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Phreaks, Hackers, Trolls and Video Editing with Windows Movie Maker

I, personally, can see value in hackers.  As Coleman states in Phreaks, Hackers, and Trolls, “[h]ackers do not universally invoke this type of policing between “good” and “bad” or “authentic” and “inauthentic.” Some hackers recognize the diversity of hacking and also acknowledge that, despite differences, hacking hangs together around a loose but interconnected set of issues, values, experiences, and artifacts. 757 kata lagi

Creating Movement

Hello, hello readers!

This week we learned about video editing for our websites. Did you all know that “on average, people stay on sites with videos two minutes longer than they do on sites without them” ( 417 kata lagi


Dann Tha Mann Productions (Pty) Overview

Dann Tha Mann Productions (Pty. Ltd) is a production, artist management and events company. We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality video, audio and photography production at an affordable price. 358 kata lagi

Week 5: Editing Audio

Honestly, editing this podcast wasn’t very hard, although there were not many difficult edits to do.  It was very helpful because all the tools we needed were discussed in class and it definitely helped me when editing this. 134 kata lagi