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What it really means to be Heathen ...

I fell upon the article on this site quite by accident and have found it to be thought provoking. As I have said before, much about being Heathen is listening to or reading the thoughts of others. 758 kata lagi


Mijn vader heb ik nooit gekend. Ik stelde me altijd een soort Rik Felderhof voor toen ik opgroeide. Dat leek me wel wat, zo’n mysterieus figuur met een hoed en een huis-met-zwembad. 283 kata lagi

Carrie Schrijft Terug

Happy Thorsgiving!

Thorsgiving… Because what could a Viking not love about Thanksgiving?

Feasting? Aye!
Drinking? A mighty aye!
Clan Bonding? Aye!
Clan Feuding? Say that over here pig-dog!

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Viking Prayer

We paint the ground like a bloody canvas,

raiding through villages and towns.

We do not fear death on the battle field,

do not fear blades slicing through our leather skins; 77 kata lagi


Chase away Monday with an UPDATE!

Hey peeps,

Sorry that this little chapter is coming to you so late. I’m trying to make sure I post on Friday’s for this story, but that did not happen. 109 kata lagi