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Sam Humphries Goes Exclusive with DC and Vertigo

DC Entertainment continues to expand its roster of top name talent, announcing today that it has reached an agreement with writer Sam Humphries to create comic book content solely for the publisher’s… 122 kata lagi


A Place Called Vertigo

There seems to be a vertigo epidemic in my practice as of late.  I’ve had three people in the past month walk through our doors… 219 kata lagi


'Lucifer'- "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" Review

By: Roger Muñoz

26 September 20016

   Who in the bloody hell is ‘Mum’?

   That was the question on everyone’s mind, as the first season of  1.070 kata lagi


Rubbing salt in the wound

So, sorry this isn’t quite a food post. We have had plenty of great low sodium meals. Mad props to Panera for narrowing down a a few clean and low sodium menu items. 207 kata lagi

Ménière's Disease Lifestyle

Project 4.4 (i): Vertigo

  • Watch Vertigo and make notes about how Mulvey’s analysis stands up

Mulvey has accepted Freudian analysis as the basis for male/female dynamics and the film’s narrative can be viewed as an expression of that particular metaphor which is hardly surprising given both the film’s (1958) and the essay’s (1973) timing . 1.827 kata lagi

Sarah-Jane Field

16 Home Remedies For Vertigo

Vertigo can run the gamut from feeling lightheaded, to giddy and dizzy or having the feeling of ‘head spinning’. In short, vertigo is a sudden strong sensation of feeling woozy which could lead to falls. 35 kata lagi