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Labia Plasty 

I’ve thought about this surgery for years. It’s always been on my mind … Am I normal? Do other girls bodies look this way? Why does my vagina look different from everyone else’s ? 362 more words

When I saw my dilators for the first time.


Mayo es para principiantes

Dicen que Mayo es el mes de la masturbación. Yo digo que la masturbación es asunto de TODOS los días.


I Don't Care For Your Motorcycle...

Short rant today. And yes, it is a rant…

It really has gotten to a point that whenever I look at a man’s dating profile, if he has a photo of himself with a motorcycle – I reject him. 74 more words

Online Dating

Cunt Pussy Twat: What’s in a name?

The female reproductive organ (aka the vagina) has a lot of nicknames. Perhaps the most popular of these alternate names are “cunt”, “pussy”, and “twat.” Readers and writers of erotica and erotic romance tend to have their favorites with regard to the human vagina. 701 more words

Jayne Marlowe