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Anand Express, Bad Biryani-Lost in Translation

Anand Express –Bad rice does not make a good Biryani!

(Ostrich Boys-’Lost in Translation actually’)–

                                      Sunday at St. Andrews 25th June 2017

There are lazy people like me who ponder upon the futility of all endeavour. 285 kata lagi

Feminist vs Loose Vagina

As someone who works in hospital and happens to know few things about women’s private part both from medical point of view, as well as through personal experience. 1.453 kata lagi

How to fuck girls: advice I'd have given a younger brother had I ever had one.

  1. The longer you wait to even kiss her, the more likely she’ll let you do anything.
  2. When you don’t know what to be, don’t be what you think she wants you to be, just be honest.
  3. 195 kata lagi

School of Vagina Wizardry.

Well, howdy do.

I’ve come back from overseas. That’s right, I went somewhere other than to my fridge! I know, I’m as impressed as you are. 764 kata lagi

Modern acts of Feminism? (Remy Ma & Amber Rose)

On my ride to work, I was listening to Power 99 and a story about Remy Ma. In case you haven’t heard here’s a recap. 684 kata lagi

Inevitable Commitment

What a perfect place to be at. The room is dimly lit, orange light reflecting from the curtains that I am not familiar with. I get the feeling it’s a sunset, although it’s minutes past noon. 570 kata lagi