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A series of mistakes

A series of mistakes has lined up on yahoo.com. Here’s just one of them:

The word series is both a singular and plural noun. If it’s preceded by the indefinite article… 22 kata lagi


Verb's Top 5 Hype Men: Bobby Byrd

“But my last choice –my favorite—all time Hype Man—
Bobby Byrd
Listen to them James Brown records from the 60s—On Sex Machine–he’s the guy sayin’

172 kata lagi

Says who?

This is a common grammatical mistake on yahoo.com, says blogger:

One of two words is wrong in that teaser, but which one? The hapless reader doesn’t know if one official or multiple official made a statement. Sad.


Warning: Profanity ahead

Warning: This headline from Yahoo News contains content unsuitable for children:

Lots of news outlets are now including the profane words of America’s current president, as if it were acceptable speech. 41 kata lagi


A Plethora of helpful links

Plethora is such a fun word.

Greetings from the too-long-unheard-from, humblegenealogist~

Yes, I am still here and busy searching and doing research. BTW (By The Way) : 1.206 kata lagi


Three Sets of Troublesome Words

Probably everyone who ever wrote anything has some words they find troublesome. Here are a few that many people struggle with.

  1.  passed or past

Passed… 397 kata lagi


JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 8 - DAY 13 :: oh, joy the verb?


As the year moves forward and my promise to focus on JOY takes hold… I am wondering when joy is more of a verb and an action. 79 kata lagi