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By Mark Crame

A couple of years ago we had an incident one winter’s morning while fishing at anchor out on the east coast whereby a drift net caught two kayak anglers in error. 1.834 kata lagi

Salty Paddling

Over and out! VHF course for SUP

Steve Williams is a stand up paddler from the Scottish south east. Here he talks us through his recent VHF course experience. For those into long distance or downwind paddling it could be a wise move to understand how to operate a VHF and then carry a radio while out at sea. 545 kata lagi


Efficient VHF Operation

AKAROA CRUISERS’ GROUP                                    25 APRIL 2015

EFFICIENT VHF OPERATION                           PART 2


  • Originates from the days of signaling by way of code flags…
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Up or down along-away, a bit it's all wet

I have purchased another VHF radio for whoever is kind enough to monitor my passage on a mile by mile basis from the shore. I have also decided when accompanied by another, not to do the long open sea crossings, as my progress has been known to be underestimated, and instead have a pre-arranged mid-location from which communication, on an open channel can be made and the needs or wishes of either party can be discussed. 205 kata lagi

VHF DSC radio: what everyone should know

I just passed my VHF license today so that makes me the latest Internet expert on the subject. Unfortunately, dear reader, I used to be a technical writer. 157 kata lagi


GFresh Radio Services

(Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela, Galapagos)

I spent all yesterday in bed hiding from food and light. Today I wasn’t much more of a contributing citizen, but I did get out on deck to help Greg up the mast. 378 kata lagi

Lagoon 410

Motorola VHF Radios Perfect for Wineries

Motorola RDV2020 and other RDX Series Radios are the Perfect Fit for Wineries


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