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UAE based Indian teen Kehkashan Basu wins Children's Peace Prize

పదహారేళ్లకే ప్రకృతితో మమేకమైంది..

చిన్న వయసులోనే సమాజం గురించి ఆలోచించే వారి సంఖ్య చాలా తక్కువనే చెప్పుకోవచ్చు. ఆ కొద్దిమందిలోనే ఒకరు ‘కెకషన్ బసు’…continue

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Episode 13: The Ventilator — phemcast

Ventilation – a dark art. Difficult to be a master, easy to be average (or terrible)! This is “part 1”, which includes some of the basic (and not very basic) concepts behind ventilation.

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ICU Day 64 - Keep going?

This week was rough for Rachana with two incidences of left lung collapse, and she is having a tough time recovering from them.

Early in the week she was more awake and comfortable and also did two breathing trials for an hour each on consecutive days. 469 kata lagi


ICU Day 50 - Stable but critical

50 days in the ICU, in one room, on one bed, and barely moving a few inches – let that sink in……….. well, the reality is much more difficult than what you perhaps imagined. 447 kata lagi


Petrina D’Rozario appointed as the COO of Purple Pebble Pictures

Purple Pebble Pictures announced the appointment of Petrina D’rozario as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Purple Pebble Pictures is a production house set up by… 507 kata lagi

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