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Tower Garden Mistakes and Lessons Learned 2017

We went out into our garden to check our Tower Garden on the hottest day of the year so far.

The outside temperature was over 80 degrees to find our  776 kata lagi

Tower Garden

Engaging the 5 Senses While Living Tiny

Here are some unique ways to put your five sense (sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch) to a good use in an effort to make living in a small space feel bigger than it really is.   621 kata lagi

Tiny House

A vertical garden

I first saw this a few years ago and was intrigued at the time but then forgot about it, being elderly.

I’ve since seen it a few times, it being in my favourite part of Madrid and the last time, a couple of months ago, I decided to try and find something out about it. 162 kata lagi


Growing Pains: Facing The Challenges of Urban Gardening | Guest Post By: Bob Gorman


Growing numbers of people are becoming convinced of the importance of eating locally-
grown food. Considering that most of the world’s populations live in cities, it is no coincidence that interest in urban gardening is growing. 753 kata lagi


Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens are nothing but Gardens set up in a Vertical Space. The lack of space in Urban areas has pushed for the need of Vertical Gardens. 477 kata lagi


Our Collage of Greenery

Though at the time it felt like our green wall would take forever to grow, and although it still has a little way to go to be completely green, we are very pleased with the growth of the plants we have planted so far. 154 kata lagi


Gardening in Extreme Heat

Tim Blank the creator of the Tower Gardening growing system gave a presentation about gardening in extreme heat in Mesa, Arizona May 10, 2017. Hal Khalaf was their and made this video during the event. 70 kata lagi

Tower Garden