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De-Colonizing Your Mind

“Belief is something you turn to when you don’t know your authentic self”

What better way to control people than to make them sorry for being human? 395 kata lagi


Underwater trailer shows Kristen Stewart in deep-sea trouble

Watch Kristen Stewart in full action-survivor mode in the first trailer for her upcoming thriller Underwater.

The Twilight actress is one of a group of scientists who are trapped seven miles below the ocean’s surface after being attacked by … … 181 kata lagi


Exclusive first look at Kristen Stewart in action-thriller 'Underwater'

Soon after her big-screen turn as one of Charlie’s Angels, moviegoers will be able to catch Kristen Stewart not in the heavens, but the deep. 516 kata lagi


5 hidden costs in commercial laundry

This is the first of a 2-part series on understanding utility cost. For more information, email editor@isitcleanph.com

One of the big mistakes of owners and operators of commercial laundry is failing to understand their costs. 477 kata lagi

Business Strategy


The quality of being useful, or the degree to which something is useful. Old French “utilitei” < Latin “utilis” < “uti”=to use.


How to get news on Apple's latest updates, and updates to my apps

Following popular demand, I have added a system which automatically checks for updates when you open many of my free apps. This apparently works satisfactorily, judging by the lack of complaints about it, but isn’t efficient for some of my apps, like Alifix 1.0 which was officially released earlier this morning. 374 kata lagi


Sending a text message from SQL Server

You must have database mail enabled for this stored procedure to work.