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Welcome to Distant Planet Land!

Hello there fellow reader, and welcome to Distant Planet Land!

The internet is full of blogs focused on food, video games, cats, and cinema. But Distant Planet Land is dedicated to everything related to Tsuburaya Productions’ popular Ultraman franchise. 157 kata lagi


Ultraman Australia - Blog 2

Hi readers!

Below is the 2nd journal entry I wrote prior to Ultraman Australia 2017.  Unfortunately that was also the last one I wrote.  However as I am now an illustrious writer for the rUnlimited Down Under blog I will be writing more journal entries in retro. 965 kata lagi

Ultraman Geed #6 - Know Thyself

Yes, yes I know I used that quote already in an Ex-Aid recap, you try coming up with titles for these things every week!

Previously on Geed: 1.919 kata lagi


Ultraman Australia 2017 - Blog 1

Hi Readers!

When I decided to do Ultraman Australia, I of course did my research.  Where do you go to research something like Ultraman?  Good old Google of course!  1.358 kata lagi

JOHN FASANO ON GODZILLA! The Big G's Best Friend in Tinseltown Reminisces About His Favorite Kaiju and More!

John Fasano, the writer of such hit films as Another 48 Hrs., Alien 3, Darkness Falls, Tombstone, and AVP: Alien vs. Predator… 2.102 kata lagi

Karya Seorang Pelajar Autism, Peminat Setia Siri Ultraman

Setiap daripada kita memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan yang berbeza.

Bagi Muhammad Amsyar Anas Ramlee, 18 tahun pula, dia memiliki kelebihan dengan ‘kuasa’ luar biasa apabila mampu melukis salasilah setiap versi Kamen Rider dan Ultraman ke dalam buku latihannya. 41 kata lagi

Ultraman Geed #5 - Friend to All Living Things


Ultraman Geed #4 – Electric Boogaloo

Last week, Riku and his friends faced their greatest challenge yet – buying a new bike to use to run groceries. 2.686 kata lagi