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Ini Dia Jenis Karbohidrat yang Bikin Langsing

Tak perlu memusuhi karbohidrat bila ingin langsing. Justru, memasukan karbohidrat ke dalam diet harian dapat membuat Anda langsing dengan cepat.

Konsumsi karbohidrat kompleks, kaya serat, dan vitamin B seperti beras merah, gandum, biji-bijian membuat Anda dapat dengan mudah mewujudkan mimpi itu. 198 more words

Info Sehat

One week to UBI

Just a week before leaving.

The decision to document my experience came from the idea that I should capitalize off of myself the same way UBI and QBP most certainly will.   294 more words


Bicycles are STEM

Last week the NYCDOE ran their first ever STEM Institute. It was a fairly large event; I want to say there was over 400 teachers… 282 more words


UBI and UDHR25.1

Let’s work together people, this is an individuals initiative, and does not necessarily reflect the view of the Internet Party executive. I would appreciate your feedback on UBI. 308 more words

The Case For Universal Prosperity

By Michael Hrenka, Constructive Philosophical Futurist, Radivis.com


In this chapter I present two different versions of a universal basic income (UBI). The first part is about a moderate UBI that aims to cover basic living expenses. 8.762 more words


The Case for Unconditional Basic Income (UBI)

Transitions for Society: Job Guarantee and Basic Income

Prosocial Progress foundation (2014)

Film Review

This 20 minute documentary attempts to address the structural unemployment that seems to have become a permanent feature of monopoly capitalism. 399 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

Universaalne põhisissetulek on mõlema fraktsiooni lahendus vaesusele, mida me juba ammu oleme oodanud

Mis oleks, kui riigid maksaksid igale ühele piisavalt selleks, et keegi poleks enam vaene? See on hullumeelne idee, mis on leidmas liitlasi kahelt omavahel vastandlikult poolelt. 1.154 more words