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SAP stocktake Demo

Here is the demo version of the AVB Sap stocktake tool.

With it you can download a PID into excel, so use it to check you have the settings required to run the full version before purchasing the full version.

Visual Basic

How to save local copy of emails in Outlook

A friend asked me to find a way to save emails on his desktop whenever he receives them in Outlook. I looked at Outlook Rules but could not find an east way of doing it. 594 kata lagi


A fellow PfB coder

Tony (@SportsBotter) commented –

Good to see you moving on to your own platform. I have had a go at it myself. At various stages I had to tick back what felt like most of the book. 255 kata lagi

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Math vs Math

Yesterday Simon and I were doing some primary school math (Dutch 6th grade, Belgian 4th grade, on average two grades above Simon’s biological age). It’s something we regularly do to get Simon used to the Dutch testing books and school approach to math. 426 kata lagi


Psion Teklogix programs

AVB supplies programs designed for Windows CE.

Our solutions include:


Receipting goods

Warehouse management

Inventory management

Production data collection

Material usage on production lines

Visual Basic

How's it going?

Automated_trader commented –

“How’s coding your own bot going? I got a copy of Programming for Betfair today so gonna try and code my own too. 553 kata lagi

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