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A Cure for Wellness (2017)

A Cure for Wellness

Gore Verbinski is a bit of a hit or miss director. I think The Ring was a fantastic horror film but The Pirates of the Caribbean films aren’t that great (outside of the first one which is fun). 526 kata lagi

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Week 7 SDN Cast News and Party Time!

It’s party time! There was even more than one party, a lot to celebrate this week! Obviously, starting with our own fortieth SDN Cast and that’s a number worth mentioning. 732 kata lagi

SDN Cast

"Yellow Loneliness" - Rubén Darío Lombardozzi

Let the sunshine turn
From left to right and chase some
Black and white shadows. (jf) 8 kata lagi

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All about Frogs..

Today the boys requested for an activity on Frogs! After much thought, I decided to carry out a differentiated lesson.

Printed out a template of a letter F craft from… 143 kata lagi

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