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Windows 10 apps in C# - Hello World Tutorial


In this article I’ll take a look at how to write Windows 10 apps and I’ll guide you through the steps you’ll have to take to create a runnable ‘Hello World’ example app. 1.357 kata lagi


Elusive = difficult to find, catch or achieve 💎

She was a diamond, the true reflection of class. An expensive jewel on display, contained within glass. You longed to own her but she was elusive and had no interest in being exclusive. 81 kata lagi

Descend = fall downwards 💎

A star that burns bright will eventually fall. The glamorous lifestyle is dangerous, nobody should have it all. Expensive liquor, jewels and cigarettes. Seductive white lines taken on movie sets. 77 kata lagi

Vapid = offering nothing that is stimulating. Bland 💎

You never knew that she’d be the devil in disguise. The love you once felt fades away the longer you stare into her vacant eyes. You feel sad inside because she was almost your saving grace. 88 kata lagi

Superficiality = lack of thoroughness, depth of character, or serious thought 💎

I’m obsessed with a self professed narcissist. Manipulation gives her so much sensation and she can’t resist. Driven by senseless greed, she’s a glasshouse with jealousy growing inside her like a seed. 83 kata lagi

The Long Bar

The Long Bar, Punch Bowl Social – Austin, Texas

Here’s another photo from Punch Bowl Social, which I talked about yesterday. Whenever I see long rows of repeating elements, like the hanging lights and booths, along with the long bar bracketing the aisle, I think of leading lines. 213 kata lagi