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Vespa and Drone Morning Ride

Suddenly this morning I had the urge to ride my vespa, and looking for wide place to practice my drone flying skills. Then I remember Richard, my friend, who just repainted his Vespa, and I believe he was falling in love again with his scooter. 105 kata lagi


Chevrolet Camaro, Vespa, and Starcash up for grabs as Caltex unleashes “True Power from Within”

Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), unveiled its “True Power from Within” nationwide promotion for Caltex customers. The promotion runs from May 1 until July 31, 2017 in conjunction with the release of the latest Michael Bay global blockbuster movie, … 308 kata lagi


A Scooter Adventure in Rome

I have recently come across my travel journals from some of my trips way back when.  Reading through the entries has been so much fun, and I thought I would share some bits and pieces.   597 kata lagi


From Crawling to Walking

MAJOR progress today, guys. I’m about 98% ready to remove the engine from the frame. I’ll get to that 2% in a minute, but first let me tell you about the 98% part. 785 kata lagi



Vespa versus BMW

Although this was a novel idea and some even suggested that I put a prize to the winner, the reality of it all is that it is too much work to spend the time to jot down all the miles and trips that I make with each bike in order to discover what I already know. 78 kata lagi


Mistakes Encouraged

Today was a great day with Betty. Today I really feel like I decided to let myself fail a little. When I started this project, I was hoping to learn about machines. 1.158 kata lagi


Vespa Seat Snake Skin Wrap

Vespa Seat Snake Skin Wrap
Vespa Seat Snake Skin Wrap (no Its Not Real Snake Skin) Slightly Used But In Amazing Condition Model – WH613ec5a4813c31dc… 13 kata lagi