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John Boyega got dumped because of 'Star Wars': 'I blocked her on my phone'

Looking for love can be more complicated when you’re a celebrity. Just ask Orlando Bloom, John Boyega, Amy Schumer, and Goldie Hawn. While appearing on… 356 kata lagi


Michael Caine was once mistaken for drug dealer over his name pronunciation

Michael Caine is famous for his cockney accent, but apparently not so famous that it doesn’t cause him the occasional misunderstanding. On a recent episode of  143 kata lagi


Morgan Freeman performs 'Shawshank'-style voiceover of 'Graham Norton Show'

Before Morgan Freeman became the go-to voice for narration or God, he mastered the art of the voice-over with his Oscar-nominated portrayal of Red in… 158 kata lagi


Hugh Jackman cracks up over Patrick Stewart's TMI circumcision story

Just as funny as Patrick Stewart‘s circumcision story is Hugh Jackman‘s reaction to it.

The Logan costars appeared on The Graham Norton Show… 210 kata lagi


Ian McKellen on his 'Logan' absence: 'I sometimes cry myself to sleep'

This post contains some spoilers about Logan and the X-Men films.

Ian McKellen isn’t losing any sleep over Magneto’s absence in Logan. While the actor shared the… 180 kata lagi


New 'time-traveling' photo of Daniel Radcliffe discovered

Ever since he wrapped up work on the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe has taken on an eclectic array of roles, from the farting corpse of  136 kata lagi


Tom Hiddleston laughs off playing Eddie Redmayne’s elephant in school play

Both Tom Hiddleston and Eddie Redmayne have been working on the animated film Early Man, but it turns out the pair have a long history. 212 kata lagi