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Scooter Tech/Barbeque Day

For those following my blog who may be near by next weekend October 21st. please stop by for a barbeque and tech day.

I am organizing this day on behalf of the Ottawa Scooter Club and expect a dozen or so. 85 kata lagi


El Camino es el Mensaje. Photo Traveling Riding on a Vespa. | John Silva | @johnsilvaphototraveler

“… and what if the road ends, if suddenly we find some obstacle that prevents us from following the journey? … we will have to go around the place, look for some shortcut, climb maybe … or risk” field naughty “, but how to follow! 181 kata lagi

Global Learning News

Wicksteed Park scooter parts fair

Quick visit to Kettering to see sis-in-law and husband. Then took Steve off to the fair. He was very impressed with the size and the number of people!

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Greek postcards
postcards from Greece

Vespa Blog: Open Sourcing Vespa, Yahoo’s Big Data Processing and Serving Engine

Vespa Blog: Open Sourcing Vespa, Yahoo’s Big Data Processing and Serving Engine. “Ever since we open sourced Hadoop in 2006, Yahoo – and now, Oath – has been committed to opening up its big data infrastructure to the larger developer community. 27 kata lagi

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Plan Single Touring Klaten - Lombok

Kala itu sore di upt tik dan saya sedang jenuh memandang PC (lupa tanggal berapa, yang jelas belum ada 1 bulan sepertinya) , setelah itu terbesit dalam benak “ 299 kata lagi

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The Carburetor

Guys, I’m here. Betty is still in my garage and I still intend to fix her up, I just got really busy. School started and we went to a wedding in New York and then Brendan left for 2 weeks (still in the middle of that), so Betty had to go on the back burner. 392 kata lagi