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Sistem Informasi Pengolahan Data Penjualan CCTV Pada PT. Abacus

Baiklah, seperti yang saya janjikan di post sebelumnya saya akan membagikan project-project kuliah saya, ini adalah project pertama yang akan saya share kepada anda yaitu Sistem Informasi Pengolahan Data Penjualan CCTV Pada PT. 147 kata lagi


Create a bootable Windows USB in 5 minutes

Windows is my favourite OS since the Windows 7 edition. Usually we install most of OS from CD/DVD ROM. What about an USB or an SSD? 458 kata lagi

Visual Basic

List All the Table Names in VB Net

How to List all data tables from a access .accdb file in VB.net using the ‘GetSchema’ Method. This tutorial is quick access to the problem.

Visual Basic

VB.Net tutorial: How to add all columns to of table into Listview in VB.Net

How to add all column names into a listview Column header in VB.Net, here is my complete tutorial for you

Visual Basic

Elevator Simulation

I was bored so I decided to create an application inspired by a project I had back in college.  The point of the application is to simulate a variable number of employees arriving to an office building with a variable number of floors and a variable number of elevators.  164 kata lagi

Visual Basic

Visual Basic .NET application with Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Basic was the first programming language I learnt (when I was in High School), but recently I had to refresh and upgrade my knowledge in order to create an visual App to simulate a… 339 kata lagi