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Resep Sayur Ubi Tumbuk

@jadwalpoker – Selalu kangen masakan mama.. jadi terinspirasi deh masaknya sendiri hihihi.. yuk mariii..

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Weekly Round Up - Week 20

  • The week’s highlight was the news from banking sector. While SBI initiates process for merger of its associate banks, PNB shocks with more than Rs 5,000 crore loss in Q4’ 16.
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Weekly Round Up.

Power of individuals and the universal basic income

Proposals for a universal basic income are bringing out lots of arguments which show a lack of understanding of the UBI and the nature of money. 393 kata lagi


Don't get angry. Don't get even. Get Paid!

A basic income paid to all citizens and funded by a land value tax would create the foundations for a fair and prosperous society and avoid ugly social and political tensions. 1.124 kata lagi

No Future for Capitalist Work

As the New Zealand Labour Party ponders the ‘Future of Work’, the discussion focuses on the Universal Basic Income (UBI) to “guarantee income security and dignity”. 894 kata lagi