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Twilight 17: The Game

Billy Black is justifiably concerned and baseball gets interrupted. 1.859 kata lagi

Selene Hallucination

Stunned by her clear azure eyes in mine,
Under the silvery moonlight,
Lightly & delicately stroking her fingers,
A soft breeze running through the trees, 57 kata lagi


The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Your regular scheduled programming will resume after this tiny update. I took a pretty big hiatus that wasn’t planned at all. I thought I would have more time for my blog in my semester break, but that just wasn’t the case. 845 kata lagi

Living the Twilight Dream!

For those of you who knew me during my senior year of college you’re aware that I read the Twilight Saga. And by “read,” I mean I developed an unhealthy obsession appreciation of Stephenie Meyer’s world of porcelain vampires and monstrous werewolves.  933 kata lagi


Poem: A Twilight in Moonlight

A twilight in moonlight’s no twilight at all

A twilight in moonlight is just a sun fall

The moonlight at twilight’s the king of the skies… 10 kata lagi

WTC glows green for Earth Day

A splash of fireworks behind the World Trade Center tonight at twilight, as its spire glows green to mark Earth Day.


Rampage: The Rock vs Godzilla vs a Werewolf vs the US Government

The catchline for this movie is “Big meets bigger.” But it might as well be “Cheesy meets cheesier” or even “the Rock fights King Kong slash Godzilla (and also a giant wolf which has no film precedent except the giant wolves in… 554 kata lagi