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Clique: (n) a narrow exclusive circle persons

Turns out, I have small hands.
According to the authorities in our political parties, that portends that I have a small penis–which means I cannot join the clique of the… 184 kata lagi

C Words

My Vaginismus & the Vaginismus Network #Periodically 23

I had a different blog planned for this week but after a rather special evening on Friday I’ve had a change of heart. Today I want to talk about something I’ve only touched upon before – Vaginismus.  1.382 kata lagi

Non-Fictitiously Hilary

Your Penis is too small!!

So my friend calls me in horror this evening. No hello. no nothing, she just goes: “Booongi! it’s so small! he has such a small dick” I died of laughter. 1.139 kata lagi

15 Unknown Facts About Girls

Men and women are so different but still can’t live without eachother.We are going to talk about random and unknown facts about women.

1 In average, women eat about 2-3 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime. 139 kata lagi


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Healthy And Beauty

Where does a woman's honour lie?

I’m compelled to write a post on this mainly because the honour of a lady is suddenly a commodity or an object that needs to be protected. 348 kata lagi


Questions about the female flower

Hello there my fellow bloggers! I challenge you to ask any questions about the female anatomy that you may have always been curious about but have never asked. 225 kata lagi