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I Hate This Body 

I hate this body. I hate it but not in the sense that I’m not comfortable in my own skin. Not in the self-loathing, insecure, human ‘I’m so fat & ugly’ way. 200 kata lagi

The Period Taboo

By: Madelyn Starritt

Recently, I talked about the company Thinx and all they do and reviewed one of their products, the period underwear. I want to continue this conversation and talk about periods. 827 kata lagi


Who says Vaginas Can't be beautiful?

02/21/2017 11:48 am ET

Artist’s Unapologetic Vagina Paintings Are A Force Of Body Positivity

Jacqueline Secor painted her way to self-love, one vulva at a time.

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News of the absurd: Vagina glue

So, I am looking at headlines today and I saw something that caught my eye.

No, Gluing Your Labia Shut Will Not Stop Period Leaks…

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Pussies, Vajayays and Yonis, oh my!

Euphemisms, Confusions and Misconceptions

When it comes to identifying and understanding the anatomy of the uterine system* it seems that many of us cannot tell our yonis from our vajayjays and our vajayjays from our pussies. 2.043 kata lagi

Self Care

A Vagina Monologue

I recently read Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues and I would recommend it to anyone interested in female liberation and, I suppose, anatomy. One of the most impressive features of the Vagina Monologues is its longevity. 778 kata lagi