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Which Menstrual Cup is Right for YOU?

A few days ago I wrote a post about having an eco-menses.  All of the products that I recommended are based on my personal experience.  Not everything that works for me is going to work for you.   110 more words

Self Love

Feminine Hygiene Could Start Smelling Like Peaches

Have you ever wished that your vagina smelled like fruit?

Probably not, but good news is, within the near future, products coming out on the market very well may allow you to target your genital area and leave it smelling like peaches.   244 more words

Man Super Glues Wives "Lady Part" Because He Thought She Was Cheating

This story is crazy.

This attack happened back in 2013, but just surfaced this week after she told her story to the African news.

According to the women, her husband had become convinced she was sleeping with her own uncle. 45 more words


Researcher Makes Yogurt From The Bacteria in Her Vagina

We’ve heard about the woman who knitted things with yarn she had in her vagina, but now, a researcher has decided to make yogurt from the bacteria in her vagina. 207 more words


Learning About Sex And Ladybug Vaginas

I learned the facts of life when I was nine years old. I was just getting over the trauma of learning that there was no Santa Claus, when I was hit on the head with this horror story as told by my friend, Susan. 742 more words