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Test new Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super model year 2015

The Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Super is a nice nifty motorcycle scooter for in and around the city. It is less a machine on which you do a 700 km / 450 miles day-trip, although it is capable of doing, but way nicer than most touring machines to go into the city area, or to do some groceries, or to make a few hours round trip in the country-side. 1.808 more words


VIDEO: Scooter City is Your Destination for All Major Scooter Brands

At Scooter City, we carry inventory for all major brands and have an in-house Vespa-certified mechanic. Whether you’re looking for a Vespa, Stella, Piaggio, Gio, or another respected scooter brand, we have what you want!

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viva la vida

new designs on vida. i spent far too long trying to work out who they are and what they do to tell you and still haven’t wrangled a precis out of it, but it roughly works like this. 53 more words


Escape to the country : St. Georges day ride out 2015.

This morning I jumped on the scooter. Met up with a gang of fifteen scooter riders and headed out through north London to Epping Forrest for the Saint George’s day ride out. 49 more words

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