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Chapter 5 - Family Time

It was after a big family dinner. The table had been cleared of dinner dishes, serving platters, and salad bowls. Napkins and half-filled wine glasses were still on the festive table cloth. 3.130 kata lagi

Axel Dreams

O-Two E-Series Ventilators, Available at QuadMed!

The e-Series Ventilators from O-Two simply cannot be compared to any other ventilators on the market. The e-Series requires very minimal control adjustments during the patient setup process, which allows medical responders to initiate patient resuscitation faster than ever. 494 kata lagi

Capnography in Emergency Medicine

Capnographs measure the concentration of carbon dioxide at the end of each exhaled breath – defined as end-tidal CO2. Read about capnography in emergency medicine… 21 kata lagi



Hope Seth Andersson, Ann Rigstrand

Dyson v6 total clean

Kenwood Blend-X Pro

Bowl table lamp by New Works is designer Knut Bendik Humlevik‘s modern interpretation of old lanterns. 93 kata lagi


Chapter 4 - Reunion

I woke up to a new view. I was lying on my right side with 3 people working to position me, keep all of my tubes in order, and take care of business on my backside. 2.826 kata lagi

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dyson am03

Kelvin by Flos

Kenwood KMix

Philips  Senseo Twist & Milk


Chapter 3 - Seeing is Believing

I relaxed my eyelids and the muscles of my face, summoning up the courage to open my eyes. Reflexively I tried to take slow, deep breaths as I would have done before the accident to calm and center myself before doing something challenging. 2.177 kata lagi

Axel Dreams