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Turning Cares into Prayers

All block quotes are from “Prayer, the Cure for Care” by Charles Spurgeon

Turn everything that is a care into a prayer. Let your cares be the raw material of your prayers, and as the alchemists hoped to turn dross into gold, so do you, by a holy alchemy, actually turn what naturally would have been a care into spiritual treasure in the form of prayer.

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You Should Read . . . NORTH 40 by Aaron Williams and Fiona Staples

It’s been said that all small towns have their secrets. Usually, said secrets are some kind of personal scandal that would impact the town, but not vastly change it. 326 kata lagi


Classic Cinema Reviews: Vertigo

‘Vertigo’ is like a window into another world. Alfred Hitchcock’s identity mystery captures the glamour and beauty of San Francisco. Like many classic movies, ‘Vertigo’ throws it back to a simple time and it is hard not to feel that Hollywood aspiration watching it. 431 kata lagi

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iZombie: Chivalry is Dead

“Chivalry is Dead” is another amusing adventure of the zombie crew of New Seattle and their friends, with new personality twitches galore. Following up on the end of last episode, with Liv doing multiple stupid things at once, she and Peyton are talking about the Fillmore-Graves attack on the local newspaper, and Major’s disappointing part in it. 1.294 kata lagi

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Meniere's Disease Humor

While having Meniere’s is no laughing matter, this picture I found is funny & is a good explanation of what a patient goes through.

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Meniere's Disease

Falling for Vertigo

Went to see one of my favorite old films last night, Hitchcock’s now classic Vertigo. I write “now” because the film’s rise to lasting fame has been gradual, from an original position in the shadow of… 1.388 kata lagi

My Testimony

Hey friends! I thought I’d share with you my personal faith testimony and what God has been doing in my life.

I am being raised by wonderful Christian parents, and I was saved while in Sunday school when I was like four or something 😁. 2.436 kata lagi