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My Tropical Asian Treasure Trove - Part 1

It looks like some overgrown wasteland, neglected, in disarray … well, Ma Nature never created forest growth in straight rows. If they can grow in harmony as companions, and they have for over 3 years, why should I try to ‘straighten things out’ and spoil their habitat? 627 kata lagi

Food Foresting

Earth Oven Sourdough Pizza, Bread & Tapioca Snack Baking Class

9th June, we have organized earth oven baking class at Wonder Wilderfarm from 9am – 5pm.

We start the programme with intereactive warm up game, the farm was densed with merry sound from adults and children happily played together. 523 kata lagi

Cooking Workshop

Suku Dani, Suku di Papua

Papua, pulau terbesar di Indonesia, dihuni banyak suku, salah satunya Suku Dani. Suku Dani ini mendiami Lembah Baliem, dan sering disebut dengan Suku Paliem.  Suku bangsa Dani percaya pada roh, yaitu roh laki-laki (Suangi Ayoka) dan roh perempuan (Suangi Hosile). 147 kata lagi

The Story of Cassava (Part 3-Recipe): Cooking the Malaysian Tea-Time Snack

Written by @Lan & Cooking demo by @joehairie
(Photos by curiostraveller.com)

Thought of the day-” Another tea-time, another day older.”-Jethro Tull

This article is about a small garden project by Roslee Ladalo and it took us 8 months to have the entire article completed. 414 kata lagi


The Story of Cassava (Part 2) : Getting the most from Boiled Cassava leaves

Written by @joehairie and @Lan
(Photos by curiostraveller.com)
For Kulafoods Australia

Thought of the day-“Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?”-Robert Brault… 1.119 kata lagi


My Root Awakening

It’s slightly over 2 months now, since Hurricane Matthew’s visit but I have taken my time unearthing my fallen edible “debris”. Why rush when Ma Nature is keeping them alive although no longer their usual vertical self. 294 kata lagi

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