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American Embassy Amman | Chasing Third Order Harmonics

Mid-November 1977

I would never get used to the constant chatter of the HW-28 Teletype machines in the Communications & Records Units on the top floors of American embassies. 1.188 kata lagi


The Green Shirt

In Pacific Mexico there are several high frequency (HF) cruiser Nets that operate on a daily basis. For the last seven years I have participated in two of them, the Amigo Net and the Sonrisa Net. 1.070 kata lagi

CQDX. CQDX. CQDX. Is anybody out there?

Hey good buddy what’s ya twenty?

A’right, I was more a CB guy than a HAM operator. I was part of those dirty little radio rats who played fox-hunts and spent most of our air time asking the ever-repeating question, ‘Who’s on go?” 1.015 kata lagi


American Embassy Cairo | The Many Shades of Beige

Early November 1977

Bill the crypto tech was a breath of fresh air within Am Embassy Cairo’s clouded atmosphere. He took me to lunch at the very small embassy café that out of necessity featured outdoor seating. 1.229 kata lagi