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A-Maze-ing Delicata Inks

Delicata Inks- 4 Ways

by Alison Heikkila

My absolute favorite metallic inks of all time are Delicata Inks. By far. They have the most shimmer and shine of any other metallic that I have ever used, and they look even better in person. 596 kata lagi


Digital Artefact: Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 Review

Coming off our short break, I wanted to look at something a little older, considering the last few comics have been from this decade. One of the more controversial decades for comics was the ‘90s, an era which spawned both the high and low end of the comic spectrum. 997 kata lagi



What happens when you mix a drug smuggler, an outlawed journalist, a soldier, and two disenfranchised teenagers from America? Oh, and did I mention the jinn and the magician? 167 kata lagi


What time was it? How many of us were there, or was it just the two of us? No, its all blurred. Was it raining? 77 kata lagi



I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer stage 1 at the age of 30. I spent a whole month going for tests, meeting specialists, having scans and afterwards having surgery. 257 kata lagi

Josh Williamson Announces Vertigo Miniseries 'Frostbite'

It looks like The Flash is not the only DC Comics book that we are getting from Joshua Williamson.

After signing up to write the relaunch of The Flash with DC’s Rebirth event, Williamson is also… 449 kata lagi


Bright Lights, Big City

Migraines suck. It is a special kind of hell.

Before I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (IC) and fibromyalgia, I was just sick. No one could tell me what was wrong, just that I wasn’t dying. 856 kata lagi