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Radio Play

Here is a radio play that I did for Audio for Film class recently.

Video Editing

My Experience Green Screening

Everyone should have access to a green screen.

For the second time since its installment in Burlington High School’s lower library, I used the green screen for an… 371 kata lagi


[AGD-213-01] Wicked Kinetic Typography (Part 2)

So I’ve spent the last two weeks or so learning After Effects and I think I have the hang of basic editing in it. At the very least I can place my type and time it without too much issue. 148 kata lagi


Steampunk Monopoly | Trailer

It’s been a while since I last posted for Sound and Motion but I can explain! I am really proud to finally show you my… 1.116 kata lagi

Abertay University

DaVinci Resolve Color Grades More Cinematic & Professional - Video

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”  So there you have it. By keeping your shadows desaturated in relation to the rest of your image, you can really punch up the aesthetic, making color casts like the blue one above far more polished and professional. ”

Video Editing