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Win a classic Vespa scooter

Win a classic Vespa scooter
The Vespa line of scooters is one of the oldest and most famous transportation means ever to hit the market. It has been manufactured since 1946 and has remained one the most popular scooters in the market until today. 7 kata lagi

super duper scooters!


wememburrr how i tolds you bouts all dem scooters

i saw in Nuernberg?

well seems wike them scooters are now chasins me awound, because  while all i wanted to do was take a walk in a local village park, … 62 kata lagi


Pa turnpike abandoned tunnel ride- end of October. 

We have a ride going to one of the PA Turnpike’s abandoned tunnels at the end of October if you wanna see something interesting. The ride out will be entertaining ( we have great scenery and entertaining roads, plus the leaves should be changing by then). 27 kata lagi


A Summer’s day, people enjoying the sunshine, the seagulls thankfully not mobbing you for the ice cream in your hand, and then stumbling across this, cool, classic styling in a small package, parked up in a picturesque location. 49 kata lagi


Gentleman Ride 2015

The Distinguished Gentleman Ride 2015



Rear view mirror: espejo

Sometimes looking over your shoulder is good thing.