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“A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself.” – May Sarton

Cute Gardening Pegs for Small Indoor Spaces

At the moment, Mig is lost in his gardening. He has about a hundred seeds, half of which he has already planted (repotted, resurrected, etc.). I’m happy to report that most of them are healthy and doing good. 239 kata lagi


Life Begins in the Garden: Maximizing Garden Space

By Sarah Leitzel
Sometimes it can be difficult finding the time or space to cultivate a large enough garden. This is my first year gardening in a new place. 397 kata lagi

Life Begins In A Garden

Hula Hoop Tower Garden Tomato Cage

What do you do when you need a tomato cage for your Juice Plus Tower Garden and just can’t afford to purchase one?

You become resourceful and creative. 215 kata lagi

Tower Garden

Harvesting Lettuce from your Tower Garden

Our Tower Garden is full of fresh produce ready to harvest! We will be harvesting and replanting our second crop for this growing season. Linda and I have been eating from our… 216 kata lagi

Tower Garden

A Beginner's Helpers

Commonly used to tie up cables, I have a new found love for twistie ties.  I can use them to tie anything and everything.

 I used twistie ties to make my vertical garden on the balcony.  211 kata lagi