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Day 1 : What Is Grace ?

If you were to google “What is Grace”, you may be surprised to learn that grace is both a noun and a verb. I find this interesting because as we go through life it’s easy to think of grace as a noun, but how often do we as Christians make grace a verb in our lives? 631 kata lagi


빌릴 (billil) | [Word of the Day]


Today’s word is another verb. This time I am absolutely positive that this is not a repeat word! I worked super hard to find another word to use so here goes. 37 kata lagi

Word Of The Day

Site util pentru studiu

exerciţii – gramatică, citit, fonetică, ascultat


Learning English ESL

Neither is singular

The writer and editor for Yahoo! Sports gave this sentence the thumbs-up. But neither was correct:

As a pronoun, neither is singular.


Did you really mean to write did?

I’m fatally unhip and tragically pop-culturally challenged, so maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this headline on the home page of Yahoo! Beauty isn’t a sign of the apocalypse; maybe it’s just a sign of current slang: 82 kata lagi


Word of the Day

Word of the Day: Impgnorate


Definition: (v)


1) to pawn or mortgage something

Word to the Wise: baffle

baffle (verb) – confuse, be or make unable to understand

baffled/baffling (adjective) – confused/confusing, unable to understand

Examples of how you can use baffle: 92 kata lagi