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Arnold Kegel’s Device—The Perineometer: Prototype Resistance Device

Andrew Siegel MD 7/23/16

Image above: Arnold Kegel’s perineometer

The pelvic floor muscles and vagina often become traumatized with the process of pregnancy, labor and vaginal delivery.   907 kata lagi

Andrew Siegel MD

A Watershed Moment

A woman’s visit to the gynecologist took a hairy turn the other day, courtesy of her pussycat.

Michelle Barrow is mother to cats Cricket and Donut, who, while cute, shed a torrent of hair all over the bed, and while unsightly, she never dreamt what would happen next.

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What The Hell?

Gwyneth Paltrow is still steaming her vagina for $wellness. She's still wrong. Here's why.

In an interview with The Cut non gynecologist, Gwyneth Paltrow extolled the virtues of “vagina” steaming for wellness or something called “swellness.”


It’s this abuse of the term wellness that bothers just as much as the idea of “vagina” steaming. 898 kata lagi


Blood Disposal

Everyone knows that disposable, packaged products are the bane of many environmentalists’ existence, and the reasons why landfills exist. Still, however, there are some places where many people make exceptions, mostly sexual health. 409 kata lagi

Environmental Studies Society

Women and the Plight of Pain

Does society ignore women’s pain? Do women ignore their own pain? This is a conversation that  I think warrants a discussion. There is an underlying theme that women should and will experience a great amount of pain at some point. 424 kata lagi


Aabab Vaginal Tightening Pills Review - What Makes This Product So Popular?

A woman with loose or sagged vagina will not be able to satisfy her husband. The partner will complain of lack of stimulation on a continuous basis. 499 kata lagi


Vaginal Tightening Pills Review - Tighten Vagina Without Surgery

Are you looking to tighten vagina without surgery? There are various reasons for having loose vagina. It may be childbirth, frequent masturbation, lack of exercise, menopause and aging. 497 kata lagi