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ULTRAMAN episode 36, “Don't Shoot, Arashi!”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: the Transformation Monster Zaragas

Here’s another character piece, this time for Arashi, who hasn’t had that many episodes all to himself. Although he isn’t portrayed as being hair-trigger or anything, being the expert marksman means Arashi’s deal is shooting things – and so the episode throws in an episode where he is forbidden to shoot a thing, and the physical and ethical challenges that come with that. 163 kata lagi

ULTRAMAN episode 20, “Terror on Route 87”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Plateau Dragon Hydra

Plenty of other episodes have been about the expanding modern world leading to that week’s monster problems, and this one falls into that category in a different way. 200 kata lagi

Ultraman X Series Recap Part 1

2013 was kind of a rough year. Things weren’t so hot at Toei, with Kamen Rider Wizard and Doki Doki Precure generally considered by fans to be among the weakest installments of their respective franchises, and my personal dislike of  3.963 kata lagi


ULTRAMAN episode 22, “The Underground Destruction Work”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Underground Monster Telesdon

This one is short on explanation, but bombards you with so many events and weird images (and the presence of impersonation and mind control, checking off all those boxes) it can’t help but feel like the most paranoid episode in the series. 223 kata lagi

Ultraman Australia

**warning, this contains a lot of talk about bodily fluids**

I usually try and wait to write a report until the pain from the race has left my body as it gives me time and distance away from it to be able to remember everything that happened without the intense emotion attached to it. 3.020 kata lagi

ULTRAMAN episode 5, “Treasure of the Miloganda”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Bizarre Plant Greenmons

Even very early on, the series brings in some creative, one-off visual tricks: in this episode, we have unique transitions, and even a scene filmed in black-and-white, with a single colour object. 269 kata lagi

ULTRAMAN episode 19, “The Demons Once More”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Blue Foam Monster Aboras & The Red Flame Monster Banila

Ancient societies are pretty good at containing powerful entities, something the people in their future seem incapable of (despite years of advances, like wrenches and tarps) – but never seem to be able to just get rid of them for good, something the people in their future ARE capable of more often than not. 179 kata lagi