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20tal redenen om eerst ontwikkelingslanden te voorzien van een basisinkomen

=> Het vermindert Structurele Armoede: Mensen kunnen zowel individueel als in groep zelfvoorzienend worden en de principes van het goede leven terug opnemen, lokale handel opstarten of helpen meebouwen aan de gemeenschap. 716 kata lagi


Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy argues the changing basis of economic prosperity demands a fundamental rethink of the way society is organised.

The idea of a state giving away money to its citizens with no strings attached doesn’t sound like a sustainable economic policy, but that is exactly what Finland began doing at the start of 2017. 624 kata lagi

Basic Income

UBI, Realistic Goal or Pipedream? - The Opportunities Party. 

A number of people have asked me what the ultimate objective of “The Opportunities Party” is. We have a tonne of policies, so which are the most important? 752 kata lagi

Basic Income

The Opportunities Party - UBI and Thriving Families. 

The Opportunities Party is starting along the road to an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) by ensuring two groups are the first to get it.

As covered in the book, The Big Kahuna, a UBI: 347 kata lagi

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The Power to Heal

“The power that made the body heals the body.”, is a famous quote by the developer of chiropractic medicine, B.J. Palmer. I think it is a beautiful quote and I’ve seen it in action at the clinic where I work. 364 kata lagi

Let's pay people $50/week to use contraception.

First – let’s be clear that I support a Universal Basic Income (UBI). The policy I suggest here could be used in additional to a UBI (ie. 1.643 kata lagi


Kicking the bees' nest

So if you’ve been hiding under a hole until recently, Bill English let slip in an interview recently that he wasn’t going to renew John Key’s pledge on not touching superannuation, then, like Labour, went and made it an election issue by announcing he would, in… 937 kata lagi