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Holy fucking shit Iceland legit blew my mind. Trust me when I tell you that you will die, chuck a Jesus and come back when you see this joint. 546 kata lagi


Everyday shamanism

This month has been incredibly busy, and I feel as though I have put up a pretty strong mental shield to keep my energy levels high enough to work through it. 318 kata lagi


Sexy Saturday ~The Valiant Viking

I’m just devastated that History’s Vikings had ended for this season. I love that show so much! I’m considering going back and watching again from the beginning. 804 kata lagi
Historical Romance

Lots of new stuff

The first anniversary has come, and I miss my brother so much. I don’t think that I will ever not miss him. I still don’t feel like writing, and getting this going again, but it’s been a year & I need to pick myself up & get going. 399 kata lagi


A Trip Through Vintage Scandinavia

Whether it’s the simple, sleek and minimalist home design you can find at your local IKEA or the attention current pop culture is giving to the vibrant history of the Vikings (think Ragnar Lothbrok and his band of warriors sporting their amazing man buns), there’s no denying the rising popularity of all things Scandinavian. 220 kata lagi

The glorious Viking Ship Museum (part four) - The animal heads

Five carved animal heads were found in the Oseberg grave. Four of them are displayed at the Viking Ship Museum for the public to behold. The fifth is in very poor condition, and the remains are therefore kept in the Museum’s depository. 243 kata lagi


The real warriors of For Honor

To coincide with the highly-anticipated release of For Honor, I thought I’d take a look at some of the historical facts behind the warriors. For Honor is a melee action game, allowing you to take control of the highly skilled… 1.027 kata lagi