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Him by Aulia Rahma J.

Under a blazing sun

He trudges with fun

Chiseled in a dazzling smile

With run reaching over mile

He dwell on a space next to me… 23 kata lagi


Eve’s Apple by Cornelia Dea Regita

You’re the apple Eve couldn’t resist.

I want you too, persist.

Look my life! so lame!

I am not to blame!

I am no Saint, 59 kata lagi


We are the Happiest Shoes Alive by Sulthon Kamil

We are the happiest shoes alive

The flopping between our sole and toe cap may sound like a jive

But it’s an opus to our ears, that is composed… 79 kata lagi


Pair of Jealousy by Dhea Fitriani

You run freely

Jump higher

Make your laces fly to the sky

Then landed to the ground

You wet yourself

In a puddle of water… 31 kata lagi


Greatest Gift by Khalisha B.V.F.A

Oh listen my friend
When I peeked from behind the tree, I saw one God’s creature praying
He never mentioned this to be an end… 54 kata lagi


A Wrecking Shoes by Halimah C. Putri

Tattered, reeks of holes, bathed in dirts

Master, come closer as I am not a plague

Whose life written along the grounds

Whose life worth nothing than a pavement… 121 kata lagi


He By Dwiyanti A. Putri

Minds are wandering

With amounts of call

Yet nobody is answering

Only himself could answer them all

Deep down screams silently

Like a lost boy seeking a right address… 30 kata lagi