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5 Everyday Google Drive Collaborations That Are Not About Docs

Happy New Year to all teachers in Mississippi.  As you know, July 1 begins the new fiscal year for the state.  It also is a personal start to my 32nd year with the state.   281 kata lagi

Teacher Info

William Hammers

Title: Owner, Recordist

Company: Altissimo Recording Studio

Location: Scottsdale, AZ

William C. Hammers is the owner of Altissimo Recording Studio, which offers clients services in audio recording, video editing, and media conversion of LPs, reels, cassettes, 8-track, and DAT to CDs, as well as beta, VHS, camcorder, mini DV, and PAL-DVD to DVD or Blu-ray. 233 kata lagi


Poway Thunder & Lightning Timelapse (6/30/15)

I used a GoPro to capture this small time-lapse and a little bit of lightning. The slow motion would of worked better if I was using a high speed video camera but the GoPro was good enough to capture a quick time-lapse.

"Joe Simon's Guide To Speed Ramping"

Joe Simon explains his methods and reasoning for ramped slow-motion footage citing his Chase Hawk “Austin, Texas” project from last year.


Our Busy Life

If George and I thought our life was busy before I got a job and he got his calling and everything else that we’ve had going on, boy were we wrong. 260 kata lagi


How to Create Interactive Study Guides & Job Aids Using OneNote

I’m big on using OneNote! I use it for all my projects to do things like – create checklists, take meeting notes, annotate slides, save important information that would usually get lost in my inbox forever, etc.   574 kata lagi

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