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RoboForm 8 Feature Highlight: Security Center

This post is part of our RoboForm 8 Feature Highlight series.

We all use passwords for multiple situations every single day. From unlocking our computers and opening our email, to accessing our bank accounts, Facebook, and Twitter. 297 kata lagi


You have mail...

This is where it started.. one hour after opening my online dating account in my quest for a date I was inundated with messages, and also some feature that was called meet up: 171 kata lagi

Online Dating

Configure Roundcube Webmail to “remember” username in login form in Debian 8

Roundcube is very well made webmail client written in PHP and all the aspects of the program experiences are taken very seriously, like the security as an example. 248 kata lagi


Window shopping

So, this is where it gets interesting. Pages and pages of what i refer to as window shopping for men or women, after all that is what it is right? 157 kata lagi

Online Dating

This is Where I Live Now / Why I Changed My Username

Surprise! I recently changed my username from thevioletknight to katalixx. I know, I know – they sound absolutely nothing alike – heck, I’ve just successfully changed a perfectly easy-to-spell username to well, a name that doesn’t exist in the English language. 248 kata lagi


For the longest time, I have felt attached the moon.

I used to go days without sleeping and thus came my “world of insomniac.” And the moon was my companion through out it all. 221 kata lagi


InfoSec Institute CTF Challenge #9

Another day, another challenge…

Today’s challenge will be #9 from the InfoSec Institute CTF.

Going HERE we’re presented with the following:

Doing our handy source of right clicking viewing the page source we see the following: 242 kata lagi