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The Worm Turns

…all this stuff Mueller claims he is doing is nothing more than a giant distraction–thrown out there to redirect people’s thoughts away from the real 

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Silence about Clinton-Russia scandals shows mainstream media's bias

The leftist media has been desperately trying to find some evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, since Trump stole the election from their beloved Hillary. Nowhere is this more evident than in the media’s continuous covering up for Hillary’s Russia connections. 1.063 kata lagi


FBI Watched, Then Acted As Russian Spy Moved Closer To Hillary Clinton |RN

John Solomon and Alison Spann

© Provided by The Hill FBI watched, then acted as Russian spy moved closer to Hillary Clinton A 2.233 kata lagi

A Timeline of Treachery


Frank Giustra of Canada establishes a firm called UrAsia Energy Ltd. to invest in uranium mining.


At a fundraiser that Giustra holds at his Vancouver home, he meets Bill Clinton. 1.237 kata lagi


Conspiracy Theories, Old and New

With nothing else on the local AM radio except National Football League games and financial advice and The Oak Ridge Boy’s all-time lamest hit on the usually reliable country oldies station, we wound up spending some drive time on Sunday evening listening to Alex Jones’ “Infowars” program. 918 kata lagi


Costly removal of uranium from water supplies

Tamworth Regional Council uranium removal $50,000 more than initial estimate, Northern daily Leader, Jacob McArthur , 22 Oct 17

THE budget for the clean-up of uranium contamination in Bendemeer has blown out by $50,000, with a council report pointing to the lack of available information on removing the chemical from water supplies for the jump. 132 kata lagi


The FBI arrested 10 Russian spies for getting close to Hillary Clinton during the Uranium One negotiations

  I do not know how many people will remember this but back in 2010 10 Russian spies were arrested and then sent back to Russia in a prisoner exchange. 496 kata lagi