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A Spot of Re-Arranging

While I am pretty happy with the level of organisation in our home, there are always little things that can be done to improve to make things work a little better. 380 kata lagi


Nightmare: The Vacuum and Horses

I’m in the middle of an open, ash forest.

It’s autumn.

It’s cold and damp.

In the misty distance I see a Victorian coach and horses. 232 kata lagi


Friday, finally!

I don’t know about you moms, but life definitely moves faster when you have kids.  I mean it’s already Friday again, it was just last Friday two blinks ago!?! 197 kata lagi


Achieve enlightenment and 100% vacuum cleaner coverage with this one incredible telescoping furniture leg tip!

The issue:

Both humans and automated vacuum cleaners (e.g. Roombas) find it inconvenient to operate a vacuum cleaner around furniture—specifically, no one wants to move extremely heavy furniture just to vacuum around the legs. 177 kata lagi


Reasons to Keep Your Car Clean, Always

Most of us car owners can be divided into three categories. The first of which, are the ones who love to drive. No matter what time of the day, or what day of the week, these enthusiasts are always up for a drive, and might also be secretly considering themselves worthy of pulling a drift or two on the racetrack. 353 kata lagi

Water Purifiers

A Man’s New Best Friend?

Let me tell you about my hardworking new companion.

Officially, iRobot refers to him as Model 690. I call him Roomby.

Roomby was a Christmas gift from my wife. 614 kata lagi