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On Positivity

Kate Kessenich

The concept of positivity seems to be showing up all around me:  As my co-workers and I discuss tragic current events, feelings of overwhelm and sadness seem to transition to discussions of coping mechanisms and the possibility that comes with focusing on the positive.  910 kata lagi


Kilas Balik Commpress

Mulanya iseng saja. Rasanya gemas melihat beragam pameran seni yang kerap diadakan oleh mahasiswa DKV di berbagai sudut kampus UMN. Kalau mereka bisa unjuk karya, kenapa saya dan kawan-kawan mahasiswa jurnalistik tidak bisa? 960 kata lagi



Hello and welcome to my blog! First, a bit about me. I decided to keep this blog anonymous so I can be real about my emotions and feelings for all my lovely readers, which will probably be little to none, seeing as this is anonymous and I won’t get those obligatory readers like my mom and best friend. 300 kata lagi



Hey People ! So since this is my very first post in this blog, I wanna introduce myself. My name is Justine and I’m currently study in Multimedia Nusantara University at Gading Serpong. 153 kata lagi


Comfort Zone? What Comfort Zone?

Evonne Bilotta-Burke

I was 13 years old when I first entered the martial arts community and met the man who would influence me more than any other in my life. 658 kata lagi


Karma Chávez and “The Queer Politics of Coalition”

Karma Chávez and “The Queer Politics of Coalition”

By Lars Z. Mackenzie

Karma Chávez will be giving a lecture on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 for the Steven J.  591 kata lagi

Driving Lessons

David Hellstrom

One of the responsibilities of fatherhood (it’s own form of leadership) is teaching my children how to drive. That process is hard enough on its own – but what makes it even more difficult is the fact that young people have to learn how to drive on the road that seems to be more and more filled with impatient, self-absorbed, horrible drivers. 574 kata lagi