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Episode 365 [Running Man]

This third review is about an episode from a variety show that I love ! I got delayed in the eps of RM as I was traveling (and studying). 194 kata lagi

Running Man

VS Arashi 2017.10.12: highlights

VS Arashi is a game show that Arashi hosts and plays as the home team against a guest team on Thursdays. Most of the time, five members of Arashi are a team with one to two Plus-Ones, though occasionally one of them will move over to the away team to promote his acting project. 1.906 kata lagi


Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Magical Properties of the Humble Park Bench

Park benches are not widely seen here on Mars, though reminiscing certainly is. We all wonder about our next trip off-world, as it were. And then we realise how lucky we are to be here away from the maddening crowds of pollies, and bullies, and liars and baying hounds (that last one is for the feline among us). 31 kata lagi


[DL ENGSUB] [171007] HYOYEON & SUNNY @ Battle Trip EP 71


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Acts Needed for the Honors Variety Show

Would you like to perform in the Honors Variety Show? The variety show is a talent show that can include many different types of acts, like America’s Got Talent. 59 kata lagi


Getting Pranked! 50 Central on BET

If you haven’t seen the show ’50 Central’ you’ve got to check it out! It’s a new variety comedy show on BET, hosted by 50 Cent. 44 kata lagi

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Moai McMoaiface - Mystery or Just Another Sculpting Cult With Obsessive-Compulsive Issues

The Moai are one of my favourite mysteries of the world – if only we had some here on Mars – or maybe we do – cue thrilling music with a little vibrato.   97 kata lagi

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