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Pitching a Few Oklahoma Related Disaster Movies

By Stan Silliman

Twister was filmed here. Very successful disaster movie. I think the state is fertile ground to be the scene for other blockbuster disaster movies: 362 kata lagi


Twister Strikes Grove!

By Hilde Kate Lysiak
A twister struck the Isle of Q in Selinsgrove on Thursday, July 9. The trees crashed down all over the road blocking traffic and sending emergency crews racing towards the river. 118 kata lagi

Bad Analogies

I know, I know, getting worked up over a person saying something that offends me is a waste of time….but this is why I have you blog…heh. 224 kata lagi


Nature | The Twister

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Description From Photographer if Any:

Tornado destroys landscape!

If you like you can… 9 kata lagi


PALS Conversations Episode 1: Korean Tongue Twister

Learn Something New!! Test your ability to speak in Korean.


The Naked and the Delicious

Norman Mailer is dead.

Wait, wait.  That’s not where I want to start this story.  I’ll come back to that, okay?
Let’s start here instead: 350 kata lagi

Just Funny