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Insane Twister from Pittsburgh High School Game

Chartiers Valley middie goes on an ambitious run against Upper St. Clair.

Ends in a magnificent twister on the door step.

USC won the game 14-10.

High School

How The World's Strongest Redneck Helped Me, Help You

Inspiration takes many forms. Sometimes it’s easy to connect the dots, like the beauty that Claude Monet found in his first wife, Camille; Or like Eric Clapton’s desire for Pattie Boyd (who was George Harrison’s wife at the time) helping old Slowhand convey his emotions in the classic… 460 more words

Ghostwriter's Friday Fact #3

When the popular game Twister was introduced in 1966, it was denounced as ‘Sex in a box’.

General Musings

Toddler Twister Quilt

One of my friends from Jacksonville (and college – funny how the military makes the world so small!) gave me a great idea when we got together before we moved to Pensacola – she thought that the game of Twister would be a great game for toddlers learning their colors, getting to know the difference between left and right, and improving their balance.  1.180 more words


My two favorite films

I’ve been lucky to have watched many, many films. From true masterpieces like Elmer Gantry (Brooks, 1960), The Little Foxes (Wyler, 1941) or Spirited Away… 175 more words