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Loki's Monsters - Part of a series on Loki inspired by the Gods Bless Ya!!! Project

Loki’s Monsters

This is the early stages of a collection following the whole of Loki’s life. Inspired by research for my work with the – Rock Opera Gods Bless Ya!!! 315 kata lagi

The City of Arun

Architecture is a rather broad umbrella (it’s a topic I’m probably going to address in another post). Looking at buildings is one step while looking at the context of the building is another. 701 kata lagi


Ancalagon - First Age: Entering Legenda (2001)

My buddy and metal guru Ben sends me Facebook messages with Youtube links often without any preface or description of what said video is, but I know that whatever it is, it’s going to be fucking awesome. 202 kata lagi



The forest called to me, and I answered. December. Leaves, smoke, soil and candlelight. I felt grounded, I felt at one with the elements. And I took the time to breathe- Breathe with intention.  154 kata lagi


Køvenhavn, a Danish delight

The joy of traveling around Europe by train is not only do you get a much needed day off when you are condensing as much in as we are, but you get a chance to write up your blog post while it is fresh in your mind.  789 kata lagi

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Viking Pistol 1

Viking Pistol 1

I’ve had handguns since before I had a driver’s license. Over the years, I’ve hung around military guys who used weapons for a living. 310 kata lagi