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Modular Vertical Garden.: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

The design is my own idea. It is the final and the simplest version, after many thinking and try.This 5 pieces cost together, from new material, about 13 USD.

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Friday PhotoEssay - May 19, 2017

We survived a rainy, stormy week and the garden looks generally green and healthy.

We also planted most of our remaining warm season plants this week, including replanting some things that hadn’t been successful so far… 224 kata lagi


I Almost Killed My Tower Garden!

I went outside to pick some collard greens off one of my Tower Gardens. To my shock and horror all the plants where drooping and wilted.   399 kata lagi

Tower Garden

Day One: Tokyo Bound - Living Walls!!

We arrived at Melbourne Airport a lot sooner than originally planned and were put onto an earlier connecting flight to Sydney. We flew out of Melbourne at 3:45pm and landed in Sydney at 4:30pm, which gave us an extra hour to our 2 hour stop over. 239 kata lagi


Mini-Greenhouses that Convert

I get these ideas sometimes. They are great ideas. Practical ideas. However, they tend to make things a little more complicated.

My garden’s structural design originally was simple, natural structures.  211 kata lagi



The Hibiscus Flower: It’s Meanings and Symbolism

Flowers are good for the soul!!! Fresh flowers around the house, a garden of any size, houseplants or tiny pots. 14 kata lagi

The Finished Taj Ma Mail

Finally yesterday I finished our letterbox.  Having waited two weeks for the rain to stop and the Taj Ma Mail to dry out just so I could paint it, I then had to wait for the rain to ease off again before glueing on our house number. 328 kata lagi