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A Rock Enjoys the Afternoon

Sometimes what is encountered on the tundra seems somewhat out of place, like this lone boulder just sitting by itself, apparently enjoying the view!  How did it get there?   20 kata lagi


road on the moon

“As I sat drinking chai and observing the 6am surroundings in Manali, everything started to sink in.
I had only arrived in India 5 days before – out of which 2 were spent getting from A to B, and the other 3 soaked by the fresh air of pine trees and waterfalls – and even though my body said it still wasn’t time to move my mind and heart disagreed. 890 kata lagi

The hidden beauty of tundra

True confessions time: I have played a lot of computer games. Not enough to make me a hermit, but I’ve given up a fair share of weekends. 241 kata lagi

Harvesting Haskap

Edible blue honeysuckle (EBH) berries have a dulled blue skin.  This selection is called Tundra

…but their interior is a scarlet colour.  When picked by hand haskap does not bleed on its end (not so with honeyberries and non-varietal EBH).   65 kata lagi