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Aspinal 2015

This month I was delighted to be asked by Aspinal of London to design and install a series of plant and flower displays for the launch of their new collection in Mayfair’s historic… 227 kata lagi

My Flowers

How to clean your Tower Garden

Are you asking, How to clean your Tower Garden? Fall is here and the outside growing season will soon be coming to an end once Jack Frost arrives. 112 kata lagi

Tower Garden

House and Leisure, Sunday Times and Top Billing

This months House and Leisure feature the Gorgeous Green House in its ‘Sustainability Supplement’.  You’ll need to flip to the end to find us on p.162.   136 kata lagi

Advantages of Green Walls in Urban Cities

Greenery has always inspired us and has helped us lead our life with fewer health problems. Although there are numerous ways, vertical gardening is more into usage. 465 kata lagi


Five examples of vertical gardens - including a preview of the world's tallest

As cities become denser and buildings continue to shoot up, the number of gardens is also on the rise – literally.

The vertical garden is not a new concept, but in recent times it has certainly become more popular. 806 kata lagi


Membuat Kompos dan Vertical Garden pada KKN tahun 2015 Teknik Lingkungan ITATS

KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) merupakan bentuk sumbangsih mahasiswa kepada masyarakat disekitarnya untuk membantu menyelesaikan masalah yang ada.
Pada tahun 2015, KKN jurusan Teknik Lingkungan ITATS berlokasi di MAN Surabaya, dengan tema “Peningkatan Kualitas Lingkungan sekitar Sekolah”. 99 kata lagi

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