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Will:Week Thirty Five of My Fifty Two Weeks Journey with the Letter " W"

English is somewhat funny and ambiguous language.  Same word can be noun, pronoun or verb on its different avatar. I do not even go into the way it is spoken or spelled by people in either side of the pond.   346 kata lagi

Journey With "W"


To calm, to satisfy – calmar, apaciguar, tranquilizar.

It is difficult to appease toddlers when they are having a tantrum.


Parts of Speech: Verb

Parts of speech contains words that have distinctive meanings and functions that, together, makes a sentence clear. There are 8 parts of speech in the English grammar and are as follows: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction, preposition, and interjection. 172 kata lagi

How to Deal with Postpartum Hair Loss and Re-Growth Tips

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After I had my son about 4 months in I started losing an obscene amount of hair. I was so worried that my hair wasn’t going to grow back and even more I was concerned about what to do with it when going to work or anywhere out in public. 487 kata lagi


To draw or bring out or forth, bring to light – Sonsacar, obtener

The teacher tried to elicit the right answer from the students.

Make someone talk – sonsacar… 13 kata lagi


User Stories Are All About Verbs

User stories can be a very useful tool for articulating the user’s perspective and intentions.

They help us understand how the users encounter their problems, as well as how a potential solution may solve them. 129 kata lagi

Interaction Design



Here we go with Verbs with Ms. Darlene! According to her, Verbs are words that expresses time while showing actions. She talked about Action verbs, Linking verbs, Intransitive verbs and Transitive verbs. 166 kata lagi