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Some Cellular Device Terminology

Cellular devices have many numbers associated with them, especially with respect to the SIM cards. Here’s a short list to keep them straight:

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and is used to identify 3GPP (also known as GSM (AT&T, TMobile, UMTS and LTE devices/networks) and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. 297 kata lagi

Brain Droppings

2N VoiceBlue Next SIP Gateway 4 UMTS Channels

Proxy Server Protection. A circuit-level gateway furnishes one other of import certificate mapping : It is a procurator server. Although the term placeholder server evokes a server that flows placeholders (which is true of a circuit-level gateway), the term actually means something different. 249 kata lagi

Hotspot oder LTE, DC-HSDPA+, UMTS - Speedstick LTE III

Ich bin viel unterwegs mit Bahn und Pkw und brauche berufsbedingt oft und guten Zugang zum Internet. Schnell mal Emails prüfen, oder den nächsten Termin koordinieren. 574 kata lagi

#Vodafone 8212 and friends.

Every now and then you find a nice little gang, all hanging out together in a nice friendly, sharing way. Here’s one such place.

A well served site here with Gatwick Airport nearby and an excellent view from the motorway. 17 kata lagi

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Cobalah renungkan, apa yang diperbuat pada periode yang segera akan berakhir ini. Bulatkan tekad untuk sebuah perubahan naik kelas. Bantu pemerintah memberantas korupsi, meski mereka menjadi salah satu pelaku utama dalam kejahatan itu. 1.374 kata lagi


How the "Great SIM Heist" could have been avoided

How the “Great SIM Heist” could have been avoided

by Paul Ducklin on February 23, 2015


You may very well have read about the latest leak supposedly sourced from the secret data stolen by whistleblower… 1.249 kata lagi