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A Polar Bear Family Portrait

One of my favorite photos from Polar Bear Point just outside of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada this past October.

Mom and her two cubs standing on the edge of a Tundra Pond.

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Lakker - Pylon

• “Pylon” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Bert Faber.

“Great Electronica from Ireland”

From their LP “Tundra” (R&S) released in May, 2015. 167 kata lagi


A Bite to Eat (5 photos)

Our Polar Bear cubs get a bite to eat (not sure what they are eating) while mom watches closely over them.

#PolarBear #cubs


Keeping Her Cubs Close (3 photos)

Our Polar Bear mom with one little cub in tow (shown in the first two photos), continues to follow her other antsy cub who took off looking for food. 19 kata lagi


Mom with a Cub in Tow (2 photos)

Our Polar Bear mom walking on the ice with one of her cubs right next to her.

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Happy Polar Bear Cub (3 photos)

Finally with mom following, this little Polar Bear cub starts walking toward our Tundra buggy.

I love the happy face this little Polar Bear cub has on its face while walking on the ice.

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