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Would a Work-Free World Be So Bad?

Fears of civilization-wide idleness are based too much on the downsides of being unemployed in a society premised on the concept of employment.
People have speculated for centuries about a future without work, and today is no different, with academics, writers, and activists once again warning that technology is replacing human workers. 85 kata lagi

Poverty & Inequality

How much might a Universal Basic Income cost us?

Over the years, the idea of social insurance has been manipulated to fit a specific need, and as such, every civilized country to date has some sort of social insurance system in place, much like Social Security in the United States. 707 kata lagi

Donat Merah

Donat, donat, donat dan donat cemilan khas Rayan. Sedari bayi bocah hobby banget nyemil makanan berlubang ini. Variasi rasa biasnya terletak pada topping meski teksturnya tetap lembut,  344 kata lagi


New cluster at Ubi Crescent; 292 cases of Zika in Singapore

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

SINGAPORE РAnother new potential cluster of Zika infection may be forming in the Ubi Crescent area, the authorities said on Thursday (Sept 8). 238 kata lagi

Current Affairs

"Get a job!"....it's not that easy!

I’m fairly lucky being self employed. I’ve managed to carve out a way of making money in life doing something I quite enjoy and on my own terms. 1.097 kata lagi