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Uranium investing - some stocks bad, others worse

ERA also has a $290m cash stockpile but faces almost double that to close Ranger. Unlike Amy Winehouse, that’s one rehab to which ERA must go-go-go. 394 kata lagi


Obama Concessions to Iran Worse than Previously Known

Center for Security Policy, by Clare Lopez, June 30, 2015:

To no one’s surprise, the nuclear talks with Iran that were supposed to produce an agreement by tomorrow have been extended. 577 kata lagi

Counter Jihad Report

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What’s so hard to understand? Obama wants a strong, nuclear Iran to dominate the Middle East. Shiite prophecy from centuries ago described a tall black man who would lead the strongest army of the West just before the Last Day of which Shiites should know “He-is-with-us” – a phrase which, in their language of Farsi, is “O-ba-ma.” Christian prophecies also say a lot about him.

Taxpayers likely to cop the costs of Ranger uranium clean-up. if ERA goes bankrupt

as Ranger was authorised by the Commonwealth Government under 1953 Atomic Energy Act which primarily allowed the uranium to be used for military purposes, the Commonwealth and, ultimately the taxpayers, could be liable for the clean up if ERA was bankrupted. 628 kata lagi


The end of the line for uranium company Energy Resources of Australia

ERA faces closure after uranium miner’s expansion plans shelved by Rio Tinto, ABC News, 30 June 15  By business reporter Stephen Letts ERA was once one of the world biggest uranium producers, supplying about 10 per cent of the global market for ‘yellowcake’ and powering electricity utilities in Japan, Europe and North America. 551 kata lagi



Things do sometimes last; look at the half-life of uranium. There’s a cave somewhere in Utah where they’ve decided they’re not going to put radioactive waste, although they were thinking about it for a while because it’s such a stable place and so far away from everywhere else. 18 kata lagi


Discovery of uranium ‘breathing’ bacterium; potential for nuclear waste cleanup

The environment on earth, as we know it, is highly varied – from really pleasant habitable conditions to harsh, extreme ones. But somehow, nature and life has a way of conquering even the most extremes of conditions. 592 kata lagi


20% additional enriched uranium found in Iran, negotiations are becoming complex

According to a New York Times article, one month until the self-imposed deadline to reach a final agreement with Iran, international inspectors have reported that in the past eighteen months Iran has increased its uranium enrichment by 20%. 389 kata lagi