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Universal Basic Income achieved through a Reverse Income Tax

The thought of the terms “tax theory” and “exciting” being in the same sentence is about as mind boggling as a comprehensive study of quantum physics. 1.370 kata lagi

TOP's youth UBI

The Opportunities Party has announced a policy that will provide all people aged 18-23 a Unconditional Basic Income of $200 a week. Coincidentally (perhaps) TOP are targeting young people to vote for them. 811 kata lagi


Day 61 - Money

Arrrg, the damn origami paper I ordered from amazon still hasn’t arrived ☹, its four days overdue at this point. So I e-mailed the seller and hopefully they respond soon, I don’t want to have to fold too many paper cranes at once. 328 kata lagi

Hawaii Passes Bill Supporting Universal Basic Income

A bill supporting efforts to study Universal Basic Income unanimously passed both Houses of the Hawaiian legislature in mid-June. This makes Hawaii the first state to support legislation in favor of basic income… 292 kata lagi


Universal Basic Income Experiment of the Aloha State

Let the experiment begin.  The beauty of the system in the United States of America is the intention of having different areas test out systems of governance and social organization in order to see what works the best. 303 kata lagi


Better to be Hung for a Sheep as a Lamb

Guest post:

In the past week, the options have narrowed for Labour.

The Greens, through motormouth Metiria Turei, have ruled themselves out of the next Government. 305 kata lagi