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If you look up the word “scar” in dictionary, it will give you a narrow search of its different meanings. It can either be a noun, a verb, a protruding rock or a mark left by an injured tissue. 106 kata lagi

Word of the Day (10/09/2015)



  1. The tendency to not start anything until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

They even has editors

At professionally written websites, you’d never see this kind of error found today on Yahoo! Style:

That’s because professionally written sites have writers who have mastered basic English grammar. They even have professional editors.




To reason earnestly with someone, esp. to dissuade or correct.

Despite all my efforts expostulating with Gary, he still changed his college course.


Cliché Corner: 'to gift'

A recent tweet by the Guardian Style Guide set me thinking about the use of ‘gift’ as a verb, and the unique nook it occupies in the language of football. 447 kata lagi


Is it Advice or Advise?

It used to happen to me that I confuse between the words ‘advice’ and ‘advise’. Even now while I wrote both words, the spell check draws a line in blue to the word ‘advise’ like below. 284 kata lagi

Thoughts To Feed

Your history makes you the wrong person to edit

The yahoo.com editors’ history makes them the wrong people to notice a mismatched subject and verb: