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Robot Wars S07E01 Part 1: A World Of Horrendous Quality Youtube Videos... And Channel 5

Supposedly the YouTube video I’m watching this on is in 480p. I’m going to go ahead and say that’s a blatant lie. The quality is pretty awful, but then the 7th wars did air all the way back in 2003, so that was before YouTube even existed. 1.705 kata lagi

Robot Wars

Parallels Between Childhood Games and Adult Life

BY Latin Mama

Don’t ask me how this idea ever popped into my head, but I recently began to realize that a lot of similarities exist between our favorite childhood games and our now (sort-of) adult lives. 279 kata lagi


Twister and shout!

When we saw the Twister chair Cynthia Robertson Interior Design put together, we all wanted to shout.  It looks like the fabric was made specifically for this application.   21 kata lagi


Medical Leave 15-04

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It seemed to take forever for the doctors to move on. Yeah, it was really only a couple minutes or so. But with the information that I was sitting on, those two minutes felt like several dozen eternities. 3.327 kata lagi

AMT Ertl 1978 Chevy Twister VEGA Pro-Stock 1/25 Scale Car Model Kit

FEATURES: A limited edition reissue of an AMT® release.
An accurate reproduction molded from the finest high-impact
white styrene plastic with meticulous surface details.
Two styles of wheelie bars: dual “unwelded” or chrome cross brace. 52 kata lagi