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Weekend DIY: Small pallet garden

I’ve previously made a fairly large vertical garden from an upcylced pallet (details here) and have been on the lookout for a smaller one to fit into another corner in my balcony garden. 477 kata lagi

Zero Waste

Why You Should Install Green Wall in Your Property

Green walls are known as a special type of wall system and it enables owners to bring greenery inside of their property. Manufacturers generally develop green wall on growing medium which is made of soil. 462 kata lagi

Vertical Garden

Green wall #1: Construction

This wall is my reuse-upcycle, low-cost project. It utilizes planters made from soda bottles attached to the balcony barrier by aluminum wire. As I worried from the start, it does not look as pretty as my… 247 kata lagi

How to Transform Old Wooden Pallets into Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a huge trend right now, and for a good reason: They allow urban gardeners to save enormous amounts of space, increasing yields and transforming boring old walls into living pieces of art. 766 kata lagi


Green wall #2: construction

I’m happy to announce that the green wall #2 is finally assembled! For this wall, I used aluminum rain gutters. I opted not to use the side stoppers, as they each cost almost as much as an entire gutter segment, and you need two of those per level. 314 kata lagi

April 9

Rock Garden


Walking flat gray gravel trail hand in hand

Soft sound of ground crunching under boots

Taking in the sights along the creek and land… 93 kata lagi



The surreal Supertree Grove in Singapore’s Garden by the Bay comes to life at night and gives a new, jaw-dropping meaning, to vertical garden.