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MINI Loves Music: 5 Must-See Concerts This Spring + Summer

Schomp MINI loves the spring and summer seasons. The weather is perfect for driving the MINI throughout the mountains, there are exciting events like the… 490 more words

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Underground Music Showcase 2015: Official Lineup Announced

The dates have been announced and the lineup for the Underground Music Showcase is finally here. Taking place on July 23-26 this summer, the UMS is back with an even bigger and better lineup than last year. 159 more words

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University Database Management System

University Database Management System

University Management Software is developed to manage the University’s student database.  As the University grows their database also grows and for the proper management of the data a great database management system is required. 142 more words


The Handling of Data from GCSE and A-level Exams

Any form of educational assessment can only ever be a simplification of the actual abilities and knowledge of a pupil. The brain is a remarkably complex organ that is not fully understood, and any assessment of the processes within the brain will be inherently limited. 2.093 more words


Schomp MINI's 10 Best City + Mountain Photos in Colorado

The Schomp MINI social team is always out on an adventure. Whether it’s in the mountains at the Burton US Open (which happens to be next week) or driving around beautiful downtown Denver, we can’t sit still for long. 355 more words

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DCM: Mexico fills Brazil void in international markets

Mexico has responded to Brazil’s continuing absence on the international markets and opened the year with important sovereign and quasi-sovereign transactions. Other sovereign and quasi-sovereigns have followed, but no Brazilian issuer has yet ventured into the markets, and with construction company OAS facing default on its international bonds, bankers say the risk premium levied on potential Brazilian issuers remains prohibitive. 243 more words


Geometri Analitika Ruang: Pertemuan 1


Materi dan tugas Portofolio 1 GAR, dapat diunduh di sini: P1 GAR.

Selamat belajar dan salam cerdas untuk semuanya.