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Twilight : Haiku

strong wind carrying
all fears away, at twilight
sky isn’t dark


Hello There!

I just wanted to update and let you lovelies know that I am still working on my stories. I finally have a title for the flip-the-switch vampire Bella story I mentioned in the last post. 149 more words

Blog Post

Starburst sunset over icy tundra that is the Central Park reservoir

Starburst sunset tonight over the icy tundra that is NYC’s Central Park reservoir.


Addicted To Reading

I swear that people know when I stay up till the early hours of the morning reading because all of a sudden everyone needs me. If I went to bed at 8pm like a good girl I bet no-one would need me for days. 69 more words


New on 500px : Twilight Denmark by Elstrup

:Like ✔ Comment ✔ Share ✔ Follow ✔ if you like what you see I recommend strongly to view it in fullscreen or it on black background… 38 more words

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