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Jivotica goes a-viking: 2015 Spring Art Show Announcements

Many people don’t know that the word “viking” started out as a verb. Scandinavians looking to explore, trade, raid or otherwise seek their fortune abroad would “go a-viking.” While I have no intention of raiding anywhere, I am going… 315 more words


The Old Woman and the Sea

A year ago today, I stayed at Viking Nature Resort in Thailand, following my cousin’s wedding. On one of the mornings, I was confounded to see a woman in full clothing going into the water. 77 more words

Travel And Wanderlust

Boots and Spurs

No this is not the second hit by Brennan Huff and Dale Doback (warning explicit lyrics) from Prestige Worldwide, but a little update on some of the crafts we have been up to in preparation for the first proper weekends at the village in Murton. 842 more words


The Martyrdom of Elfeah (Alfege or Alphege)

April 19th –  On this day in 1012, Elfeah (Alfege or Alphege), the Saxon Archbishop of Canterbury, was murdered by Vikings, who had held him hostage for some time and not received the ransom that they had demanded for his release. 147 more words

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Unleashed: Dawn of the Nine

Forged from the blood and iron that their ancestors first bore on the world outside of the native Norse homelands, Unleashed continue to blaze a trail in the death metal genre. 568 more words

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Food Trip: Vikings Buffet

One of the rising buffets in the metro is none other than the Vikings! Just by the name of it, I picture a humongous chunk of a dinosaur leg held by the massive hand of a Viking who just got home from sailing a massive water vessel! 318 more words