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Twilight 14: Mind Over Matter

Edward and Bella talk some more and things get unnerving for me (again). 1.805 kata lagi

United Airlines: Cozy Weekend Getaways Within 2 Hours of Seattle

Try one of these recommended getaways the next time you’re in the Seattle area.

Click HERE for the article.

United Airlines

Kat Diary: What's Wrong with Muddy Paws?

It’s the Albino Flea here (more like the almost drowned flea)!

This weekend was so purrfect for me and the human – (at first). She dropped everything else so that she could spend it just enjoying me and human #2. 318 kata lagi


Dear Bella #12 | Here's to the Weird Ones

So far, I’m upholding my New Year’s Resolution well: the second episode of #DearBella for 2018 is now live!

This one deals with a subject I’ve thought about a lot. 133 kata lagi


Lovely unfolding sunset hues in NYC

World Trade Center, Chrysler Building and Empire State Building bathed in the beautiful unfolding hues of tonight’s sunset in NYC.


Throwback Thursday #13

I have to begin this post by apologizing, once again, for not getting it out on Thursday. It’s actually kind of a funny story. Sarah woke me up on Thursday asking if I wanted to go to this adorable little coffee shop so she could get out of the apartment, but also get some work done (Sarah works from home). 758 kata lagi

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