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Null exception

Wasted 2 hours trying to get some code to run but, as it’s been so long since I started this, I kept getting a null exception. 33 kata lagi

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VBA - Generating unique keys for TreeView module

Today I came across a problem while creating a hierarchy tree for 3D models in Microsoft Access.

My hierarchy tree system looks like this:

*A (parent node) 355 kata lagi

Visual Basic

Where to Learn VB

I’m one self taught Programmer, i started programming at the age of 11 out of passion and obviously an ever cherished inspiration from my brother. Over the years i have perused through various texts on programming and I can confidently recommend the following books to all beginner programmers,,, 81 kata lagi

Visual Basic

VB Read ini file

Private Sub ReadIniFile()

Dim myDataLine As String()
Dim strConfig As String
Dim strSetting As String
Dim strSysConfigPath As String = Application.StartupPath & “\Setting.ini”

Dim i As Integer… 56 kata lagi

Visual Basic

Computer Lab up and running

Here are refugees working at the computer lab set up by Rochester Refugee Resettlement. I work for several weeks helping to get these computers running. I had to install hard drives, add extra memory and even had to replace a power supply. 41 kata lagi


Some sort of data storage is used by most of the applications.Many different types of data sources,an application can have.A database is a collection of different kinds of data structured into tables consisting of fields and records.To store information,most real world application uses databases.

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