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M31 - Anti-Fascist Rally at University of Minnesota to Unite People Against Hatred and Violence

A downloadable version of this press release can be accessed here: gdc.14.2017.03.27.M31.PR.2


Contact: The Twin Cities General Defense Committee, Local 14 (Attn: Erik D.) 1.016 kata lagi

Press Release

Webinar on Senecavirus A from Dr. Sturos tomorrow 03/28 at 4pm

Dr. Matt Sturos, diagnostic pathologist at the University of Minnesota, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory will be presenting the latest information on Senecavirus A in swine, tomorrow at 4pm in a learning session organized by the Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA). 21 kata lagi


NEW: Read the Swine Health Monitoring Project - Science Page here, every Friday

The Swine Health Monitoring Project (SHMP) is a National program coordinated by Dr. Bob Morrison from the University of Minnesota, College of Veterinary Medicine. The goal of this initiative is to monitor the incidence and prevalence of relevant swine diseases in the US such as Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) or Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED) for example. 105 kata lagi


Beneficial but variable effect of vaccination to control Salmonella in pigs

In this meta-analysis conducted by the Center for Veterinary Health Surveillance (Madrid, Spain) in collaboration with Drs. Conrado, Perez, and Alvarez from the University of Minnesota, the efficacy of vaccination to control… 316 kata lagi


Gary Louis, PhD confirmed as keynote speaker at the 2017 Allen D. Leman swine conference

The Allen D. Leman swine conference is only six months away! Our team is preparing an  exciting conference program for you this year and we will update you regularly on the speakers and topics that will be covered during this great event bringing science-driven solutions to the complex challenges facing the swine industry. 91 kata lagi


Leaders in Catalysis

The University of Minnesota is home to an excellent research program in catalysis and reaction engineering, and this video features some of the leaders in the field. 19 kata lagi


annie's parlour

On Tuesday I went to Annie’s Parlour, which is known for their amazing shakes and malts. I went to get a fun treat for Valentine’s Day, but in this post I will use some pictures from another time I went! 236 kata lagi