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Sleeplessly shuffling past green walls

Soon after writing a post on a vertical garden in Berlin, I was rushing through Mumbai airport to catch a flight. Imagine my surprise when I passed the garden you see in the featured photo. 211 kata lagi


A warning to weary travelers

Let my experience be a lesson to every weary traveler. Write it down. When I did some reading about Berlin I found that there were a few vertical gardens. 92 kata lagi


Capacloud's Note On Hydroponic System

In previous post we discussed “the evolution of Vertical Garden-from Vine to Hydroponic System”. In that article the basic concept of hydroponic system was discussed. But people have confusion to understand What a hydroponic system is or how it is possible for a plant to live on different medium etc, etc. 1.378 kata lagi

Living Wall

A new garden

Day 5: so far so good. I have consistently hit over 7kms per day for Movemember (11kms yesterday!), so on track for this! I now just need to recruit sponsors to help this great charity (if you’re keen, I would really appreciate… 247 kata lagi

Podcast - Green Culture

Green Culture is a podcast about the intersection of environmental conservation and digital platforms.

In the first episode we talk to Caleb Ha, the founder of Applant – a self-irrigating vegetable garden designed to make eating more sustainable. 724 kata lagi

The Evolution-From Simple Vines To Hydroponic system

In modern times when there are incommodious living environments, no space to breath and pollution all over, the thought of getting a home garden appearance unlikely.  981 kata lagi

Living Wall

How Capacloud is working towards a social issue.

The thick haze of outdoor air pollution is very common in India today is the nation’s fifth-largest killer, after high blood pressure, indoor air pollution (mainly from cooking fires), smoking and poor nutrition, according to a new  738 kata lagi

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