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TEDxUMN: The Good, The Bad... and The Memorable

I have always loved TED Talks. Four years ago, when I was still in high school, one of my teachers excitedly told me there was going to be a TED talk at the University of Minnesota campus. 792 kata lagi


You Could Even Say it Glows

That is the title that my professor gave this assignment. We were supposed to light and take a photograph of something that glows.

For my first attempt, I wanted to focus on the candle flame. 158 kata lagi


Start of the Journey

Hello world! I am a university student with big plans to spend a year in Norway. This has been my dream since high school, and it’s amazing to see it finally turn into reality. 837 kata lagi

Class Exhibition

Last week, my photography class had an exhibition up in Regis East. It included ¬†still life photographs of items from the University of Minnesota ReUse Center… 137 kata lagi


Lovely London

One of my favorite things about this semester is how much I have been able to travel around Europe (ten countries and counting!). During March, though, I took a nice break from trying to fit an unreasonable amount of things into a backpack and decided to spend some quality time with my main squeeze: London. 894 kata lagi

Study Abroad

Dream Big: Vandon Duong

The University of Minnesota invited me to be a featured student for the Office of Admissions recruitment campaign. They interviewed me and took snapshots of my daily activities and pieced it into a 1 minute recording. Here’s the video!


Berbagi Pengetahuan dan Pengalaman Bersama Harian Kompas

Well, It’s been a while saya nulis di blog ini yah.. Tahun ini menjadi agak berbeda karena saya mulai ditugaskan memegang seluruh aktivitas operasional Kompas Corner… 1.368 kata lagi

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