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Review - King's Raid

“Yuveria, where the flimflam is the first impressions?!” Boiiiiii, chill. Ok? I started playing this game way before I started my blog, and while I could try to dig up my thoughts and opinions back when I first played it… it just wouldn’t be authentic. 3.302 kata lagi


Looking Ahead

Finally had a low-key day to hang out with Betty today. I didn’t do anything particularly ground-breaking, but wanted to run a few things by some of you to get some advice. 1.040 kata lagi


Piazza Italia

This might be the most Italian thing we’ve ever seen. This beautiful scene complete with two of Italy’s most iconic vehicles, the Vespa scooter and the Fiat 500, comes from the very Italian-sounding Gabriele Zannotti and the, er… Greek-sounding… 37 kata lagi


Big scooter on campus

I’ve often said a 50cc scooter is a good one to send to college with your kid. I am glad to see I’m not the only one thinking along those lines. 277 kata lagi


Who Says Bigger is Better?

Okay, in some cases maybe.  This cute little combo caught my attention a couple years ago and I’m just getting around to posting it.  A truly minimal teardrop trailer that I suspect can just sleep two with about one suitcase each. 97 kata lagi


Vespa GTS 300 resmi meluncur di bali. 300cc coy.....

Hallo sobat motoblog…..pada tanggal empat februari 2018 kemarin piagio vespa bali resmi meluncurkan dua jagoan anyar dari gen vespa GTS. Yaitu vespa GTS 150 dan vespa GTS 300. 489 kata lagi


Homem-Formiga e a Vespa [ Conferindo Trailer ]

Assistindo o trailer pela primeira vez notei que vamos ver várias cenas de ação de Scott e Hope com seus trajes. Gostei muito do traje da Vespa e muito das cenas que ela participa que são mostrada no trailer. 58 kata lagi

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