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VHF DSC radio: what everyone should know

I just passed my VHF license today so that makes me the latest Internet expert on the subject. Unfortunately, dear reader, I used to be a technical writer. 157 more words


GFresh Radio Services

(Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela, Galapagos)

I spent all yesterday in bed hiding from food and light. Today I wasn’t much more of a contributing citizen, but I did get out on deck to help Greg up the mast. 378 more words

Lagoon 410

Motorola VHF Radios Perfect for Wineries

Motorola RDV2020 and other RDX Series Radios are the Perfect Fit for Wineries


  • Lowest Prices in the Industry
  • Fast Delivery
  • Easy Communication
  • Expert Advice
  • Industry Leading Warranties…
847 more words


This is what it's like to get old? ...

Yeesh. So this is what it’s like to get old. Some of that may seep through to the kids, but they’ll get another dose of it next week, too. 802 more words

Writing To Adult Children

A strange kind of night sail

Up to now, my night sailing experience has been far from land in the open sea: between the Isles of Scilly and Ireland, the English Channel, the Bay of Biscay. 1.132 more words


The launch...

Fast forward to July 8th.

The launch.

I’ve never sailed this boat before, and  haven’t even been in a boat for 5 years, so I wanted a nice, calm day to do it in. 421 more words


Shenanigans shenanigans, this is Geronimo

“Shenanigans, Shenanigans, this is Geronimo” … “Big Bad Wolf, Big bad Wolf, this is Dragonfly…” That sort of talk was coming over the VHF radio while I waited in the boathouse for my true love to sail back to me Friday at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklyn Maine.

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