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Is Art being Devalued?

Is Art is being devalued, or simply price-adjusted closer to its intrinsic value?

Spotify is just one example of a company making art accessible for unprecedented numbers of buyers. 511 kata lagi


I only got 1 word 4 this cam

G O D A M N !

The technical aspect of it all is mostly found in the making of:

How To Do Stuff

'Record Redux: Spice Girls' cover teaser and more...

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to make sure that every platform for the book is covered. If you have not already, please go check us out on… 92 kata lagi

Independent Publishing

Behind the Camera - Part 6

My group had our final scrum meeting Monday night. All that is left for our project now is to finish up with the editing of the clips and present it to our class. 250 kata lagi


A Reflection On "A Subconscious Reflection"

“What’s that uterus doing on this fancy Japanese restaurant’s wall?”

So loud was this thought of mine and my scant Cantonese vocabulary combined, it conceived pregnant silence. 529 kata lagi