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Saturday Synopsis

My mother’s rule became sacrosanct: I needed to be home before midnight.

Fans spilled into the streets to boast and roister after the championship. 49 more words


Present Continuous - Prezentul continuu


Afirmativ – You are playing tennis    

Interogativ – Are you playing tennis  

Negativ – You are not playing tennis. 290 more words


63- guardo - watch - 看

(Cute image for today<3)

Nothing really special to say about this word…
Actually for us who use Mandarin as our first language has trouble to tell ‘look’, ‘see’ and ‘watch’ when we learn English. 84 more words



fulminate–verb: to vehemently denounce or express criticism or protest.

Mrs. Saunders fulminated against the incomprehensible tax code.


Let's get it right

Let’s get this straight: There’s a time when there should be an apostrophe in let’s, but this from Yahoo! Style isn’t one of them: 10 more words


Writing as if it were correct

The editor for Yahoo! News must have read this and treated the verb was as if it were correct:

It is not. The statement of something that is not factual requires the subjunctive mood. 37 more words



roister–verb: to engage in noisy merrymaking.

My cross wife opened the door when I returned from a night spent roistering with pals.