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New on 500px : Thumbs Up by Pcoskun by Pcoskun

Having been to this area numerous times, I still find myself coming up with new compositions, seeing new angles, and just getting all sorts of crazy ideas by the things I see out here. 241 kata lagi

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Apples To Apples ~ A Dialogue Thursday Post

It was a slow day at the bookstore. My friend and I were walking among the shelves, casually running a finger up the spines of the titles and seeing if anything jumped out at us. 202 kata lagi

The Work Of Nathanielle Sean Crawford

Into the Sun

An old dry stream bed, a few of last autumn’s leaves still clinging to some branches, debris from the winter storms littering the ground, and early spring grasses poking through the whole mess and yet… 184 kata lagi

Woven Light

…and above, the morning sun shattered and its light was spread across the sky. The sight caused him to stagger and while he heard the sound of loose rock meeting water behind, he watched the sky as morning turned to twilight and fractured light was woven into stars.


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New on 500px : Glimpse Of Hope by Nicola_Pirondini by Nicola_Pirondini

One of the most beautiful places of the dolomites surrounded by dark clouds during the blue hour. The feeling of darkness and obscurity in the air was soo cool for me! 56 kata lagi

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