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DeepState Gate: The Two Presidents want the fight, but the colonels don't. The case of Roman Polanski.

The Ghost Writer by Roman Polanski, if it hadn’t been directed by Roman Polanski, it would be a movie “of ours”, against the Deep State: 713 kata lagi


Sweet Home Mississippi (A Novel)

Sweet Home Mississippi

By Eddie J. Girdner

ISBN: 9781514822289 (July 2015)

Copyright Page

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Descent Into Hell

Chapter Two: Gentility

Chapter Three: The Plantation… 107.929 kata lagi

Novel Chapters

Premiere: Haze by Unwed Sailor

Founded in Seattle in 1998, Johnathon Ford is leading his instrumental post-rock band Unwed Sailor into its third decade with the release of a new album next month. 254 kata lagi


there's no such thing as a fair election 1: the apportionment issue

Canto: So we’ve been talking about how politics have been interacting with the Covid-19 pandemic, and came to the tentative conclusion that strong centralised governments, collaborationist and respected by their citizens, were faring better at managing the situation than right-wing quasi-dictatorial anti-government governments like Trump’s USA, Putin’s Russia and Bolsonaro’s Brazil… 1.533 kata lagi


Schrödinger’s President

“Trump is not a populist champion of the little guy, nor a closet Nazi working to establish a white ethnostate, nor a Kremlin asset, but is in fact nothing other than a miserable rich man from a miserable rich family who did what it takes to get elected to the presidency of a racist, corrupt, bloodthirsty empire and remain there for a full term.

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Brazil's Daily Death Toll Surpases US

Brazil daily coronavirus deaths has been reported to be higher than fatalities in the United States for the first time over the last 24 hours. … 67 kata lagi