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UPS Contributes Humanitarian Aid and Community Safety

From providing assistance with its logistics experts to United Nations agencies to having vaccine tracking programs and drones delivering medical supplies, The UPS Foundation, UPS’s philanthropic arm, is contributing greatly to humanitarian aid and safety At the global level. 596 kata lagi

Hackaday Prize Entry: LiFePO4wered/Pi+

For some of you the title might seem familiar, as LiFePO4wered/Pi project is a quite successful Hackaday.io project. Now he’s designing from scratch the plus… 323 kata lagi

Raspberry Pi

UPS business smells like the ashes of smoke

An American judge has declared that there has been a lot of illegal activities going on at the United Parcel Service in regards to the illegal tax-free distribution of cigarettes. 105 kata lagi


UPS Fined $247 Million for Shipping Illegal Cigarettes to NY

United Parcel Service Inc. (NYSE: UPS) was fined $247 million by a court for shipping cigarettes to New York City and the state without the payment of appropriate taxes, … 232 kata lagi

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To Science, Lover

Bryce Fox Horns, Tennessee Whiskey,
oh, not-so-Sweet Caroline come flood my veins,

we’re animals.

T-squirt, Teeth and Bones, T-money, Beans.
Calcium Phosphate, Hydroxyapatite. sounds you call me by, 118 kata lagi

Dandelion Smears

That One Time a Cop Gave Neil Advice

Last week I was at a party downtown. My roommates and I are quite close to the host so we all agreed to help look after the house and guests so she could focus on having fun— a terrible idea considering who my roommates are. 639 kata lagi

Dandelion Smears

Robotic Limbs?

Edna said no capes, but she failed to mention wings and I want to fly. I want the kind of flight that will make my cheeks flood to the sides. 380 kata lagi

Dandelion Smears