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Twilight And Other Things You're Not Supposed To Like.

Some time ago now, I wrote a post on my Tumblr about how we’re dictated what to like and what to not like. Some less time ago, I wrote specifically on the… 625 kata lagi


At Dusk

darkness encroaches

two little paws poised to go

large round eyes peeking

soft pink nose sniffing the air

whiskers twitching with promise

I was inspired to write this tanka haiku by our regular brushtail possum visitors. 8 kata lagi


Guilty Pleasure

It’s all a jumble up there in my head. This story wants to get out, that story wants to get out.

But they’re all jammed together at the door. 18 kata lagi


Carlisle and Esme Cullen Appreciation

I don’t talk about Twilight very often, but I’m just gonna take a moment to appreciate Carlisle and Esme Cullen.

I’m just gonna appreciate how Esme, after surviving years of violence from her abusive husband, found a man whose main traits were kindness and compassion, who hated violence and who treated her with love and respect and cared what she had to say. 52 kata lagi


A Thousand Years

A thousand years. That’s how long I have waited for this song. Although it doesn’t make sense but there are just some songs you feel an instant connection to the moment you hear them. 312 kata lagi


Unboxing 13 Days by Ultra Pro

Take a gander inside the box of 13 Days by Ultra Pro. This game really packs a punch and gives you a really good feel of Twilight Struggle but in a very short time frame – an hour tops.

Board Game

Twilight PTSD

So this is a funny subject because it just seems ridiculous. I was in high school when Stephanie Meyer published Twilight and the remainder of the series. 304 kata lagi