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I Ain't Goin' Out Like That

Last time we reflected on something Beyonce asked us. In this post I wish to explore the proposal of a universal basic income. Our essential ‘fuck you’ card to avoid the necessity of labour. 370 kata lagi

Why I Support Universal Basic Income

            Universal Basic Income—the idea of a government paying every citizen an income which allows for his or her basic needs to be covered regardless of employment. 2.355 kata lagi


Working 9 to 5, just to stay alive. How come?

Beyonce asks a good question here. I think this is what she was talking about. Her words make me reflect on the debate about minimum wage; should we raise it? 96 kata lagi

The Industrial Offices in Tai Seng

The Tai Seng estate, a drab, boring industrial estate. Or at least that is what the first impression of the place is.

Located in the east of Singapore, surrounded by the residential areas of Macpherson, Paya Lebar, Hougang, Serangoon and Eunos, Tai Seng is the lone industrial outpost still remaining in that side of town. 179 kata lagi


Bike mechanic school done

photo: Portland Central Library. It reads, “Most of all remember this. love you.”

I would argue that peanut butter is a solid and not a liquid. 303 kata lagi


Driving and Driving Schools in Singapore

Do you want to drive in Singapore? The you need a driving licence.

Assuming you do not have a previous licence from overseas, then there are three main tests to take before you get your driving license. 265 kata lagi