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My Chastity Belt

When I first began taking my self-portraits last summer, I had every intention on making each one severely out of focus, then I thought, where is the skill in that?! 272 more words


Photos: Meet The Woman With 2 Vagina's. Mensurates Twice a Month

Cassandra Bankson a famous YouTube blogger has been living with a secret all her life.

In one of her vlogs, the model and YouTube star explained how she has two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteri — a condition called uterus didelphys 156 more words



So I saw a woman’s vagina on the subway today.

So i happen to go to the city for a drink with a friend. She was sitting across from me, had a sundress on and shifted her legs and HEY she’s not wearing any underwear. 62 more words

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Are 2 vaginas 1 too many? (or how it's a good idea to c(o)unt)

Yo yo yo, what up daaaawgggs? It’s all up here in ma hood – no surprises on dat one!

So it’s been a while since I was up in yo hood… I’d love to say the reason for ma absence is that… 334 more words

Ellagangsta Blog

Woma Reaveals She Has Two Vaginas , Two Wombs And Two Cervixes | Video and Photo

A California YouTube star who revealed she
has two vaginas — as well as two wombs and
two cervixes — detailed her condition in an… 281 more words

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