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Oak Park Sacramento

Taking a visit to the Sacramento neighborhoods of Oak Park seemed like a good way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Guided by listings sent to me by a local realtor, I visited some houses in this area that have recently been for sale. 1.750 kata lagi


On registering "lived digital-experience" #cybersecurity #democracy #workproposal

I have just stumbled across a lovely mental-health tool called Thinq Up, via @joelanman, previously of Verify and other government digital success-fame.

The tool is respectful, inasmuch as the data it suggests you harvest – by yourself – about your feelings, when you have them, what provokes them, and so forth – essentially a diary of gently and benevolently structured sort – remains in your browser rather than be gathered onto online server. 847 kata lagi

Thought Experiments

#WBW - Town-building Tips for GM's

Welcome back world builders!

We’ve been speaking about world building generally for a while now, as someone who creates worlds for fiction and worlds for tabletop, my personal perspective makes me see a lot of overlap between the two. 793 kata lagi


No more deer in the headlight

A study of a US highway finds that large mammals do use wildlife crossing structures

— By Anna Sigurdsson

Large mammals crossing US Highway 93 are more likely to use… 593 kata lagi


Waterside lighting drastically disrupts wildlife in the surrounding ecosystem

Night-time electric lighting near water affects the number and types of insects and spiders living in grass beneath the lights

— By Conn Hastings

Researchers in Germany… 674 kata lagi


Study reveals risk factors for substance use problems, as well as resilience

A study of African-American and Latino adults in a high-risk urban community challenges stereotypes by revealing not only risk factors for substance use problems, but also resilience. 752 kata lagi


House sparrow decline linked to air pollution and poor diet

City sparrows suffer from more stress than their country cousins, find Spanish researchers, especially during breeding season

— By Tania Fitzgeorge-Balfour

Despite being well-adapted to… 662 kata lagi