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PSA: Your Vagina

The vagina… it’s a word that makes some people cower in embarrassment. It’s a topic that is taboo in some households. It has about twelve thousand other names like flower, hoo-haw, lady garden, nether region, kitty, cooch, muff, snatch, poon, honey pot, penis fly trap, twat, and my personal favorite…cunt… I love the nicknames. 816 kata lagi

Naked Tea Sipping

Toques: Ferramenta útil ou intervenção desnecessaria? / Vaginal exams: Useful tool or unnecessary intervention?

Inserir os dedos na vagina de uma mulher deve ser uma das formas mais íntimas ou invasivas de tocar o corpo de uma mulher. Ainda assim, este continua a ser o método mais utilizado para determinar a progressão do trabalho de parto. 1.221 kata lagi



Vatch- Vagina sketch.

Using Sketchpad 5.1.


Vutch- Vulva Sketch

Using Sketchpad 5.1

Something Fishy Going On.

There’s a problem that many women have. But nobody talks about it. Because we think we’re the only one with something fishy going on.

The symptoms – watery discharge, unpleasant odour, especially fishy after sex. 198 kata lagi

Bacterial Vaginosis

Say it like it is.

Say it like it is

SEX – now that I have your attention let’s talk about some Vocabulation.

It is now 2017 and there some important vocabularies that we still discuss in the darkness of the night, with whispers and code-words like if we said it out loud a nuclear explosion will take place or the aliens will invade OR it will be the end of humanity as we know it. 440 kata lagi


I hope whoever you are, wherever, when, and how . . . you are loving yourself.