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BLOG: Ultra-Act x S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN SUIT Ver.7.2 - Teased

Wonder Festival Winter 2015 is coming this weekend and as such, Tamashii Nations has revealed some of the stuff they’ll have on display.

2015 saw the release of the first Ultra-Act x S.H.Figuarts joint figure, the Ultraman Suit from the… 57 kata lagi


(cheesy title)Ultraman inspired fashion makes you look ultra cool.

The cheesy title aside, we love Ultraman, this gigantic forefather of all “kaiju” destroying super heroes. First aired in 1966 and finished with a total of 40 episodes in 1967…so just to be clear, we are talking about Ultraman, and not his kin who carried the Ultraman name far into the 21st century. 670 kata lagi

Japan Limited

Five Tokusatsu Shows That Were Cancelled

As fans of tokusatsu, we often take it for granted that our shows are going to be given a full run. We expect to see a show last about a year and have a (fairly) solid beginning, middle, and end, but that isn’t always the reality. 858 kata lagi



Wah…dadanya kelap-kelip! Lemes deh! Kalah deh! Baterenya abis!!!

Ultraman sepertinya tidak hilang dimakan waktu, dari sejak tahun 80an hingga saat ini film Ultraman masih ada, walaupun saya sendiri sudah tidak mengikutinya karena terlalu banyaknya jenis Ultraman. 32 kata lagi

Book Review: Finding Ultra - Rich Roll

Overview: Rich Roll, a true man. This book is his story. Once a teenage athlete with aspirations to make a name for himself, he succumbs to the evil of alcohol. 806 kata lagi


Ayi's 4th Birthday!


Ngapain sih nih mamanya Sophie bahas2 ultahnya Ayi??

Ya.. soalnya.. kebetulan mamanya sophie diundang maminya ayi.. buat bantuin foto2 di sekolah! Wkwkwkwk.. makanya jadi punya liputan langsung kaaan.. 301 kata lagi


Final Thoughts: Ultraman X


We’re shocked to see a passable, interesting penultimate episode. We’re not shocked to see a dull, boring finale. We bet that this will get a sequel. 1.277 kata lagi