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CQDX. CQDX. CQDX. Is anybody out there?

Hey good buddy what’s ya twenty?

A’right, I was more a CB guy than a HAM operator. I was part of those dirty little radio rats who played fox-hunts and spent most of our air time asking the ever-repeating question, ‘Who’s on go?” 1.015 kata lagi


American Embassy Cairo | The Many Shades of Beige

Early November 1977

Bill the crypto tech was a breath of fresh air within Am Embassy Cairo’s clouded atmosphere. He took me to lunch at the very small embassy cafĂ© that out of necessity featured outdoor seating. 1.229 kata lagi


Can You Hear Me?

Yes, I know – things have been quiet here on the blog for some time now. This is what happens when life gets even busier than usual. 626 kata lagi


Anytone Plans DMR & Possible Other VHF/UHF Radios

First off I’ll start by saying I guess my own personal “copier” will use this and add it to his blog with the great news that he knows all. 284 kata lagi

27mhz Radio