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U.S. Postal Prices in the 1860's

Visited a historical settlement site today and found this economic posting for the post office.


What Criteria Should I Use For Selecting An Inverter?

In order to maximize the output power (AC power) that an inverter can generate from a given amount of input power (DC power), it is important to select an… 168 kata lagi

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What are the different kind of appliances that should be used with square wave, modified sine wave and sine wave inverters?

The suitability of a particular waveform in an inverter depends upon the type of load the inverter is being connected to and the nature of usage (whether it is for continuous use or emergency use). 343 kata lagi

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What are the different types of Inverters available?

Inverters are classified into different types based on the waveform of the output AC power they generate. The dominant waveforms generated by commercially available inverters are – square wave, modified sine wave (also known as quasi-sine wave) and sine wave (also known as pure sine wave). 99 kata lagi

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Was Packing Material Necessary?

Dear Petsmart: Was it really necessary to package the litter I ordered in boxes with packing material?

My wife has our car out of town right now and I decided I needed some more cat litter. 286 kata lagi

Jackie Speier Moves To End Ban On Shipping Alcohol Through Postal Service

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Francisco/San Mateo, introduced a bill Wednesday evening to lift a ban on shipping alcohol through the U.S. 302 kata lagi


Boycotting UPS

Today at around 11:15 central time, I was riding down a street at around 40 km/h which is close to 25 mph and I was passed by a UPS driver being almost clipped on the lane transfer and then he stopped suddenly while putting hazards on at the last minute. 72 kata lagi