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Let The Change Change you

Starting from the political scenario currently here in the US, to that back home in Tamilnadu,India there seems to be lot of uncertainty.

Added to this, on the personal front, it has been one unexpected start of the year, with change in work and locations. 115 kata lagi


You’re Not Good Enough Book Tag

Tonight I was scouring the internet looking for February’s book tag when I stumbled across this incredibly fun looking one on DreamlandBookBlog. The premise involves writing down 30 character names on pieces of paper, putting them in a bowl/cup/jar/black hole, and then choosing two at random for every question. 762 kata lagi

General Musings


The sound of my soul.

Flood of tears. Something I thought will never occur in my life too soon. I got chained mentally to a shore because I tried to jump into the water – sea of emotions. 253 kata lagi

Pop Project Explains: Twilight

In late 2000s, Vampires ruled pop culture. They were literally everywhere and you couldn’t turn on the television without see a commercial for some sort of vampire television show or movie. 770 kata lagi


Kat diary: Tripped Out Twilight

Greetings humans!😺☕️

Well, Twilight had an “interesting” day yesterday-

She didn’t know that the human had made a vet appointment fur her weeks ago to get a rabies booster shot and a feline leukemia shot- (GO HUMAN)! 212 kata lagi


Twilight of the Gods: The Coming of Ragnarok


Distinct from most other western mythologies, Teutonic mythology offers a riveting and somewhat grotesque eschatology. This account of the end of the world vies in graphic description to the harrowing visions of the Christmas judgement day, and the Saturnine sermons concerning the Second Coming. 607 kata lagi