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Two Gang Members Talk About Kendrick's Impact On Unity Through Music and His Shoe

About a week ago, news started to circulate that Kendrick Lamar would release his first sneakers under Reebok. The shoes’ message was to unite both Bloods and Krypts together through a unique color way that includes both red and blue, the main colors for both gangs. 39 kata lagi



Shower Curtain by Mette Ditmer
Simple, honest, clean: the three pillars of Scandinavian design also happen to be exactly the way you want your home. 537 kata lagi


Article of the Week - Tidal Volume and ARDs

This article is the first in our annual series of weekly articles which will be distributed both via email and on the website here as blog posts. 139 kata lagi


Kudos To Kendrick Lamar!!! New Reebok Release Date Set [video]

Kendrick Lamar continues to make good business moves! Last year he entered a partnership with Reebok. July 18th is set to be the “Ventilator” release date. 77 kata lagi

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Reebok & Kendrick Lamar Team For Ventilator Promoting Gang Peace

Compton, Calif., rap superstar Kendrick Lamar has frequently addressed his hometown’s gang culture in his music. His first footwear collaboration with Reebok will do the same. 260 kata lagi

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Sneakernews : the Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Ventilator

As a social commentary on the gang violence between the notorious Crips and Bloods of Kendrick’s native Los Angeles, his Ventilator aims to unite the streets with the cream suede shoe’s blue accents on one shoe and red accents on the other. 17 kata lagi