digital, poem, visual


Looking at the Past Units

Basic overview in to things which stood out for me while looking back at my previous units, help me to move forward into new unit: 440 kata lagi


Roger Ballen

  • american photographic artist, highly influential
  • worked in South African for over 30years where his styled developed from ‘documentary’ to ‘documentary fiction’- square format black and white photography…
  • 491 kata lagi

Robert Frank

  • switzerland born- american photographer and documentary film maker
  • emigrated the United States in 1947 where he became a fashion photographer for Hapers Bazaar
  • throughout his career he has used a range on media, experimenting with the possibilities of what he could create- film and video, manipulation of photographs and photomontages…
  • 191 kata lagi

Martha Rosler

  • american artist born in 1943
  • variety of media- video, photography, text, performance and installations
  • produces writings on art and culture
  • work centred around the every day life and the public, woman’s perspective on some projects…
  • 153 kata lagi

Gillian Wearing

  • english conceptual artist born in 1963
  • over the years of her career exhibited world wide, solo and collaborative exhibitions and publications
  • work explores the differences between public and private lives…
  • 166 kata lagi

Kenneth Lum

  • chinese-canadian artist and educator
  • artistic focuses upon the media of painting, sculpture, photography which ranges from conceptual to representational with concerns about issues of identity in relation to language, portraiture and spatial politics…
  • 133 kata lagi