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Blue Hour: Thursdays Special

In Australia we don’t get these blue hours (or if we do I am unaware of them). I think it must be something to do with the light in Europe. 48 kata lagi

Irene Waters

Under Copper Sky

Drips down to earth, heavens’ molten spree
Ablaze azure, shades of furor!
Lit up, each shred, like a Christmas tree
Dare call it, yearning’s metaphor! 79 kata lagi



The violet
Behind my eyes
Followed on
The indigo
Which followed still
The cobalt blue
Where once was just

From the black
My spirit rose… 37 kata lagi


Studied Silence

Today it is a studied silence, not really sure of the sulking appearance at twilight hours

Melancholy decided to be an accomplice to stir the already palpable restlessness… 109 kata lagi


Mini Book Un-haul

In the spirit of another upcoming Nanowrimo, I decided to do a proper clearout of my writing space, sweeping away a few books in the process. 377 kata lagi

In Search Of Nice Americans

Because It's June

Because I can, I am starting a sentence with because. Some might grimace at my syntaxical audacity, but there you go, I’ve done it.  Because it’s June.  763 kata lagi

Books VS. Movies Part Uno

So, so many books have been made into movies lately that it’s hard to keep up.  I’ve begun to wonder if Hollywood is beginning to run out of ideas for original scripts.  2.934 kata lagi

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