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Sleepless Light

In this town, where light fears to sleep,
worn sun beams weep,
outside prism doors,
on mottled floors.

The black night with the sickle eye, 55 kata lagi


Top Ten Tuesday - Sept. 1st

Hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

September 1: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

Okay, so…this was a fun one. Why? You may ask. 1.599 kata lagi

Top Ten Tuesday

The Count of Monte Cristo

“What’s your favorite movie?” This is one of the hardest questions for me to answer. I can spend hours┬átalking about movies, so having to narrow it down is not an easy task for me. 443 kata lagi


KidCo Peapod Plus Portable Bed Twilight Realistic

With so many risks lurking in the home for young kids, the use of child safety gates is a good way to minimise the risk to your family. 335 kata lagi


Day empties into night at the confluence of the West and Connecticut.