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Quilt Kit Giveaway & Guest on APQ Radio with Pat Sloan

Hi fellow quilters!

Join me tomorrow, February 13, on American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan.  Tune in at 3:00 p.m. Central Time (4:00 p.m. 630 kata lagi


Basking in the Glow of Worms


Tal, Ed, Ethan, Jodie, Gaz and me

It’s just before 9 as we pull into the Rocky Creek car park and we have the place to ourselves. 937 kata lagi


Shadows in Flight: Orson Scott Card

Sorry, Orson fans, but this Ender’s story is nowhere near the original Ender series.

Emma's Salty Sixteen

This past week, I went to my friend Emma’s 16th birthday party! Instead of having a “sweet” sixteen, she had a “salty” sixteen, because why be sweet when you can be salty?! 87 kata lagi


Twister Canyon


Mandy, Sharon, Sean, Tom, Claire, Tillie, Mick and Robbie.

And Me!

Aaaaand Weeze!!!

Last weeks blog about Sheep Dip Canyon addresses the naming confusion between these two canyons. 463 kata lagi


New Year's Resolutions?

Okay. Yes.

I haven’t blogged since last year.

No really. I haven’t.

So here’s what happened.

I set out to write this amazing blog… a weekly post updating the world (whomever reads this) on how my monthly goal is going along with any amazing aha moments. 625 kata lagi

Are We There Lafa-Yet?

Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette was one Le tough dude. You probably recall from fourth grade history that he was a contemporary of Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, as well as Napoleon. 686 kata lagi