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The Storm

The clubhouse stood in the backyard of brothers Brett and David, my closest friends. It was essentially a treeless treehouse, an enclosed blue plywood box measuring 5 feet on each side and perched five-feet off the ground on four wooden two-by-four stilts planted in cement postholes. 1.833 kata lagi

After fanfare, forecasters review talk of storm 'outbreak'

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — After warning for days about violent storms that could rake the central U.S. with huge hail, high winds and strong tornadoes, forecasters will review whether the messages they sent were appropriate for severe weather that some considered a “bust” because the tornadoes that did develop were small. 622 kata lagi


Thank you

This is so true! I’m very thankful for my childhood. All the craziness me and my sisters did. My childhood wasn’t a regular childhood. Mine was a little bit different. 97 kata lagi

Inspirational For Me

It's Twister Season (Get the snacks)

Here in Oklahoma, our weather is notorious for being unpredictable and two-faced.  Much like a menopausal woman, it varies between hot, chilly, damp and steaming all the course of single day.   870 kata lagi

I did it again...

Today I came home with some stuff! Yep I did it again, Shopping!! I should definitely stop doing that now, not that I’m poor but I should try to not spend all the time. 354 kata lagi