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Starting Off

This is hopefully the first of many posts about random things I want to build. I wanted a way to share, keep track of and organize both my thought process and the results of such. 693 kata lagi


Capacloud's Check Point for Indoor Vertical Garden

When the winter blahs set in and you’re dreaming of fresh greens from your summer garden, consider growing indoors. Not only do plants cleanse your household air  and improve the aesthetics of any indoor space, they can provide your family with a wealth of yummy, organic foods. 1.869 kata lagi

Living Wall

Living Walls

Blooming Desert’s first experience with living walls was with Erin Hasler, former owner of IJA Designs (now owner of Root Adorned).  We love offering our clients fresh green spaces and think it will continue to be ‘on trend’ for 2018. 13 kata lagi

Why does Hydroponics work so well - A Review by Capacloud

That’s simple. If you give a plant exactly what it needs, when it needs it, in the amount that it needs, the plant will be as healthy as is genetically possible. 930 kata lagi

Living Wall

CAPACLOUD's New Initiatives in Interior and Exterior Landscaping

Throughout our evolutionary history, humanity has depended on vegetation for food, fuel and shelter. Our very existence depends on being among plants. That dependence is so ingrained in our make-up that biologists now give the subconscious desire to be among vegetation a name: … 2.843 kata lagi

Living Wall

Capacloud's Vertical Garden- a boon for limited place

Vertical gardens are naturally, occurring or created, vegetation on vertical surfaces. Vegetations found at waterfalls, riverbanks, seeping rocks, cliffs, caves, and slopes are some of the examples of naturally occurring vertical gardens. 1.113 kata lagi

Living Wall

My Story

Why Work Hard, Plant Hard?

Let me cut to the chase. I had a really hard time last year with the election in the US and its aftermath. 887 kata lagi