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Bath time

It’s evening here on a cold winters night, goosebumps covering my pale skin. The only solution was a relaxing bath to not only try and bring some warmth to my limbs but also relax after a long day. 280 kata lagi

Last Night

The night started out like any other night. I was laying limp in our bed, my weak body propped up with pillows and blankets. My wrists were curled and fingers scrunched up in paralysed fists, tucked into my chest as it lifted and fell with the timing of my ventilator. 185 kata lagi

Oaklands: Part 1

I sat with my hands under my thighs, sandwiched between my mum and dad, on the stiff plastic seats outside Dr Novac’s office. There was a clock on the wall and I watched the second hand twitch slowly around the face. 2.934 kata lagi


Reebok X Yeka Haski Collaboration


I received parcel from ASOS this Tuesday. I opened it immediately after I got it.


Reebok shoe box. I really can’t wait to wear my new trainers. 183 kata lagi

Shopping + Unbox

A PICU christening

We have arranged with the hospital chaplain to get our baby son christened before his surgery.

It is odd, when you need to check with a virtual stranger, if it would be ok to get your child christened.

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Cam'ron and Reebok team up for a "Purple Haze" Ventilator Supreme

Tomorrow, Reebok will be releasing a limited Ventilator Supreme in collaboration with well-known rapper, Cam’ron.  The shoe sports a Purple Haze-themed colorway, and includes an insole of the iconic photo of Cam rocking a pink fur jacket while talking on a pink cell phone.   12 kata lagi