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Free2Luv - Rock Luv Not Hate featuring Audra McLaughlin

On top of (trying) to maintain a blog, and slowly trying to sell jewelry I’ve made, I’ve been doing a virtual internship for Free2Luv. They are a non-profit working to end bullying in schools and online. 151 kata lagi


Flight Track Superimposed on Phantom 2+ Video

In this video, I manually superimposed the flight track that was recorded on my iPhone using the FPV Boost on the video recorded by my Phantom 2+ camera. 222 kata lagi

Digital Workflow

I love Movies so Much I started creating them - Camtasia Editing Services

Ok So maybe not creating epic movies like the Hobbit or Age of Ultron, but I’ve been exploring creation of e-learning courses and how to videos. 232 kata lagi

Audio Sync

Hello there Youtube world!

It’s a bit of a late hello but still hello none the least. I’ve had a youtube channel for a while now but I mainly only used it to sub to other people so I didn’t miss out on their content. 250 kata lagi

Stuff To Be Proud Of: Looking Back on August

August was the first month of putting my new work system into action. It began in June when I outlined all the major projects I want to tackle in the next 4-5 years, across a variety of mediums. 1.077 kata lagi

Grid Lake

Layering images, peeling pixels, striking matches.


Travel: Editing with a tiny box instead of a laptop

Lugging your laptop around when traveling in order to edit video to share online adds a good bit of bulk and weight that could be used for other purposes. 146 kata lagi