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S4E03 XLEnt Software MegaFont II+ - Supplement


This episode features MegaFont II+, originally released in 1985 by XLEnt Software. It was written by Randy Dellinger and Richard Rognlie. This episode includes an interview with one of the authors – Randy Dellinger. 454 kata lagi


File Extensions Lists

Resource if you are trying to determine a file extension.


Also an utility that will try to identify file types:
(I have not tried it out yet, just noted here for reference) 20 kata lagi

Other Topics

The Long Grey Cardigan

Okay it’s getting freakin’ cold.  Every morning I experience the despair of choosing an outfit that makes me stylish or makes me into a monochrome marshmellow (I know, I know, #firstworldproblems): 476 kata lagi


The head of Puerto Rico's power utility resigns after the Whitefish debacle

(Source: www.vox.com)

The head of Puerto Rico’s public utility company, PREPA, resigned Friday afternoon following a series of blunders in the effort to restore Puerto Rico’s power grid. 576 kata lagi


Throwback Thursday: The WARN 800G Gasoline Winch

Did you know that in the 1960s–1970s, Warn offered a gasoline-powered capstan-style winch? No, it didn’t go on your truck, but it could be brought with you anywhere. 166 kata lagi


ScanDir beta 1.3.2 build 1113 is available

ScanDir beta 1.3.2 build 1113 can be downloaded for testing from the ScanDir website.

+ Fixed: Zoom floating preview image (instead of scrolling items); 35 kata lagi