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It’s funny. Ever since I was first told about UBI or Universal Basic Income it keeps cropping up in the news.

When first rid about it by a supporter I thought it was some mad idea cooked up by some drug crazed conspiracy theorist?! 463 kata lagi

Regret 2 of 5: Working Class Hero

Continuing with my series on deathbed regrets.

Original post

1st regret

2nd regret:

I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

Why are you working so hard, dear Reader?! 1.447 kata lagi

My hypothesis: Prototyping collaboration

One of the many reasons why the Fife pilot scheme interests me, is its capacity for acting as a prototype for new social forms. This might seem obvious; the point of piloting is to make a social draft for a future possible large-scale intervention. 252 kata lagi


Universal Credit: pause and fix or stop and scrap?

The Labour Party policy on Universal Credit is ‘pause and fix’ while the Green Party’s is ‘stop and scrap’. In November 2017 Amelia Womack, Green Party deputy leader, said: 34 kata lagi


Universal Basic Income

A good review of Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen by Guy Standing (Pelican, 2017) is here  in the London School of Economics Review of Books… 37 kata lagi


Universal Basic Income (Tech Update #8)

Good evening! This week we’re going a little bit off-topic, out of the tech world itself and into something that the tech industry has been talking a lot lately: Universal Basic Income (UBI). 3.318 kata lagi

Technology Updates

The link between UBI and SMart

At the first BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network) conference I attended I met a representative from the work cooperative SMart. She wasn’t quite sure what the link between UBI and SMart was. 424 kata lagi