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Five examples of vertical gardens - including a preview of the world's tallest

As cities become denser and buildings continue to shoot up, the number of gardens is also on the rise – literally.

The vertical garden is not a new concept, but in recent times it has certainly become more popular. 806 kata lagi


Just Herbs, a must have

Even before I decided to grow vegetables myself, I was into herbs growing. Nothing taste better than a freshly self made pesto for pasta or risotto. 374 kata lagi

Grow My Own Vegetables - A Gardening Project

living walls

Located in Bangalore city, living walls the concept of, vertical green in dining hall is created for a residence of 30×40 ft.

Simple ,small yet dramatic… 57 kata lagi

A Perfect Host,Vertical Garden Hanging Orchid Plant

Interior Design Natural Elements

Interior Design: Vertical gardens, are modern and chic. Add a vertical garden, hanging or mounted plant or plants to your living space. 155 kata lagi


Our Autumn Sky is a message from next summer

May has the best sky. I am never disappointed when I look out over a project and reflect on the beauty of the Autumn sky in Melbourne. 393 kata lagi


Is Tower Garden Mineral Blend Organic?

Is Tower Garden Mineral Blend Organic? That is a great question. Dr. Carlos Madero, Ph.D. examines the Tower Tonic blend scientifically and gives you the facts. 101 kata lagi

Tower Garden

Greenology – Urban Greening by Mr. Veerasekaran

“The art and science of greenery™”, also “Urban greening specialist providing vertical Greening, Green roof, Urban Farming and Storm water management solutions”.

On February 12, 2016, we have a field trip to greenology which is located in 289 Farnborough Road, it is very near from Changi Airport. 288 kata lagi