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Vertigo (1958)

An emotionally shattered ex-police detective becomes obsessed with a young woman who resembles the love he failed to prevent from committing suicide in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s great psychological thrillers. 97 kata lagi


Reseña Noche Oscura: Una historia verídica de Batman o como Batman le salvó la vida a Paul Dini.

Para quien no sepa quien es Paul Dini le pondré un poquito al día.
Guionista tanto de dibujos animados como de cómics, películas y videojuegos, ocupándose de series tan aclamadas como tiny toons y batman la serie de animación, creador junto a Bruce Timm de Harley Quinn y escritor de Amor Loco, una de las mejores historias de Batman, Musas de Gotham y guionista de la saga de juegos Arkham entre otras lindezas. 659 kata lagi


New Releases: WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 07, 2016


ITEM CODE DESCRIPTION PRICE SEP160038 ALIENS DEFIANCE #7 $3.99 AUG160082 BALTIMORE HC VOL 07 EMPTY GRAVES $24.99 SEP160042 BOUNTY #5 (OF 10) $3.99 … 2.094 kata lagi


A few words about Fox's Lucifer

One of the few comic book-based shows I don’t review is Lucifer. I tend to only read superhero comics, so I’ve not read most of what it’s based on, and I only have so much time. 423 kata lagi

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Thanksgiving week and the week that followed was planned down to a ‘T’. I had a study schedule to follow and a regular household schedule. I enjoy making and following a schedule, since staying-at-home means that I have a very adaptable schedule. 721 kata lagi


Comic Recommendations

Hi, my name is Laurel and I really love comics! And not just classic comics like superhero comics from DC and Marvel. There’s a whole other world out there of different kinds of comics that not a lot of people venture into. 575 kata lagi


Holidays and Unseen Illness

So I just found The Mighty the other day. How I missed it, I simply have no idea. But it’s brilliant.

They have a blog prompt that is a Holiday Wish List for those who are dealing with or related to someone who is dealing with a condition. 746 kata lagi