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It's OK to Wait for Sex After Baby

Hey there new parents: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

What are you doing to celebrate?  Dinner, a movie, snacks, cuddling and…. maybe having some sex?!

If you have JUST given birth, there is a good chance that sex is not on the menu this Valentine’s Day. 1.109 kata lagi

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: The Real Story?

So, if Jesus had a penis (see prior post here), then Mary had a vagina, right? Well, of course. And Joseph had a penis, too. 1.277 kata lagi


Lady rights in the restaurant industry

all women who have worked in the restaurant industry has a story. Of how some man harassed them. Whether it was explicit or subtle; men in power around food whip there dicks out(literally and figuratively). 508 kata lagi

Rough Sex

If you watch porn then you know how popular they are for hard thrusts, hair pulling, fingering at the speed of lightening and the girls coming over and over and over…yeah, that shit isn’t realistic. 300 kata lagi


Has Chivalry evolved or is it merely put… dead?

I am a pretty modern individual, but I have a lot of old fashion ways core values in me (Yes! I grew up with my grandmother). 1.029 kata lagi


We Need To Talk About My Vagina

I’ve read articles stating that as many as one in three women experience pain during sex. So I’m surprised, with a mum – who’s one of my best friends, two sisters and several over-sharing friends, that I’m the only one I know experiencing this. 647 kata lagi

Girl Talk

Ultra DNA New Male Sex Toys Sleeve Sensations Vagina Vibration Bullet Egg

1. Shape lifelike,sexy and attractive.
2. Make materials use the latest simulation material,soft tactility is exquisite,be full of flexibility, fully represent a real presence . 32 kata lagi