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God's Love (UMANAKAINA: Bible NT)


John (Diyoni) 3:16

16 Mamanuga God e iyapana kuduba, madega kau-wagau madega posiwagau wi kawaya daganani nota kwarikwarisinibu ki pokere e eya Gubagai eyaka mena wi iyaga nene nau tonosinibu da iyapana nima nau sumasiniyono ki ka e eba giriyagisi poyagisi ko maramara tondono kaniyono.


The Beatitudes (UMANAKAINA: Bible NT)


Matthew (Mateyu) 5:3-12

“Iyapana gwedewau mu nuwa-maga notamaga Mamanuga God kataipamana wainapiyamu ko mu kataimaga ka eba kawaya ki pokere mu ida kasikasi maba e bameya bautagamu ki mu mamamatogomono, mibai ka Mamanuga God e gari rabineya kaiwana e kasiyarai pokaiya idiwana watai ka mu nene. 243 more words


Even Now I Think This Memory Is A Dream

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*When I was asked the questions, I thought they’re doing survey. Something to improve their performance. Realising that it’s made into an interview article is a pleasant surprise! 674 more words


Second semester

My second semester is about to end in two weeks time and I must say I am glad that it is about to end. While I have been coping with all the rigours of school, I must say I have lost it and got punched straight in the face once or twice when I succumbed to the pressures of graduate school. 82 more words

7.9 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal - Urgent Help Needed

At noon on April 25, Nepal was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake – the strongest in 80 years in this poor Asian country. Powerful aftershocks followed and brought widespread devastation. 577 more words


MSSE Cybersecurity Elective 2016

I am offering a Cybersecurity elective for students registered in the University of Minnesota’s Master of Science in Software Engineering program. As I described in the class on Friday, the course uses the textbook I wrote and does a lot of lab work with security tools, including Wireshark, nmap, Gnu Privacy Guard, and vulnerability scanning. 7 more words

Tech Teaching