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Apparently I have an aggressive vagina...

Yes, a man I actually  like told me that a couple of weeks ago (I think I will just call him Mr. Hot). It would appear that he either a) hasn’t had sex with a woman who actually does kegel exercises; or b) he sleeps with women who fake orgasms. 479 kata lagi

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The Weird and Wonderful World of Vulva Art

The vulva, for those of you who do not know, is the entire external female genitalia and has been a source of artistic wonder and inspiration from as early as artistic wonder and inspiration were actually things we could do… other than just fuck and kill things. 153 kata lagi


Day 2 - I Want My Sex Back

Some days I ask myself whether the world is full of shitty little people or I simply make shitty little decisions.  Here is my shitty story. 567 kata lagi


Penyebab Bau Pada Vagina

Sebagian wanita kerap kali merasa khawatir karena bau yang tidak sedap pada vagina. Pada wanita yang sehat, dalam konsistensi cairan vagina dapat bervariasi, bau dan warna sepanjang siklus menstruasi bulanan. 364 kata lagi


Having a vagina does not mean you know more about my baby than I do…

Separation anxiety was something that I never thought our baby would suffer from because since his birth both my wife and I have made a conscious effort to pass him around to anyone and everyone who wanted a hold. 1.333 kata lagi

Banana & Pineapple Society (September 2015)

Confronting Biphobia & Celebrating Bisexuality
by Dave VanderPol

In case you were unaware, I’m a card carrying bisexual. OK, I don’t actually have a “Bisexual Card” per se, but the day that I first experienced the inside of a vagina (TMI?) happened to be the same day my Bisexual Pride wristband arrived in the mail. 794 kata lagi


The Things We Put "Up There", Part I

By Fiona McMahon, DPT

This might seem like an odd topic to post about, but when you think about it, there seem to be more and more products on the market for you to use on or in your vagina. 1.367 kata lagi

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