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Life and logistics: The speakers at TED@UPS move things, in space and in theory

How exactly do you ship fragile dinosaur bones? Or move a 12.5-ton locomotive through the air? And what are all the little things that have to happen to get relief supplies delivered when and where they’re needed? 1.304 kata lagi


Data Loss and System Protection

When the subject of power protection comes up, many people think of the simple stick-style “power strips” that have been a Staples of offices and homes for decades.   352 kata lagi

회사 창립 기념일

Happy 108th birthday! Free coffee and cookies.

108년이라. 운이던 실력이던, 한 회사가 한세기를 넘어 살아남았다는 것은 박수칠 만한 일이다. 시총 90조원에 매출 60조이니 작은 규모도 아니다. (미국 시가총액을 한국 시총과 비교하는게 무슨 의미일까 싶지만, 어쨌든 현대자동차 시총이 30조이다.)

삼성에 있을 적엔 창립기념일 행사가 딱히 반갑지는 않았는데, 지금은 일년에 한번쯤 기념하는 것도 나쁘지는 않네 싶다.

아무리 생각해도 공짜 커피와 쿠키 때문이다.


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Should The USPS Open Up Mailboxes To All Kinds Of Deliveries?

What are mailboxes? What are they used for, and what should they be used for? In the delivery biz now, companies are wondering what goes in our mailboxes, what a mailbox should be, and who should be allowed to have access to them. 425 kata lagi


Boone County teen tumbles into world competition

Thirteen-year-old Tristan Ackerson soared high above coach Valarie Runtenelli inside MJM Studios in Florence last week.

“Stand up straight! Press out!” Runtenelli asked the young athlete as he pushed off a trampoline pit. 674 kata lagi


5 Things to Turn Your Monday Upside Down

Lets face it, Monday sucks. It doesn’t matter if it is a Monday in August or a Monday in January. It sucks. Sadly, we have to face them whether we like them or not. 113 kata lagi


مميزات الانفرتر عن المولد الكهربي

المولد الكهربي اختراع قديم بينما الانفرتر اختراع حديث.الانفرتر سعره اعلي من المولد قليلا.السؤال هل الانفرتر يستاهل ان تدفع اكثر.المولد الكهربي له عيوب كثيرة هذه بعضها: