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Tomusky dynç alyş

Hormatly okuýjylar. Her ýyl bolşy ýaly bu ýyl hem 3 aýlyk tomus dynç alyş möwsümi gelip ýetdi. Käbir ene-atalar hemişekiler ýaly tomus möwsümini çagalary üçin nähili çäreler bilen bezäp bileris diýip alada edýän bolmaklary mümkin. 567 kata lagi


Turkmenistan: Promoting the President's Son to State Governor another step towards dynastic hegemony

Nobody really knows if Serdar Berdymukhamedow has the makings of a statesman, or indeed if he has ever demonstrated the requisite qualities. For anyone promoted to Provincial Governor within his or her homeland one would presume they already possess the necessary acumen and temperament for such a role but this is Turkmenistan, where nepotism and cronyism abound and the truism that it’s not what you know but who, has never been more pertinent anywhere in the modern era outside of North Korea. 1.389 kata lagi


3 yaşyna çenli çagalara nahili terbiýe berilýär?

Aslynda, ähli maşgalada çaga 3 yaşyna çenli ene-atalary gaty sabyrsyzlandyrýar we her hili duýdansyz ýagdaýlar bilen garşylaşdyrýar. Meselem getirsek, çaganyň ilkinji gülüşi, ilkinji sözi, oýnamasy, oturmasy, yöremesi, ilkinji dişleriniň çykmasy ähli hossarlary sabyrsyzlandyrýar. 388 kata lagi


It's the Law! - WIF Stranger Than Fiction


International Laws

If you’ve ever been on the internet, you have probably seen someone pass around a list of “wacky laws” from various states in the USA. 2.764 kata lagi


Values, Identities and the Problems of Modernisation in Central Asia: Public lecture in Almaty, June 26

If you’re in Almaty on June 26, this upcoming University of Central Asia lecture looks great (although the word ‘modernization’ makes me queasy). Take some notes for me? 424 kata lagi


Turkmenistan's Hall of Mirrors image to be showcased at Dubai Expo 2020

While Turkmenistan continues to stagnate President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedow’s policy of presenting a very different image to an increasingly sceptical world shows little sign of slowing. 1.170 kata lagi


Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia bordered by the Caspian Sea and largely covered by the desert. It’s known for historical ruins including those at the old cities of Nisa and Merv, which were major stops along the ancient trade route the Silk Road. 823 kata lagi

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