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I worked with pets, mostly cats and dogs, for close to four and a half years. We had to do full body checks when they first arrived at the boarding facility, so anuses and (dog) penises became regular sightings for me. 217 kata lagi


Alat Bantu Sex Pria Dewasa Vagina Pantat Nungging Getar Silikon Elektrik

Vagina Getar Pantat Nungging sebuah produk alat bantu sex hadir dengan bentuk lebih unik juga lebih canggih, boneka silikon berbentuk pantat wanita harga murah dengan dua kaki ketika dilihat dari belakang dalam posisi nungging ini lebih mengundang rangsangan bagi pria ditambah lagi bentuk vagina nya memang sangat montok juga bulu bulu halus pada tepi vagina serta adanya lubang anal yg tentunya sangat cocok bagi lelaki suka melakukan sodomi saat berhubungan seks . 523 kata lagi

Alat Bantu Sex

This is the non-surgical vaginal treatment that could change your sex life

Read more at http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/life/vaginal-laxity-476422#WiLcuhrFlebUkvpK.99

By Delphine Chui April 26, 2017

We ask the experts

If you’re not sure what this treatment is (like we were, too), let Dr Sabika Karim, Cosmetic Physician at Revere Clinic answer all the questions you never knew you had… 761 kata lagi


Q&A: There is a small pimple type lump by my vagina. I have attached a closeup image. Only view if necessary. Should I be concerned?

The light is not helping, but I see a different skin structure on that side too. I suggest you to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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What Do You Know About a Woman’s Sexuality?


Would you believe me if I told you that most young women know much more about the male penis then they do about their very own vagina? 166 kata lagi

Sex after Cancer

You can ReBOOT post cancer

Learning how to embrace your post-cancer body is new and figuring out how to adjust is a challenge. It takes adults years to be self confident right? 487 kata lagi