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More thought, time and energy might help

The thought, time and energy that go into editing have not increased exponentially on Yahoo! Sports:

More thought, time and energy might have led to correcting the mismatched plural subject and singular verbs.


Mi Sephora Play! Box de Junio

Hola otra vez! Otro MiƩrcoles, otro post. Si se perdieron el post del Lunes, lo pueden leer aquƭ. Hable sobre los productos que uso para cuidarme la piel todas las noches. 545 kata lagi


My June Sephora Play! Box Unboxing

Hello again! Another Wednesday, another post. If you missed Monday’s post, you can read it here. I discussed and went over my nighttime skincare routine. 653 kata lagi


Play! By Sephora: June 2017

Hello my beautiful people!

I hope everyone has been doing well and is just as excited as I am to share this month’s Play! By Sephora box. 843 kata lagi


Incidents like these

Incidents of mismatched subjects and verbs are unfortunately common on Yahoo! Style:


PLAY! by Sephora- June

Hi beautiful!

I decided to write my first entry about my PLAY! by Sephora box I just received in the mail. I always post it on my Instagram but I can’t ramble on forever in that tiny text box. 815 kata lagi

#QOTD #38

I’m so excited for this quote of the day (QOTD) prompt that I’ve been doing. It’s one of THE most consistent prompts that I’ve kept up with. 201 kata lagi