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"Songs of Experience"

“Songs of experience” by william blake

William Blake is indeed one of my favourite poets. He has a certain specific way of writing that intrigues me every time I read his literary works. 235 kata lagi

Yeti Tundra 65 Seafoam Green

YetiGood, Great, or just OK?
Yeti Yeti Colored Rambler 20 Seafoam Green Your 3 Initials Vine Monogram Decal For Your Yeti Rambler Tumbler Coldster Aztec Yeti Monogram Decal… 14 kata lagi


Eclipsing over the slab of ivory,
The aurora shimmers over all it’s glory.
A chilled atmosphere bodes the barren sight,
With naught a soul from left to right. 57 kata lagi


Days 37-40: Finland and The Scandinavia / Finland Plan

The Place

Finland is 807 miles in length, from north to south and spans 10 latitudinal degrees (basically the length of Texas), and because of it’s extreme northerly location, is significant enough to provide vast differences in length of day and amount of sunlight between the northernmost portions of the country and the more populated cities in the South. 1.998 kata lagi

Around The World

Tundra Threats

In the previous arcticles, the environmental issue of drilling in the Arctic was discussed. Drilling is not the only problem which threatens the ‘lifespan’ of the Arctic, and in reality, what is supposedly considered a helping hand to saving the environment may very well be the leading cause in destroying it. 685 kata lagi

High Tundra Beach

Our circadian cycles declare it is time to wake up: Day 2 of our glacier trek is here. The Sun has been flying around the horizon like a butterfly while we were asleep, sometimes hiding behind a tall peak here and there. 427 kata lagi


Over Trail Ridge Road with Nathan Heffel of Colorado Public Radio

Last week, I took Nathan Heffel of Colorado Public Radio over Trail Ridge Road. As we drove, Nathan interviewed me about my book, A Natural History of Trail Ridge Road: Rocky Mountain National Park’s Highway to the Sky. 1.240 kata lagi

Colorado Mileposts