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Let's Talk About: Conjugations

When learning Spanish, I have come to realize that you cannot really learn it unless you learn about conjugations – it makes a WORLD of a difference and helps most things actually make sense. 667 kata lagi


Beauty Favorites for the Month of August 💕

Hi Loves,

I am most defiantly obsessed with makeup. Every waking hour if I'm not either working or taking care of my boys I am watching makeup tutorials. 886 kata lagi


Mermaid Hair Doesn't Have To End At The beach

Anyone in NYC can agree that this summer has not been the best beach weather and when it was heat wave status , well I was interning on a nine to five basis . 644 kata lagi

We need to talk about 'TER'

This verb of the second conjugation (-er stem) mainly expresses the idea of possession, but there is more:

  • saying ages;
  • the notion of existence (just like ‘há’ …
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Bitesized Blog | Subject Verb Object Part 2

If you missed the first part, it’s here Bitesized Blog | Subject Verb Object Part 1, and we’ll continue on with the next three. We’ve got a wonderful selection ahead of us; either directly dealing with, or the contemplation of, time passing and death. 659 kata lagi


Is there or is there not?

The notion of existence is expressed in Portuguese by the term ‘há’. It’s curious that many Brazilians can find it problematic simply because ‘há’ NEVER goes to plural, unlike essentially all the other verbs. 245 kata lagi



We humans – sometimes – like to keep it simple, so all languages have those ready-to-go expressions designed for specific situations. It saves us time and effort; besides it can protect us from misunderstandings or awkward moments. 267 kata lagi