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I consider myself fluent in a lot of languages. English being first, of course, but right behind are C#, Visual Basic, Java, Python, HTML, and JavaScript, among a couple of others. 620 more words


Replicate Toshl 3

Not much. Doing weekend by make previous code to be more efficient and more modular. I am still need to learn more though.


Visual Basic Procedures

I have learned another new thing today about Visual Basic. It has different declaration between function which returns any values and another which does not. (What? 13 more words


Replicate Toshl 2

I have just updated code on previous post. I have learned something today. Woohoo!

In order to create array with string index on Visual Basic, you need to include Microsoft Scripting Runtime to make it possible. 13 more words


Replicate Toshl

No. Not really. I was curious how Toshl produces the summary of those tags. So I tried to create similar result based on the same data. 41 more words


How to Create a Basic Calculator in Visual Basic.NET - VBasic.NET | Visual Basic Tutorials, Tips, and Code Examples

Here is a good resource on how to script a calculator in Visual Basic, this is not my work but i thought i would include a link for it! 31 more words


VB Interface for Arduino Tutorial Series Part 3: VB Code

This is part 3 of the Creating a Visual Basic Interface for Arduino Tutorial.

In the last part of the tutorial, we’re going to program that Windows form we design in the previous part of the tutorial. 913 more words