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Ventamatic VX SOLAR PANEL 12.6-Watt 18-Volt Multi-Crystal Solar Panel Attic Ventilator

Additional solar panels will increase the CFM’s of your fan No energy costs High impact tempered cell casing to resist hail, flying debris and impacting winds 25-Feet power cord connects directly to solar power vent or to additional solar panel No wiring to AC main power source Product
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Saving Sharmila

Hi Friends,

I am Sravanthi, sister of Kota Sharmila. She got effected by GBS( and is fighting for her life in Trust Hospitals, Sarpavaram, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India. 342 kata lagi


better halves

ventilation for duisburg

duisburg, landschaftspark nord, december 2015


Insurance and nursing, oh my!

Liam qualifies for Medicaid because of the amount of medical bills he acquired during his three month hospital stay and the amount of doctors appointments we have monthly. 1.258 kata lagi

Reebok Classic SS16 Preview

It was a refreshing email to receive. The invitation to preview the Reebok Classic Spring/Summer collection for 2016 was unanticipated and definitely welcome. For a change, I had absolutely no idea what to expect at the event, since Reebok was the brand to best occupy the wild card spot in my appreciation of sneakers. 172 kata lagi


My Christmas Heartache 

I’m sitting in my living room, looking at my Christmas tree and listening to my kids playing together. All of the happiness surrounding me, and and I’m doing every thing I can to hold back the sobs. 257 kata lagi



Crate and Barrel

Carter pitcher

Ice bucket

Stadler Form


Clarus Brass Display Boxes

Dunn Pendant – Crate and Barrel