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Universal Basic Income - A Solution To The Threat Of Automation?

With 35% of jobs in Britain and 57% across the OECD at risk due to automation1, it is evident that workers need to be given certainty that their livelihoods will be secured. 555 kata lagi

Workers' Rights

Undeveloped Thoughts on Capital Income and UBI

I was unaware of just how large a portion of income earned each year in the US is capital income, that is, passive earnings accrued through ownership of capital as opposed to any form of direct labour. 399 kata lagi

Sheng Tai Toys: Branded Toys Warehouse Sale – Up to 90% Off (27 Sep – 1 Oct 17)

(Source: www.moneydigest.sg)

One of the most anticipated sale for toys collectors is back!

Sheng Tai Toys is having their annual Branded Toys Warehouse Sale… 139 kata lagi

Money Matters

A Note on the CUiSL class on 21 September 2017 on Universal Basic Income

  1. Framework for discussion

The class agreed that, while Universal Basic Income (UBI) could be analysed from a social welfare perspective, it could also be viewed as a reform of income tax. 565 kata lagi


What do Martin Luther King Jr, Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek Have in Common?

If you read Monday’s post (or if you have any idea what this blog is about) you can probably guess that the answer is that they all supported UBIs. 268 kata lagi

UBI Funding

So I have two concepts that are quite important to me. Crypto currencies and UBI.

Last night I had one of those eureka moments, why couldn’t you use one to find the other. 285 kata lagi

Common arguments against NEETdom (and simple responses to them)

It feels good to work!

That is not because work is inherently good, it’s because your body is producing the endogenous opiate known as endorphins to counteract the bad feeling you’re experiencing. 602 kata lagi