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Dizziness, balance and vertigo: What’s normal, what’s not

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Almost everyone has experienced dizziness at some point in their lives; however, if feelings of dizziness or loss of balance occur quite frequently, falls become a concern and there may be an underlying condition causing those symptoms. 225 more words

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Art Imitates Life: The Powerful Message of V for Vendetta

This month makes nine years since the release of the V for Vendetta film directed by James McTeigue, and, 27 years since the graphic novel was released by DC Comics in 1988. 638 more words

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Super Powers

I have a super power. It’s very fascinating and absolutely useless. I have this ability where if I lay on the floor, it’s like I can feel the Earth moving. 494 more words


When I told my roommate (a film major) that I was going to watch Vertigo, she told me that it was “normal, until it isn’t”. I mean, as a Hitchcock film, that’s what I was expecting. 298 more words


10 Movie Moments That Took My Breath Away

Andrew’s Fistful of Moments blogathon stumped me at first. He has challenged us to name some movie scenes and moments that took our breath away. I have seen a lot of movies and have had many kinds of emotional reactions but here are 10 that come to mind almost immediately. 970 more words


Can I give you an ear full?

Did you know that your ears are responsible for more than hearing?  Well, they are! In fact, the inner ear houses a very important system responsible for balance, … 840 more words

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Here are some things I wrote for Gigwise this week

Hello  you,

I wrote some bits-n-bobs for Gigwise this week. Here are some links to a couple of articles and my contributor page, if you are at all in any way actually interested: 42 more words