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Canadian province takes major step towards universal basic income. 

A Canadian province has unanimously voted in favour of trialling a universal basic income for its citiziens in partnership with the national government.

Prince Edward Island, the smallest Canadian Province, has been described as the best choice for the pilot due to its diminutive size and clear boundaries. 56 kata lagi

Basic Income

Episode 6: Distraction Nation and Dealing with the Emperor ('s New Clothes)


Discussion for the evening….

Some of the news of the day…

A bit about Distraction Nation, Automation, and Alienation.

Then a bit about dealing with a narcissist… 19 kata lagi


[BOTANI] Memecahkan Permasalahan Global dengan Pengetahuan Lokal

Masih mengenai talkshow etnobotani, pembicara kedua adalah Dr. Purnomo, M.S. yang akrab disapa “Pak Pur” maupun “Pak Kencur”. Beliau adalah dosen sistematika tumbuhan di Fakultas Biologi UGM, dan telah lama mengkaji pemanfaatan tumbuhan lokal atau etnobotani. 485 kata lagi



Ever wonder why there exist jobs?

Why do we require people to produce a good or service to justify their existence in the world when it isn’t necessary? 320 kata lagi


Fragas Falantes, Jorge dos Reis

Fragas Falantes é o nome da exposição e do catálogo de Jorge dos Reis que foi editado neste Novembro, no âmbito da conferência Designa 2016… 99 kata lagi

Tuition 2017

Year-end school holidays has just started. So has the activities at tuition centres. Tuition and enrichment classes are now open for registration for next year primary 1 and 2 children. 35 kata lagi



I have an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI).

I’m not offended when people tell me I’m lucky to have it. After all, I don’t expect people to know the details of me straight away. 230 kata lagi