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Verb (Videos)

Minu lemmikvideod Youtube-st/
unregelmä.ge Verben/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxvyUvD9e7Y

Trennbare Verben (Tagesablauf)/ 

Untrennbare Verben/ 

Parfekt und Präteritum (Teil I)/ 

Perfekt und Präteritum (Teil II)/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asYc7Z7CyaM&list=PLlGpmm3wJaWihEUhG_z7JDRAT4Rl8qrRM&index=2… 72 kata lagi



Im Altertum waren die Katzen als Götter verehren;
das haben sie nie vergessen.


ReedOn's word of the day: water

Word of the day: to nurture growth

Definition: You can’t expect to grow a garden and not water, success is the same – tjreed

Usage: I’ve developed various levels of connection between my characters, I want their relationships to be dynamic and evolving   – tjreed… 61 kata lagi


A Brand New Verb

There’s a new verb to add to your lexicon. I found out about it this morning while reading my iPhone’s news feed. The verb is “phubbing.” 259 kata lagi


The Definition of Ignite

The Definition of Ignite

Ignite, verb:
render luminous by heat,
breathe wildfires of fog
onto windowpanes
and write ballads on the glass.

Ignited, adjective: 150 kata lagi