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Baked Green Tomatoes

I bought some beautiful green tomatoes the other day at the farmer’s market. I almost forgot that I had them but I noticed them today. They started turning a little pink, oh no!Gotta use them up! 205 kata lagi


Build-Ahead Breakfast

Mornings are crazy enough without having to worry about making a hearty breakfast and packing a bagged lunch. Take one piece out of the equation with this fantastic wrap you can put together the night before. 112 kata lagi


Vegan Ranch Dressing

Run out of ranch? Don’t feel like leaving the house? It’s okay, none of us really WANT to. If you have all the basic herbs and spices, milk, mayo, and apple cider vinegar, then you can make your own dressing. 109 kata lagi

Seasonings & Dressings

Oyster Mushroom Meatball Pizza

When we were at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, the mushroom farmer was there. He had Lion’s Mane and Oyster mushrooms. This vegan pizza relies heavily on what we found at the Farmer’s Market, so feel free to substitute. 42 kata lagi

Main Dish

Five Tips for Eating Vegetarian or Vegan at Restaurants

I went vegetarian a little over two years ago and began transitioning into veganism at the beginning of this year. Thus, I have some experience attempting to order at establishments that aren’t strictly vegetarian or vegan, and it’s not easy. 538 kata lagi


Roast Veggie Salad With AMAZING Cumin Citrus Dressing

Last week’s sales included lots of fall veggies, and the weather turned cool and rainy after a long dry spell. Yay! A perfect opportunity to take a break from my regular leafy green big salads and make a big mess of roasted veggie meals- here’s how you can too: 611 kata lagi