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Oct 17 - Bittersweet - Ellie Goulding #song4abooktober2017

Oct 17 🎧 Bittersweet – Ellie Goulding 🎧🎶 #song4abooktober2017 🎶

I can’t listen to this song without thinking of Twilight. I know there’s a lot of bad publicity out there about this series but I liked Twilight. It was okay.


When is the right for your bad habits to come out?

It is a long story but I will go for the shorter version. It is your daily story but featuring the rest of humanity. We all have those annoying habits; some people pick their noses in public, others chew loudly with their mouth open, some men don’t know where to stop with their dirty talk while others have attained a degree in nagging. 435 kata lagi

What is the most overrated book?

Ok bookworms, don’t get mad at me for this one because I know there are a lot of fandoms out there and a lot of you probably like this one. 208 kata lagi


The Book Blogger Test Tag

Thanks to the coffeeloving bookoholic for tagging me in this one! As you all know, I am always up for a good book tag. Especially since I am FINALLY running out of backlogged reviews, and need something to talk about. 611 kata lagi


Why's it Forgotten? The Twilight Series

Remember when the Twilight movies were major events?  Neither does Kevthewriter. 598 kata lagi

Why'd It Bomb?

Seks playlister du passende kan lytte til, imens du læser bøgerne!

Det sker ofte, at jeg sidder helt i min egen verden, når jeg læser bøger. Det er nu engang en meget individuel og til tider lige egoistisk hobby. 255 kata lagi