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Quotes & Commentary #7: Bill Bryson

We are astoundingly, sumptuously, radiantly ignorant of life beneath the seas.

—Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

I originally wrote down this quote because it was an excellent illustration of Bryson’s excellent prose.

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Quotes And Commentary

Neither writer nor editor

Over at Yahoo! Style, neither the writer nor the editor has spotted this grammatical goof:

When two words are joined by neither…nor, the verb must agree with the word closer to it, which in this case is the singular… 8 kata lagi


Play! by Sephora October 2016

Beauties; I have for you, the Play! by Sephora subscription box!   This is a monthly beauty product sampling subscriptions with a different theme or focus each month.   998 kata lagi

None For You!

In an effort to stave off the dumbing down of the English language, today’s The Weight of Words focuses on the versatile word none. 291 kata lagi

Writing Toolbox


Now, Let’s talk about the type of verbs with Ms. Monserrat. The types of verbs are Stative, Dynamic, Finite and Nonfinite verbs, and Regular and Irregular verbs. 213 kata lagi


Tip 51. Remember that waking up is hard to do in Brazil: Acordar doesn’t always mean what you think...

When Portuñol speakers try to communicate with Brazilians, they often get a confused look when they unwittingly use a Spanish word that has a similar-sounding equivalent in Portuguese. 152 kata lagi


Spanishing in Valladolid - Week 2 DESCUBRIR

Spain celebrated her national holiday Fiesta Nacional de España on 12 October – the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s first arrival in the Americas, the discovery of the New World and the spread of the Spanish empire. 331 kata lagi