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Spawn Bloodaxe & Thunderhoof Dark Ages Viking 2002 McFarlane action figures

Excellently modeled Spawn the Bloodaxe with his fearsome warhorse Thunderhoof action figures from Series 22 Dark Ages Spawn: The Viking Age

McFarlane, one of our favourite model makers, released this highly detailed item in 2002… 118 more words

March 2015

Review: Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey

The Blurb

How do you solve a crime when you can’t remember the clues?

Maud is forgetful. She makes a cup of tea and doesn’t remember to drink it. 458 more words


"Safety never takes a day off."

During the first few months we lived on board I would often find myself awake in the middle of the night, my mind swirling around worst-case scenarios, wondering how, or if, I would cope if something bad happened. 892 more words

Book Review | Edda by Adam Auerbach

Have you ever had an idea for something, and then you go to the store and find that thing on the shelf, even though you’ve never seen that thing available before? 275 more words

Book Reviews


I have been watching tv show series “Vikings” via on HuluPlus past few weeks and it’s really fascinating show.


FADED, by Viking

Hey, baby, you are great today/ I wanna touch you and see myself reflex in your blue eyes/ You know, your hair lights all this grey room/ You make me feel outside, outside there is a northern sky// Faded, please keep on crying/ you’re like the rain when there’s the sun, too/ Fade, please keep on listening/ and never say that you are ugly, no/ You are the only thing that I like/ when I see your eyes I feel like flying/ I will always give you respect/ and I’ll stay with you// You represent the Aryan race/ with your kind white face/ you’re made to walk through Stockholm’s streets/ and get the power that the trolls give/ No, you don’t need lens or colour on your blond hair/ You are faded, everybody wants to be like you// You can paint my days, You can paint my life


The Way To Find The Gods.

Hey fellow heathens, I wanted to talk about something that I get asked a lot about. The question of ” How do you find the Gods”. 438 more words

Anglo Saxon