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Good Vibes

Happy Tuesday Loves. I want to make sure I get on and blog today because it’s been a good day so far. I woke up decently well. 177 kata lagi

Vestibular Disorders

Sweet Tooth arrive en décembre !

Urban Comics commence aujourd’hui à dévoiler ses sorties pour la fin de l’année 2015, et la première annonce est tombée ce matin : il s’agit de Sweet Tooth. 75 kata lagi


Spotlight Film of the Month: Vertigo

This summer, I am taking a film class, and of course, the class involves me spending much of my break viewing classical Hollywood films. So far, we have analyze quite a few good films, but one in particular stood out to me more than the others— 234 kata lagi


It's True... I am Dizzy

A health problem isn’t really serious when it’s an annoyance, and not when it’s affecting your quality of life or your ability to work, function, think, or enjoy life.   841 kata lagi

Neck problems #lupus #ra #stillsdisease

My neck has been bothering me for a few months, but it’s been especially bad this past month. I’ve had some arthritic flare that makes me have headaches that make my neck, jaw, teeth, and nasal passages hurt. 662 kata lagi

Vertigo ****


There’s a reason this man is praised globally for directing and acting in films. It isn’t that the subjects he chooses are particularly gripping. It’s about the level of accuracy he achieves in portraying realistic human emotions. 738 kata lagi


Last Ten Films: An Introduction

In 2013, I tried to write about every new film that I saw (and mostly succeeded!); consequently, in 2014 I was burned out on movie reviews and shifted my attention towards 1000+ word essays on each of my… 742 kata lagi