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Bridging work completed! What I thought about learning Visual Basic

Overall, I found learning the basics to Visual Basic to be quite an interesting experience. I wasn’t as interested in how it all works at the beginning of the lessons, but I quickly started to become more interested and more experimental with what I could do without following the lessons. 457 kata lagi


Lesson 9: Reflection

In this lesson I learnt about variables and constants. A variable is an area allocated by computer memory to hold data. Each variable must be given a name, but you need to follow a set of rules when naming these in order for the name to work. 527 kata lagi


Lesson 8: Reflection

In this lesson, I learnt that visual basic handles different types of information in different types of information in different ways. Types of information include numbers, and numbers calculated using mathematical calculation, dates, and lettered information such as dresses. 212 kata lagi


Lesson 7: Reflection

So, I finally got onto loading actual images in picture boxes. I also learnt how to add a control to my form that allows the user to select an image from their files to load onto the form. 81 kata lagi


Lesson 6: Reflection

Lesson 6 I also found quite interesting. I learnt what List Boxes and what Combo Boxes were. A list box is a box that lists text that the user can click on and select to trigger an output, and a Combo Box is a small window where a drop down arrow shows a list of things to choose from. 38 kata lagi


Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual Basic.NET 2003 in 21 Days by Steven Holzner

Title: Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual Basic.NET 2003

Author: Steven Holzner

Length: 959 Pages

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Sams

Published date: 2003

Does anyone write Windows programs these days? 701 kata lagi

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