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Ugly Kid Joe blasted the living hell out of the Croxton Bandroom

Posted by Christine Tsimbis.

The spacious area in the Croxton Bandroom was steadily filling up with people as Tim McMillan played his quirky tunes onstage, and he successfully pumped up the crowd for Dallas Frasca to then light up the stage with her booming vocals and raging persona that was determined to show everybody what rock ‘n’ roll is truly made of. 539 kata lagi


Interview: Whit Crane, Ugly Kid Joe

Ragged Press’ Matt Gleeson revisited his 17 year old self when he interviewed Whit Crane of Ugly Kid Joe about the 25th anniversary of their breakthrough album, America’s Least Wanted and the band’s upcoming tour of Australia, where they will be playing the album in its entirety. 161 kata lagi


Ugly Kid Joe announce Australian tour (performing "Americas Least Wanted" in its entirety)

It was September 1992. Millions of snot faced skate – surfers worldwide were cracking a few brews in their bedrooms, on beaches and in their garages listening to one album…’Americas Least Wanted’ by UGLY KID JOE. 265 kata lagi


UGLY KID JOE @ AgitÁgueda, 2017/07/14

Original Portuguese version on Glam Magazine.

Águeda has welcomed a wide and diverse range of artists – famous and on their way to become it – since 2006. 213 kata lagi


He Said, She Said - Recaps for 8/27/17

Scouts: So did everyone enjoy players weekend?  Where there any nicknames that you found to be particularly fun?  What about the new unis?  I loved the O’s uniforms, although I thought the sleeves were a bit on the long side.  997 kata lagi


Aeraco - Baptized by Fire (Review)

Aeraco are a US hard rock band and this is their second album.

Aeraco crash out of the speakers with a mix of 80s metal and modern rock influences. 326 kata lagi