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Yoga = YoMyGod!

My wife guilted me into taking a Yoga class with her at our gym last night.

Not so bad, right?

We did a class a few years ago at my friend Phyllis’s studio here in town, and it was an hour of stretching, meditation, and Enya-esque music that was really nice, and left Bun and I feeling like we’d just had great sex after smoking some wonderfully sticky kindbud. 529 more words

Blazing Saddles

Emergency crews and residents clean-up after severe weather damages part of Neosho Rapids

(NEOSHO RAPIDS) KSNT — Kansas Emergency Management crews spent the majority of Sunday cleaning up parts of southeast Kansas after severe storms blew over a Burlington Northern-Santa Fe train Saturday evening. 293 more words


Abingdon Air & Country Show - 3 May 2015

Having suffered a number of pre-show cancellations, the show was also unfairly hit by the weather with a number of heavy downpours during the day adding to the blustery wind. 114 more words


Couple Dies Trying to Protect Daughter from Tornado

Melissa and Michael Mooneyhan met as high school students and quickly fell in love. The two were married in 2004, even before they graduated. More than a decade later, the pair died shielding their young daughter from a tornado as the twister chewed up the family’s mobile home in Nashville, Arkansas, authorities said. 141 more words


Breaking Berlin

Everyone told me Berlin would be a tough nut to crack. In fact, reading some of the expat forums, it’s a miracle anyone moves here at all. 470 more words


Dorothy Gale: One Brave Bitch

Powered through at 42,000 feet in the middle of a damn Kansas thunderstorm tonight. I felt like I was at a freakin theme park attraction only instead of having fun and eating popcorn I was drinking all the whiskey and sweating and praying Dorothy’s house wouldn’t whisp by and break a damn wing off. 42 more words