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Dia Ingin Aku Foto Telanjang

Tubuh itu ibarat sebuah rumah dimana jiwa kita berdiam di dunia ini. Kita hadir di dunia karena kita mempunyai tubuh. Dengan demikian segala tindakan kita menjadi lebih nyata di dunia ini karena kita mempunyai tubuh.   511 kata lagi


Per Abuis Muis

Met arme Margaret van Wyk se koek op almal se lippe (excuse the pun) het ek gedink ek wil darem ook my sê hê. Ja, die land gons oor haar dons (of, “lack of”). 1.168 kata lagi


the 'V' word

“Because I have a vagina…”

… I am often molested when I’m only a little girl

… I am often kept uneducated and at home… 135 kata lagi


TOM maxipads claim to convert water to oxygen and hydrogen for vaginal health. As an OB/GYN I say that's a bad idea!

A new type of menstrual pad hopes to break into the American market. They are called TOM and that stands for either The Oxygen Movement or Time Of the Month depending I suppose on which demographic the company is trying to reach. 1.012 kata lagi

Lasso Of Truth

Yoni Powers: Fighting The Fish

Everyone has their own personal, unique odour, which is completely fine. The problem is when the smell becomes ‘offensive’. When your  fully clothed with your legs shut and the smell still manages to reach your nostrils. 932 kata lagi

Lady Bits

Let’s be honest about female anatomy!

This is the best place I can think of to start because it is very common for people to know surprisingly little about the female genitalia. 401 kata lagi