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Chopping blocks

Can anyone still remember those beautiful ‘chopping blocks’ seen along Ubi Avenue 1, after quite a number of trees were fell? This was to give way for the construction of coveted walkway around Maha Bodhi School and the open field, connecting to Ubi MRT Station which was opened on 21 Oct 2017. 6 kata lagi


April 20th, 1999

In Spring of 1999, the Franklin choir had been preparing a program of songs to perform in an upcoming competition which included the Duruflé arrangement of a Gregorian melody called “Ubi caritas.” 746 kata lagi

Universal Basic Income Start From Small Area 2

最近在想Universal Basic Income可以在一些小的範疇實行,只要做到Sustainable便可.






若一年的學額是100人,讀的科目可能是藝術,電影,話劇,舞蹈,音樂,設計,建築,CG,Multi-media, 動畫,Interactive Art,文學,歷史,漫畫……..等等.




即這個Foundation Fund(UBI+EDUCATION FUND)=4.8億+2.4億=7.2億

而財源方面,只要這個界別的公司願意將他們的Profit的10-12%放落這個Foundation Fund (UBI+EDUCATION FUND)內.

例如有什麼收入來源呢? 可能是合拍片,港產片,外語片,演唱會,舞台劇,售賣音樂的收入(iTune, spotify), 賣書(出版), 設計Consultant fee, 表演藝術,多媒體創作的收入….等等. 61 kata lagi


Svalbard And Ponderings On Universal Basic Income

I’ve been in Longyearbyen for a few days now, and it is an interesting city from almost any standpoint (at least my staindpoints). The thing that struck me the most after taking a short stroll through the city, is that parts of the community here could be used as a “stencil” for an idealised version of how universal basic income (UBI) might work. 973 kata lagi


IU Tax Policy Colloquium: Burman, “The Rising Tide Wage Credit”

By: Leandra Lederman

On April 5, the Indiana University Maurer School of Law’s Tax Policy Colloquium welcomed Len Burman from Syracuse University and the Urban Institute/Tax Policy Center, who presented “The Rising Tide Wage Credit.” This intriguing new paper is not yet publicly available. 1.131 kata lagi

Tax Policy

The WTF? way of looking at the future

You can earn a living by cleaning people’s houses – unless it happens to be the house you live in yourself. You can make money by taking care of children – unless they happen to be your own. 439 kata lagi

This Is How I See It