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Throwback Thursday: The Work Wall

So I decided that it would be a good idea to brighten up my room by putting up some drawings, with the hope that I would be motivated to draw some more. 60 kata lagi


Norse Helmet

Norse Helmet


The Gildehall at Borrehaugene, Norway

This is pretty much what my dream (long)house looks like. If I was filthy rich, I would build a reconstruction like this one right away! These photos were taken a few years ago, under the construction of the Gildehall in Horten. 138 kata lagi


The Reeve and the Normans

1092 AD Ledes

He rarely dreamed now. In the beginning the night mare had ridden every time he closed his eyes, slipping through the blackness like a cutthroat and gripping him so close he could smell its graveyard stench. 1.673 kata lagi

Going Berserk

Sometimes life can push a man to the edge. As I sit here at my desk I received a papercut from a maniacal piece of A4 paper, I too, was pushed to the edge. 464 kata lagi