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[REVIEW] [KPOP] TVXQ - Heliophilia Photobook Review

About a month ago no words could describe just how excited I was when I heard the release announcement. A little while later we got the teaser images and the cover image flooding our twitter timelines and it has such a beautiful summer look with a bright yellow cover. 672 kata lagi


TVXQ's 'Something' MV Breakdown

The new year saw the comeback of the kings with TVXQ’s ‘Something’ and their 10th Anniversary album ‘Tense’.

Seeing as this was a special time for the group, as it has been 10 years since they debuted in late 2003 and just over a year from their humanoids promotions, this music video has been supplied with special commemorative content to celebrate their anniversary. 636 kata lagi


[Fanfic][Yunho centric] Inori ~ Namida no kioku

Tôi có một cửa hiệu ảnh nhỏ. Thi thoảng mùa chuyển mùa, nắng chuyền tay, có vài người ghé lại, nhờ tôi giữ lại những ký ức. 2.422 kata lagi

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[Fanfic][Jaejoong centric] Utakata Hanabi

Utakata Hanabi

Nắng tắt.

Gió về.

Tôi chưa từng nghĩ sẽ gặp anh nơi công viên vắng người mùa hạ ấy. Vì anh quá xa, hay vì chính tôi chưa từng mơ về ngày gặp gỡ. 2.003 kata lagi

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[Fancafe] Group Ranking for October 2016

Boygroup and Girlgroup fancafe ranking. updated October 2, 2016

Trans: Kpop Count. Credit: Devil’s Story

Top 30 Boygroup Fancafe Ranking

Top 40 Girlgroup Fancafe Ranking


[K-DRAMA] Scholar Who Walks the Night (2015)

warning: may contain spoilers

Once upon a time, there lived a vampire in a palace during Joseon dynasty.. 1.712 kata lagi

Korean Drama

TVXQ - Two Of Us

Item: TVXQ – Two Of Us

Package: CD

Version: Japan (AVCK-79346)

Release Date: 05/10/2016

Weight: 400g

Price: RM 155
Ss: + RM 4

Track List: 105 kata lagi