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Pendleton Snape Scarves....

I won’t lie, I love a tootal scarf me, I’ve got quite a collection now, I love their heritage, their quality and their fantastic designs so when I came across PENDLETON SNAPE SCARVES I was dubious….but something drew me to their original designs, new looks, new materials (apart from the normal silk that I tend to love) so I decided to follow them on instagram: 234 kata lagi


Vespa Cruising in Florence and Tuscany

For two weeks I faced a dramatic change in my travel rhythms, for the first time since Israel I would be traveling with other people. 760 kata lagi


Vespas in Tuscany

I really wanted to see some of the Tuscan countryside on this trip. Matt really wanted to rent a Vespa. We combined these goals and rented a Vespa in Tuscany! 495 kata lagi


Vespa anyone?

A recent email from Simon Stevens prompted me to dust off the Vespa Gearbox Visualiser I started 4 years ago.

I dug out the small frame data provided by Wayne Miller, entered the data and tidied up the UI and here we are. 66 kata lagi


The Fonz Lives On. 21st Century Road Congestion vs The Sexiness of Motorbikes - This Is Global Folks

This is it …

Motorbike riding is exhilarating! And sexy!

And all the while, there’s also money to be saved and maybe even money to be made; read on. 1.124 kata lagi


I have been thinking about making a big change in my life. No, I am not transitioning to a woman, however that day, I’m sure, is right around the corner. 586 kata lagi