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Kane Spring Road

Kane Spring Road is a “road” of moderate difficulty that starts at the northwestern edge of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, passes through Ocotillo Wells, goes through a very long wash, and ends at CA-78/86 and the Trifolium Border Patrol checkpoint. 171 kata lagi


Custom Rock Sliders

1.75x.188 main tube

1.5x.120 step and gusset tubes

1/8th plate dimple die steps

Custom Builds

Thursday Throwback - Tundra

We are a pet family. The house isn’t complete without a cat and dog in it. It just seems like they make it a home. Join me in about 1975 at the Eklund house. 70 kata lagi

Photo Post

terrestrial ecosystem is an ecosystem found only on landforms. Six primary terrestrial ecosystems exist: tundra, taiga, temperate deciduous forest, tropical rain forest, grassland and desert. 1.373 kata lagi


Without Love

Without Love

We make our way across
the frozen tundra of
our hopeful desires
unaware that beauty rests
just below the surface of 197 kata lagi