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Unconditional Basic Income for All by Steve Mahoney

One of the potential solutions to poverty and the inequalities of our economic system is an idea called unconditional basic income (UBI). UBI an economic system where each citizen in a country receives a living wage each month regardless of their employment status. 223 kata lagi

Technology and Poverty

The October 2, 2015 edition of the New Scientist had two interesting articles in the Comments section.  The first by Federico Pistero is titled “As tech threatens jobs, we must test a universal basic income.”  An earlier healthy memory blog post, “The Second Machine Age,” reviewed a book by Erik Brunjolfsson & Andrew McAfee titled, “The Second Machine Age:  Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies”l  predicted that many jobs, jobs that would be regarded as advanced, will disappear during this second machine age.  523 kata lagi

Transactive Memory

Depth Chart Guesstimations

Preseason for the Boys in Blue is quickly approaching us on the calendar. Before we know it February will be here and in the middle of the month Indy Eleven players will gather in Indianapolis to begin preparations for their 2016 season. 1.322 kata lagi

Unfounded Speculation

Ubi business space at only $600K

An Office-Like space /B1 business space in Paya Lebar area. Located at Ubi Centre #03, this business space is available for rent at $2.5K and for sale at $600K. 36 kata lagi


Support Grows for Unconditional Basic Income

Money for Free

VPRO Backlight (2015)

Film Review

Money for Free is about Unconditional Basic Income (aka Universal Basic Income), a form of social security system in which all residents of a country, city or region receive an unconditional sum of money in addition to any other income they receive. 197 kata lagi

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

2016: the year UBI can enter the political mainstream

2016 is the year that the concept of Universal Basic Income can enter the political mainstream.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an important streamlining and simplification of the existing benefits payment systems. 1.235 kata lagi



Ubi jalar atau ketela rambat diduga berasal dari Benua Amerika. Para ahli botani dan pertanian memperkirakan daerah asal tanaman ubi jalar adalah Selandia Baru, Polinesia, dan Amerika bagian tengah. 313 kata lagi