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Visual Basic - Convert String to Date in the correct way

This method of converting a string to a date works regardless of the Region settings on the client machine.

Dim dtTestDate As Date
Dim sTestDate As String… 29 kata lagi

Font dialog box: -

Font dialog box: – The common dialog control also provide facility for changing font, font style and its size using font dialog box. The showfont method is used with name of common dialog control to show font dialog box. 245 kata lagi

Visual Basic

Color dialog box: -

Color dialog box: – The common dialog control provides color dialog box. The show color method is used for calling color dialog box from common dialog control. 169 kata lagi

Visual Basic

Save as dialog box: -

Save as dialog box: – The save as dialog box is used to open a save as dialog box by calling the common dialog controls ShowSave method. 106 kata lagi

Visual Basic

Open dialog box: -

Open dialog box: – We display the open dialog box by calling the dialog control method. The ShowOpen method used to open the dialog box. Syntax of the ShoeOpen method is – 384 kata lagi

Visual Basic

The common dialog control: -

The common dialog control: – The common dialog control used in visual basic to insert dialog box into document window. Most windows user using dialog box to brows their disk for a file to open or for a location to save a file. 221 kata lagi

Visual Basic