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We <3 RP May Round!

Some really awesome sets coming out for this month at We ❤ RP! It’s not open until the 4th, but here’s some previews. I worked my buns off on these, so I hope you like them! 384 kata lagi


Viking berserkers

Individual Viking warriors known during the eighth through eleventh centuries for their ferocity.

A sixth-century bronze matrix depicting berserkers. Berserkers were associated with shape changing or the wearing of animal skins, such as the wolf costume shown here. 1.230 kata lagi


The Ladby Viking

The entrance to fairyland was high-tech.  The grassy mound seemed like other ancient tumuli I’d visited in Europe—usually the tombs of Neolithic chieftains and widely reputed to be ‘hollow hills’, home to fairies and elves—but this Danish one had an airlock. 835 kata lagi


So much to do and little time to do it in!

*** Mea Culpa – I realized that I never gave photo credit’s, where they were due! I have now corrected this error!

I mentioned, a few posts back, that I’ve accepted an apprenticeship at Birka, but I really didn’t say much else. 696 kata lagi


Do I like Vikings?

Do I like Vikings?

Vikings like this one?

Or this one?

Why yes, I think I do.

The Swede is descended from Vikings.

So am I, as least in part. 185 kata lagi