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Universal Basic Income

An Experiment

So last week, I came across this podcast from Planet Money, its about Universal Basic Income, it seems they are trying it out in Finland. 831 kata lagi

Basic Income

The Highest Sustainable Basic Income

2.1 A Radical Suggestion

1. Real freedom is the freedom to do whatever one might want to do.  People like Hayek argue against this concept of freedom because once we leave behind their more narrow account of freedom, they think we end up equating wealth with freedom.   2.633 kata lagi


Amazon Go, Amazon's cashierless grocery store, is almost ready to go and I can't wait!

Well, this tidbit of news just came out today about Amazon Go, Amazon’s cashierless grocery store that debuted earlier this year, but was for Amazon employees only because the “walk in, walk out” technology was still glitchy. 642 kata lagi

Trout Fisting In America #51 - Utopian Visions, Or Can Your Trout Fisting Dialectics Break Electric Bricks?

To live without dead time, to live without restraints.
The fascists are coming, those undersexed lowlifes.
Ideology can only shatter to pieces when confronted w/radical subjectivity. 720 kata lagi


Is a Universal Basic Income a sensible response to the changes brought about by automation?

This Sky News report looks at the Universal Basic Income.  It provides data on the likely impact of automation on employment as well as some examples of the impact of robotics in the workplace.  65 kata lagi


Recent posts.

By replacing graduated income tax with a flat tax, the affordable Unconditional Basic Income is almost doubled. If some of the flat tax is described as benefit withdrawal, it can be seen that this UBI policy is similar to current government policy. 127 kata lagi


Universal Basic Income: Cornwall?

Could Cornwall be the perfect place to trial Universal Basic Income?

Cornwall is a unique and wonderful place, but it is also one that suffers greatly from high inequality,  average wages 1/3 lower than the rest of the UK and a much higher cost of living. 815 kata lagi