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It's Been A While

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite a bit of time since I’ve updated this blog. There’s been a few different things that came up preventing an update. 94 kata lagi

My continued trek to death

Today i shall whine.

2017 has been filled, so far, with too many doctor appts. and the onset of too many issues. Whine, whine.

I am 60 years old now and not oblivious to the fact that i’m going to die of something. 552 kata lagi

7 things to Look Forward to in Preacher's Second Season

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

Preacher’s season two premiere is tomorrow night, and frankly I’m amiss that I haven’t written anything in regards to what the second season may hold.   741 kata lagi


Vertigo Review

Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ (1958) is a very dividing film in terms of the views of critics and reviewers. Although these days the film is very highly regarded reaching the top film on the BFI Greatest films of all time critics’ poll, at the time of the release Vertigo made very little impact at the box office. 1.091 kata lagi

Film Review

Going Up or Coming Down?

I contest that I have quite a good head for heights.  In my time, I have––quite deliberately––stood at the edge of any number of tall buildings or high precipices, simply to enjoy the exhilaration of obtaining the ‘best view’. 388 kata lagi


iZombie: 'Looking for Mr. Goodbrain Part 1' Review

Written By: Mathew ‘JJ’ Simoes

This week’s iZombie episode continues to put together the pieces of a very large conspiracy, while also offering thrills, but is bogged down by an underdeveloped romantic sub-plot. 786 kata lagi


Living with Vestibular Migraines — starting with research 

I’m in Wales visiting the parents. I’m aiming to reduce stress and the only stess here is a dog, a German Shepherd named Jacob. And a cat. 1.123 kata lagi