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Tip 26. Put on your jersey!

The Portuguese equivalent of Spanish poner is pôr. Like Spanish poner, Portuguese pôr has irregular forms. Below are some important forms with their Spanish equivalent: 91 kata lagi


After reading this...

After reading this on Yahoo! Beauty, I don’t feel good:

Let’s hope that was just a typo; I’d hate to think the writer thought it was correct.


Tip 24. Expressing an opinion

To express an opinion in Portuguese, use the word achar (Eu acho que…). The Portuguese word crer is normally NOT used to express opinions. Achar is similar to Spanish hallar (=encontrar) and is also used to mean “to find.” 64 kata lagi


I Chose

Love isn’t a feeling. It isn’t some emotion you get, like happy or sad. Those are adjectives. Adjectives describe a temporary state of being, normally one you don’t have control over. 172 kata lagi


What is a verb?

*** A verb refers to a word that do action or agree with subject and object in the sentence.

Example: go, give, write, speak, walk, run… 130 kata lagi