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Ultraman 2015 Series — Round 1

One of the biggest grassroots racing events for the fixed-gear scene has once again lived-up to the hype.

The inaugural WeFXD Ultraman race this year has amassed a few hundred people around Luzon to witness the biggest and most explosive Ultraman race to date. 227 more words

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making noodles, deskilling labor

When I was young, I heard Johnny Cash singing about John Henry–the American version of man versus machine. However, an informercial about the Shandong style noodle-bot (below) reminds us that we’re talking about the social organization and reproduction of skilled labor.  213 more words



Daddy, can you change the sheep to #Ultraman?

I don’t know how to count the #sheep.


2015 Ultraman Series Preview

WeFXD Ultraman Season is upon us once again! Much like last season, Ultraman eventual winners are getting this exclusive Champ Shirt for the 2015 series. 15 more words

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Ultraman X - Official Press Release

Tsuburaya Productions will introduce their latest hero show, ULTRAMAN X (ウルトラマンX, Urutoraman Ekkusu), as part of their ongoing NEW ULTRAMAN CHRONICLES (新ウルトラマン列伝, Shin Urutoraman Restuden) television series. 662 more words


Nice easy 1 hour run

I am now pretty recovered from the Tyler Half Ironman I completed last weekend. My coach Chuck Kemeny had an easy “No gadgets” 1 hour run on my schedule today. 105 more words


WeFXD Ultraman 2015

One of the most anticipated fixed gear races since 2013, WeFXD’s Ultraman uphill race for 2015 kicks-off on May 20 at Dinky’s Oranbo, St. Martin Street, Pasig City. 147 more words

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