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Mujer manda foto de su vagina a varios hombres sin que se la pidan; Este es el resultado

La mayoría de las mujeres que usan apps para citas han recibido fotos de penes de extraños en algún punto de su vida en línea sin que se las pidan; esto se debe a en parte, la gran mayoría de las mujeres no les gusta recibir este tipo de fotos, mientras que los hombres lo hacen para estimular visualmente a la otra persona y así llegar al sexo más rápido. 270 kata lagi


The Vagina Upstairs

A long time ago I lived in a two-story share house.  It was a cramped hovel with shared facilities and strictly enforced shower times.  Such is the poverty of the… 972 kata lagi


15 Really Interesting Facts That'll Blow Your Mind

1. Signs such as those that state “Not Responsible for Your Car or Its Contents” carry no weight in court; they are posted simply to discourage people from pursuing any legal action”.  594 kata lagi


I've Got an Itch to Scratch

Sometimes it’s a yeast infection. Sometimes it’s that third day after you shave all of the pubic hair off your vulva, as we’ve been conditioned to think is sexy; you know, that third day when the hairs are sharp but short and one hair from one side is poking the other side and it hurts? 705 kata lagi



I’d like to think there’s a lot more to me than just my vagina titties lips and ass.

Weekly Wonderings #19: on the Vaginal Wash

There are some things in life that are just to be expected. Low cost airline flights will be delayed, no taxi driver will understand you when you try to pronounce addresses in broken Vietnamese, your takeaway order will always take longer than you want it to (I want it in <5 mins so I get it, that’s a bit unrealistic), and if you go to a Vietnamese gynaecologist, you’ll leave with a bottle of genital wash. 980 kata lagi

Weekly Wonderings