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Man in the Back Seat

Here is a horror movie short that I did for Advanced Video on Location class.

Video Editing

Zombie Apocalypse Newscast

Here is a funny newscast that I did for Advanced NonLinear Editing.

Video Editing

Stiles Junction

This is just a demo reel that a couple of buddies of mine and me filmed, but I did all of the editing. 9 more words

Video Editing

Rough cutting into the world of creativity.

2. First Assembly Edit
3. Rough Cut

4. Final Assembly

We continue to make our way through the stages of video post-production from the First Assembly Edit to the Rough Cut.  164 more words

Video Editing

Group Newscast

A short mock-up newscast from in class to demonstrate lighting and green-screen/chromakeying.  Also used the retiming tool to speed up the footage in the background, and transform to simulate panning the camera from one person to the other.


Picking PC Parts - Instructional Video 2

A video going over the basics of how to choose parts when building a PC. Everything in this video was done by me. Recorded on a Canon T3, audio with a Zoom H2n, and edited in Final Cut Pro X.   33 more words


Boom Mic Instructional

A brief video showing how to set up and use a boom (shotgun) mic to capture nice, high quality audio. Camera and audio work done by my group members, and edited by me in Final Cut Pro X.