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Butt-deep in Trouble

As is happens, when you sink butt-deep in snow, you use the crawl-and-roll-out-of-quicksand maneuver.

Ask me how I know.

Before I sunk to my asterisk and face-planted while following critter tracks on the tundra, I got some pretty decent shots. 181 kata lagi


EC 119, 158, and West Mortero Wash

EC 119 (also known as Dos Cabezas Road) is one of the many trails winding through Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. I-8 or CA-78 can be used to reach S-2 which is the nearest paved road. 101 kata lagi


Megafauna: earth's ecosystem engineers

Thirteen thousand years ago North America was home to more than fifty species of megafauna‚Äďanimals that weigh more than one hundred pounds. If you think the United States has a weight problem today, try reconciling the fact that the continent was once home to a four hundred pound beaver, a six hundred pound armadillo, and a nine ton mammoth. 775 kata lagi