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Dacre: Carved Cross Shafts

In the chancel of St Andrews Church are two beautifully carved cross shafts. Carved on all four sides, the smaller of the two shafts (above) dates to the 9th century and was found in 1900 deep in clay near to the church. 147 kata lagi


Hair Bling: Can you have enough of it?

A shorter post this time, simply for the purpose of showing off my latest hairstyle.

As some of you might know, I am of the opinion that people with long hair, who just wear it loose every day, are wasting their potential. 293 kata lagi

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Embroidered Gift Tags

I found this pattern on urban threads and I fell in love with it. I added a grommet on top for easy attachment to a gift.


Sand volcano

This is a 100 million old fossilized sand volcano (don’t worry if you’ve never heard of such a thing; neither had I until yesterday). The phenomena is created in a process called soil liquefaction during earthquakes; in this case an ancient one.


A Balance Sheet on All of the Landings on Mars

Since the beginning of the space age there have been 17 landings on the surface of Mars, some of which were not successful. Initially the Soviet Union carried out two attempted landings in 1971, Mars 2 and 3, but the first lander crashed and the second returned only 20 seconds of data before failing on the Martian surface. 2.018 kata lagi


Viking sketch clean up

I was pretty fond of of this sketch. Brought it over into photoshop and noodled a bit on it.

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The "Wolf Queen" Viking Dress

Lofotr viking festival is just around the corner, and I decided it was time to finish my latest dress project. As you saw in my previous post, I was wearing my “Huntress” viking dress and as beautiful as it is, it is more of an everyday gown. 499 kata lagi

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