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Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In Season 4 DVD Review

Season 4 of “Rowan And Martin’s Laugh-In” is strictly for fans of the series. 433 kata lagi

DVD Review

Last Cat On Mars Presents: Your Mobile Psycatrist #2 - Bumbling Bees

Did you know that the humble bumbling bee is a threatened species? Well, it is. Read this very interesting article from the Climate Institute about the 20,000 or so bee species on Earth and tell me it isn’t important that we care for Mzzzzz Janice Flybeewaxy’s mental health? 17 kata lagi


Merasa Jago Bahasa Korea? Yuk Buktikan dengan Permainan-Permainan ini!

Untuk orang-orang yang senang menonton variety show Korea, pasti tidak asing dengan beberapa permainan kata yang sering dimainkan oleh host-host program tersebut. Meski mereka sendiri adalah orang Korea, untuk memenangkan permainan ternyata tersebut tidak semudah yang dibayangkan. 305 kata lagi


"In Her Netflix Show, Michelle Wolf Gives Us A 'Break' From All This News"

I’m interested in seeing how The Break with Michelle Wolf picks up in quality, but really, I’m interested in learning how many people actually tune in to watch it. 294 kata lagi


St. Ann's 8th Annual Variety Show

How about we take a break from the serious and have some fun? Attached are two videos, one of our Teen Club’s acts in our annual variety show, and the other is my mother’s and my act that we call “Mother and Father Carrozza” I hope you enjoy them!

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