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Ultraman 1.10 - The Mysterious Dinosaur Base

The monster Akilla (called Jirass in the original language) really is a triumph of penny-pinching, but everybody, including the audience, is in on the joke. They used Godzilla’s roar, and his radiation breath, and the same actor who wore that suit in the movies. 63 kata lagi

Eiji Tsubaraya

Inktober 19/16

Karikatur? Ni kartun saja. Twiki, Ultraman dan Predator.


We're doing it!

We’re doing it! The YouTube channel is off to a great start. Officially a YouTube Partner and growing a wonderful Ultraman Community around as well. Please share this with everyone you know that may have an interest in Ultraman and be part of helping this project grow. 11 kata lagi

Ultraman 1.9 - Operation Lightning

There’s something very odd about this episode. The monster of the week is called Gabora, and everybody knows its name and that it eats uranium and that when it does, it emits huge amounts of radioactivity. 131 kata lagi

Eiji Tsubaraya

Problem Solved! Enjoy!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I solved my uploading and internet issue and was able to upload 10 #UltramanExplained videos to celebrate it’s Launch. … 108 kata lagi

A Few Troubles...

Running into a few upload troubles with YouTube at the moment, but I’m working hard to be able to upload the videos here soon.

Thank You Groups!

I am happy to say, I haven’t even launched my “Ultraman Explained” YouTube Channel and the support I have already received just from the #ultraman groups has been awesome. 90 kata lagi