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Zitat des Tages

Manchmal finde ich mich wieder in geschriebenen Worten aus an anderen Zeiten

Die verbitterten Gesichtszüge eines Mannes sind oft nur die festgefrorene Verwirrung eines Knaben.

Franz Kafka


We are going through major changes

What does the statement ‘We are going through major changes’ mean? To some of us major changes means, something that can be seen, tangible, visual things, when in reality a change in the way we think may be a major change, to those of us who may have been kind of stuck in our opinions, our idea of life and what we have been more or less limited in our awareness of spirituality can be a major change for some of us.. 270 more words


Final Project Proposal and Milestone

Project Proposal

For the final project, we will be implementing the image quilting algorithm[1] by Efros and Freeman. The reason we choose to implement this algorithm is because of the simplicity and efficiency. 408 more words



Shooting the same woman in many guises is part of the process of expression for me. A myriad of personas are held within each heart, each construct an unveiling of a facet. 31 more words

Big Island

Visual Expressions | Armchair BEA 2015

So, todays Armchair BEA blog topic is Visual Expressions and I’M SO EXCITED TO TALK ABOUT THIS! If you don’t know,  I am actually in the Visual Arts Academy at my school, and although I wouldn’t want to pursue a career in the the fine arts (maybe graphic arts?) I am still fascinated by it all. 480 more words


Pink's Advances in Visual Methodology

By now I have come to recognize that Pink is my visual research superstar.  Each of her texts have explored different aspects of visual ethnography or visual studies and this one did not disappoint.   1.105 more words