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Album Review - Machine Messiah - Sepultura

Sepultura have released a new album called Machine Messiah via Nuclear Blast records. It came out on the 13th of January and is the band’s 14th full length studio album or the 8th album featuring Derrick Green as the lead singer.  1.409 kata lagi

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Ultraman 1.25 - The Mystery Comet Typhoon

The giant monster wrestling in this episode was really fun this time, and our son got into it. “Get up and use your super ray, Ultraman!” our son urged. 290 kata lagi

Eiji Tsubaraya

Ultraman 1.24 - The Underwater Science Base

I’ve resisted the temptation to start a second blog, maybe called Grown-Up Stuff, about all the other things that I watch without my son. Things like ITC adventure shows, Hammer horror films, … 388 kata lagi

Eiji Tsubaraya

TV Review: Ultraman (1966-1967)

Original Run: July 17th, 1966 – April 9th, 1967 (Japan)
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Directed by: various
Written by: various
Music by: Kunio Miyauchi
Cast: 444 kata lagi


Step aside Superman! Move along Mega Man! Ultraman is!... ultra... here? (Part 1 of ???)

It’s been a long time coming, gang! I’ve teased it the last few months, did a dry run (of sorts) with Redman, and even did some special scheduling and pre-planning to boost my chances of even pulling it off: this month, I’m  3.764 kata lagi


Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga Worldwide Release Announced

Tsuburaya uploaded a video to their Youtube channel of the Ultraman Orb the Origin Saga opening greeting event. During the event, the cast and director discussed the show and their hopes in front of a crowd at Sunshine City mall: 83 kata lagi


Theme Park "Nanja Town" Holding Ultraman Event for Movie Promotion

The theme park “Nanja Town” is opening a new event called “Ultra Heroes in Nanja Town”, which is a collaboration with a new Ultraman movie “Gekijouban Ultraman Orb Kizuna no Chikara, Okarishimasu!”, being on roadshow from March 11th, 2017. 109 kata lagi

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