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To keep your hand in

Yesterday I went to our regular French-Russian meeting, where we chat – in Russian, French and English – with fellow translators who work in these language pairs. 248 more words

Words And Expressions

Japanese verb 切る and related expressions

The Japanese verb 切る, pronounced “kiru”, is one of the verbs typically introduced in basic level Japanese textbooks. This is because it is an example of verb that end sin ‘iru’ but is… 414 more words


Who was the bomber

Is this as confusing to you as it is to me? This headline on the Yahoo! front page has me wondering: Was the mosque bomber a Shiite or did the bomber attack a Shiite mosque? 35 more words




  1. To strip off the skin of.
  2. To scold or criticize harshly.
  3. To whip or lash.
  1. The nurse began to flay the remaining adhesive on his arm.
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remonstrate–verb: to speak or complain in opposition or protest.

Mary remonstrated that her curfew was too early.


Verbs - Transitive and Intransitive

Happy Saturday! I have decided to kick off my grammar posts with an explanation of transitive and intransitive verbs – and I’ll make it as exciting as I can. 229 more words

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