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Succulent obsession

Welcome back spring! I’ve missed you. A lot. ¡Bienvenida primavera! Te he echado de menos. Mucho.

Spring has brought a new obsession to my house: succulents. 213 kata lagi

Crafts & Reporpusing

Ikea’s Flatpack Vertical Garden Can Feed an Entire Neighborhood

Ikea has come up with a flatpack garden so city dwellers with little space can enjoy a green patch all of their own.

The Swedish furniture giant has launched the Growroom – a DIY 9ft tall sphere for nurturing plants, veg and herbs that you can sit in with your family and friends. 51 kata lagi


Ways To Build An Epic Vertical Garden Anywhere

If you have mastered the art of retaining your succulent alive, then you are prepared for the following trendy plant challenge: the vertical Organic Gardening. Not only are these smaller than usual living dividers but also a great space saver, they’re stunning bits of décor for your kitchen, living room, or front porch that will have everyone of your friends and neighbors asking, how did you do that? 431 kata lagi

Eco-friendly Gardening

Outdoor Decorating Ideas to Try This Summer

It’s the first day of Spring which means our beloved summertime is only a few short months away! With Summer comes warmer days, cool nights, and most activities are spent preferably outdoors. 753 kata lagi


2017 Garden Plans: Bed 3 - Vertical Garden

We have a dedicated “Vertical” garden again this year, featuring the cattle panel trellises. We do try to change up what we’re growing, and this year we are featuring cantaloupe, watermelon, and cucumbers. 300 kata lagi

Garden Planning

Stampin' Up! Vertical Garden Hello

I used the Stampin’ Up! Vertical Garden stamp set to create a chalkboard technique “hello” card to share with you today. 979 kata lagi


20 Cara Membuat Sejuk Rumah

20 Cara Membuat Sejuk Rumah

Cara ampuh untuk mengusir panas ialah dengan menggunakan kipas angin atau air conditioner (AC). Namun dengan cara tersebut akan menambah biaya pengeluaran listrik setiap bulannya. 1.091 kata lagi

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