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Tight panties? Dangerous to health. How?

First, tight briefs disrupt the lymphatic system, which removes wastes and toxins from the entire body, and causes wastes and toxins not to be properly removed from the body. 402 kata lagi

Well Hello Clit.

“There ya go sport, well done. You did it!”

Yes, I talk to it like it’s detached. I ‘ll have conversations with it, teasing it to talk back. 1.262 kata lagi


Nobody Gets Jeremy's Econ Humor

It’s hard being an Economics PhD student in a family of people who don’t know things.


Haiku Duology, Why Is Everyone Afraid Of Lady Parts?


“Teacher fired for – saying vagina in class – on Georgia O’Keeffe”

“Flowers, vaginas – or abstract designs; Georgia – O’Keeffe’s enigma”

Your penis defines the shape of my vagina.

Your penis defines the shape of my vagina.(Picture: Nasstoys The Geisha Tight Stroker; Nasstoys The Geisha Doggie Style Stroker)


So Ridiculous: Mich. Middle School Fires Substitute Teacher For Using The Word 'Vagina'

Middle school was some bull shit for me, so I don’t remember a lot about the classes that I took while I was there. On purpose. 960 kata lagi