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Assertion on Colloquial Terms for Vagina

*I must warn this article is raunchy but nevertheless of the utmost importance.

Today, a friend and I were having a conversation that seemed to whirl around and down to the Duchess of Cambridge, for lack of a better term. 389 kata lagi

Bio/Health Rant

You & Me

Start it off slow
I want to feel every inch
It continues to grow
And its making me flinch

Knees to my chest
Your ears touch my toes… 111 kata lagi


How to Menstruate on an Overnight Bus

Ladies, life is a highway. And I want to BLEED ON IT all night long.

I know this may seem like a fairly simple process…you do this every month…but there are several things you really want to consider before deciding ( it’s a choice now, don’t ya know) to lady-time it up on a long-haul trip. 1.599 kata lagi


Guard your Condoms With Your Life

Hey Pussies,

I mentioned a story about my condoms being stolen in my first post, and I figured I’d better elaborate.

Full disclosure: when I stepped on the plane to Lima, I was still a virgin. 851 kata lagi


A Somewhat Basic White Girl's Disclaimer

So, in line with attempting to be completely honest, I want to create a little disclaimer. I am a white, Jewish, hetero, cis-genter, on-the-cusp-of-millenial, flexitarian, I-guess-adult woman with a middle-class upbringing. 170 kata lagi


Honest Female Travel

Hello there, fellow Vaginas! Welcome to The Wandering Vag. This is my first ever post in my first ever blog. It is to be, a mission statement, if you will. 332 kata lagi