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Modern acts of Feminism? (Remy Ma & Amber Rose)

On my ride to work, I was listening to Power 99 and a story about Remy Ma. In case you haven’t heard here’s a recap. 684 kata lagi

Inevitable Commitment

What a perfect place to be at. The room is dimly lit, orange light reflecting from the curtains that I am not familiar with. I get the feeling it’s a sunset, although it’s minutes past noon. 570 kata lagi


Forlorn Angina

Pain is a professor

In a class I know all too well

My heart is aching today

Bleeding out through my vagina

My thoughts…are the compressor… 29 kata lagi


How High Is Your V.I.Q. (Vaginal Intelligence Quotient)?

Andrew Siegel MD  6/17/2017

You may know your I.Q., but do you know your V.I.Q.?  Let’s begin with a test of your knowledge of lady parts and determine your “Vaginal Intelligence Quotient” or V.I.Q.   1.350 kata lagi

Andrew Siegel MD


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A few years ago, The L Word came up with a fantastic episode where they began to discuss alternate words for THE VAGINA!  1.453 kata lagi


My Opinion On The Diva Cup

      Now that my period is almost over I’m finally going to write this post about my diva cup. This is my second cycle where I used my diva cup and I have a more of a feel of how it works and all of that. 461 kata lagi

6 insecurities that are actually super sexy

Sex requires getting naked and being vulnerable with another human being (or multiple beings if that’s what you’re into.) Bearing everything can be a fun yet intimidating experience. 1.054 kata lagi