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Photo Sketchbook: Exploration of Waikiki Texture

Habits made over hundreds of thousands of photos are hard to break. I’ve often shot ultra-wide for urban landscapes and 35mm for street photography. But, I’m slowly creeping up the zoom range — I shot these at 50 to 135mm. 215 kata lagi

Panasonic ZS50

Political Speechmaking

After reading this week’s readings I have learned a lot about giving a great political speech during presidency. A lot goes into giving a good speech, it is almost like a science and it takes a lot of natural talent. 514 kata lagi


Type 1 Diabetes: Stakeholders & Visual Representation

Post 3 by Lucy Allen

When understanding and discovering any complex system the system can only be appreciated when attempting to map the stakeholders involved. It is only then that you can see the intricate web of players, their values and relationships and how they make up a larger system and influence each other. 1.207 kata lagi

Obesity & Healthy Living