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Hey People ! So since this is my very first post in this blog, I wanna introduce myself. My name is Justine and I’m currently study in Multimedia Nusantara University at Gading Serpong. 153 kata lagi


Comfort Zone? What Comfort Zone?

Evonne Bilotta-Burke

I was 13 years old when I first entered the martial arts community and met the man who would influence me more than any other in my life. 658 kata lagi


Karma Chávez and “The Queer Politics of Coalition”

Karma Chávez and “The Queer Politics of Coalition”

By Lars Z. Mackenzie

Karma Chávez will be giving a lecture on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 for the Steven J.  591 kata lagi

Driving Lessons

David Hellstrom

One of the responsibilities of fatherhood (it’s own form of leadership) is teaching my children how to drive. That process is hard enough on its own – but what makes it even more difficult is the fact that young people have to learn how to drive on the road that seems to be more and more filled with impatient, self-absorbed, horrible drivers. 574 kata lagi



Welcome to the new WAM Collective blog!

WAM Collective is focusing on mindfulness this year. The museum’s current and upcoming exhibitions and programs inspire critical thinking and cultivate a slow pace. 306 kata lagi

Unions on campus

The organizing push at UMN continues (Minnesota Daily).  From MPR:

By the end of the year, a group of faculty at the University of Minnesota hopes to get authorization to hold a union vote.

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What's The News?

Don't Forget About You

Ryan Nugent

Don’t forget about you. This is what I find that I repeat to myself as I step back and take a moment away from my busy life. 411 kata lagi