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Canadians are acquainted with Stephen Harper shamelessly abusing his position and Canadian tax dollars in order to campaign and cling to office. We are now accustomed to the expensive television ads trumpeting the alleged accomplishments of Canada’s Economic Action Plan despite the indicators that suggest our economy is tanking… and the emerging evidence that Conservative Senate appointments (and their expense accounts) are exploited to stump the country at tax payer’s expense in order to drum up support for the party. 338 more words

Stephen Harper

India signs uranium supply deal with Canada

From Channel NewsAsia, Apr 2015

OTTAWA: Uranium supplies from Canada will move to India as early as this year.

According to an official, it was a remarkably painless deal, that was signed and negotiated within a year and a half. 173 more words


Contemplating life rn

  • We all perceive colours differently
  • All political extremists believe the same thing
  • Uranium-238 has a half-life of 4.468 billion years or about 1/3 the estimated age of the universe…
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How Scientists Get a Date

All jokes aside. The determination of the age of a rock or artifact has often been an inaccurate science. However in 1949 William Libby invented radiocarbon dating. 359 more words


Iran and US Agree to Disagree and Disagree to Agree

Apart from the initial smiles and hugs following the framework agreement orchestrated by Kerry and Zarif in Lausanne, the only issue that both sides could agree on is their mutual disagreement. 757 more words