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Every sentence must contain S and V !!

Please see this example:

Without a doubt, is very important to study through the term rather than trying to cram at the end. 699 kata lagi


Problem With Verb

Verb harus agree dengan konteks kalimat sesuai waktu dan siapa yang melakukan atau menerima action. Bentuk verb dalam konstruksi kalimat dibangun menggunakan suatu auxilary. Auxilary adalah helping word misal be, have, do. 2.071 kata lagi


advise, suggest, recommend

These sentences have same meaning:

(a) Ed advised me to call a doctor.

(b) Ed advised calling a doctor.

When advise is followed by a pronoun object (eg me), use to infinitive. 277 kata lagi


be supposed to

Mike is supposed to call me tomorrow

idea: I expect Mike to call me tomorrow

be supposed to is used to talk about an activity or event that is expected to occur. 387 kata lagi


재채기 (jaechaegi) [Word of the Day]


So maybe this isn’t the verb form of this word, but it is a verb and it’s one that you’ll probably use at least once in a day. 49 kata lagi

Word Of The Day

Going Down?

The other day I was walking in town and I passed a billboard with some admonishments to passersby on how to stay healthy. One thing “fun” about Moldova is that a huge percentage of billboards are used by the government, governmental agencies, or foreign NGOs to broadcast helpful information. 1.095 kata lagi