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ICU Day 21 - Setback

Last evening Rachana was battling a few issues; she had a fever that was almost at 103, had a bloated stomach, and her hemoglobin was at 6.8. 383 kata lagi


Chapter 9 - Red-handed

Only my mom could make me feel guilty. Guilty of what? Of being happy?

I had been so happy concentrating on a task and learning a new skill as my husband and the speech therapists cheered me on. 3.014 kata lagi

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ICU Day 18 - Spontaneous Breathing Trial

This is the ventilator that has been supporting Rachana’s lungs since Oct 6th. My reaction on most medical procedures and equipment usually starts with ‘It’s wonderful that they can do that’, but after a few days of watching it, sometimes my reaction changes to ‘This thing can get better. 223 kata lagi


Medical Errors in Manuscripts: People on a Vent Cannot Speak

Last post I posed a medical question. Why are there white stripes on IV catheters? Answer: If the catheter is lost in the patient, you can find it on x-ray. 308 kata lagi

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ICU Day 16 - Scary 15 minutes

The day was moving quite well till around 6pm. Two nurses were cleaning and repositioning her when suddenly the ventilator started beeping  a little more than usual. 403 kata lagi


ICU Day 15 - Slow but steady progress

For those who are reading these everyday and wondering where Day 14 went, I can understand the anxiety of not getting updates during these times, my bad. 318 kata lagi


Chapter 8 - Sip-and-Puff

“Hi, Diana Laska?” a new face presented itself in my line of sight on the left side of my bed. She was my age with a cloud of tight, shiny auburn curls and green eyes. 2.149 kata lagi

Axel Dreams