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ULTRAMAN Episode 31, “Who Has Come?”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Blood-Sucking Plant Keronia

Some parts of this story pose it as a clash of civilizations – one of the few not to involve aliens, but rather intelligent plant people from South America. 188 kata lagi

ULTRAMAN episode 34, “Gift From The Sky”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Megaton Monster Skydon

Now here’s a comedy episode through and through – well, except for that scene at the beginning where a man jumps off a building (going a little too far to demonstrate that theme, people.) But aside from that, this one feels not only like the most devoted the show has ever been to being funny, but it’s also strangely one of the more experimental ones, production-wise – we see plenty of new camera angles, some interspersed title cards, ending fake-outs that feel surprisingly ahead of its time (almost Police Squad-esque), and in many other ways playing with the usual format of the show. 42 kata lagi

A New Hero For A New Generation: Introducing "Ultraman Orb"

The year is 2016, and it marks the 50th anniversary of the long-running Tokusatsu television series Ultraman. Considering there’s a new iteration of Ultraman… 317 kata lagi


ULTRAMAN episode 15, “The Terrifying Cosmic Rays”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Two-Dimensional Monster Gavadon

This is ostensibly a comedy episode, but the action parts really don’t seem all that different from a non-comedy episode, so the tone is a little uneven. 197 kata lagi

ULTRAMAN episode 9, “Operation: Lightning Speed”

MONSTER OF THE WEEK: The Uranium Monster Gabora

It’s interesting to see the show integrate natural disasters alongside the monster stuff – monsters are fair enough as story fodder, but pairing it with something we know can actually happen lends even the fantasy stuff an ounce of extra tension. 203 kata lagi

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This amazing Baltan is a soft vinyl kit by master maker’s Billiken. He’s 30cm scale and comes pre-painted by the in-house Billiken artists (which makes him the realest of deals). 15 kata lagi

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