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It’s been quite a long gap…. haven’t written anything so far.

So, I thought of writing something that I have been  facing each day after getting married to a Meitei Manipuri Man. 533 kata lagi

Mind N Soul

Mini-Interlude 59 - Twister And Asenath

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September 13th, 2002 – Damien Hills University – Chicago, Illinois

A rough hand smacked solidly against the shorts-clad backside of the dark-skinned woman who had been bent over to reach into her car in the parking lot of a pool hall and lounge positioned at the very edge of Damien Hills University property, itself sitting right on the outskirts of Chicago. 2.629 kata lagi

Double-Feature Review--Manos: The Hands of Fate and Twister

Manos:  The Hands of Fate

There’s nothing terribly wrong with the story here. A family makes the ill-advised decision to stay at a mysterious lodge that appears out of nowhere in the desert. 814 kata lagi


7 Cherokee Clans: Long Hair

7 Cherokee Clans: The Long Hair Clan

The Cherokee are a matrilineal society.  Children belong to their mother’s clan.


(ANIGILOHI) 49 kata lagi


Remembering: April 10th, 1979.

It will be 39 years tomorrow that terror struck in north Texas and south Oklahoma. I was 16. I can still remember the terrifying 100 mile ride back to the city where all six of my… 2.340 kata lagi

Human Idiocy


Twister, twizzler, Norfolk Wheel. In this blog post we explore this mysterious, traditional pub game.

A circular wooden board with an arrow would be placed on the ceiling of a pub. 311 kata lagi