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Life after Writing Class

Hey You,

I finished WRIT 4662W Writing with Digital Technologies, so I will be posting new ideas prompted from my day to day life going forward. 264 more words


Expect a sample of my writing at some point in the day. Revising and revising.


I am unsure if I should pursue it or not. I’ve only dipped into it slightly but I’m enjoying it, and I feel it could be useful in the long-run, right? 51 more words

Good evening!

Hi all, I’m Lyddie. Most about me can be found in the “about section”, but I can go a bit more in detail here. I am a trans lesbian living in the great city of Minneapolis. 101 more words

Hatsukami completes her descent into Hecht-dom?

by Carl V Phillips

Dorothy Hatsukami has long been mostly honest, not bad by tobacco control standards anyway, and one of the few ANTZ careerists who acts more like a genuine research professor and less like a busybody sociopath who happens to have landed a job in a school of “public health”. 1.270 more words


Olahraga Biar Sehat

Sehat-sehat-sehat, ayo olahraga biar sehat. :-D :-D

Sabtu minggu emang jadwalnya buat olahraga. Klo biasanya lari-lari cantik di Taman Kota BSD. Sabtu ini mau coba satu yang beda. 92 more words

Catatan Karin

A Quick (Eve-of-an-Adventure) Update

Well, it didn’t take me long to break my whole one-post-a-week rule. Whoops. (But what difference does a few hours make? Completely arbitrary; get over it. 510 more words

Study Abroad