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Vagina Dentata

Even for a virgin, my vagina has been through a lot. I have yet to name my vagina, so you might as well get used the word, dear reader. 1.224 kata lagi


The kiss of temptation

The kiss of temptation

My mind rebels.

Your beauty I see.

A recognition of a curled lip

Biting the edge.

The ripping of clothes

Fire races. 448 kata lagi


This vagina laser will improve your sex life

A laser for your lady bits?

VSPOT, a ladies-only spa that recently opened on the Upper East Side, uses a new FDA-approved fractional CO2 laser, dubbed the “FemiLift,” to increase circulation and lubrication while tightening the area, all of which can improve a woman’s sex drive, according to VSPOT CEO Cindy Barshop. 138 kata lagi


Bathroom Bothers

A pack of girls enter the ladies room, and take up the stalls all around you.  The sounds of pants and panties being pulled down, maxi-pads being adjusted, and the overwhelmingly loud hissy sounds pouring out of teenage vaginas as the girls pee.  126 kata lagi



Good morning internet!!

Thanks to a 3am bladder call no going back to sleep for awhile. I sometimes think that wearing Depends at night would be kinda awesome. 772 kata lagi


Brandi Glanville -- Smelly Vagina Suit is Bogus ... It's in Joanna Krupa's Contract!


Brandi Glanville has another trick up her sleeve to get the smelly vagina lawsuit thrown out … she claims Joanna Krupa signed away her right to go after Brandi in court.  16 kata lagi


Jessica Biel Is Answering Questions About Her Lady Parts And She Has Absolutely No Filter

Jessica Biel teamed up with Funny Or Die, and the videos are hilarious.

They cover everything from IUD’s, the pill, and her super vagina. They are really funny. 46 kata lagi