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In Which Our Dog Was Not A Problem

(Or: How My Dog Behaved Himself For a Change)

So, we have a malamute mix, and his name is Tundra.  He’s a Very Pretty Boy, and he knows it and just basks in all the attention it gets him.   323 kata lagi

Renee Wittman

it was a ball field...

…an acre of ground for my children that we seeded to perennial rye grass and mowed…they played soccer and practised baseball there…but by 2008 they were grown and gone and i asked them if i could convert it to an orchard and they said yes…so i disced it with a discer and then worked on it with a field cultivator and finally used a 3-bottom moldboard plow to cut furrows from east to west for each row…we laid plastic over this and tucked in the edges and then i used a snowplow on the front of my pickup truck to thoroughly cover the edges of the plastic…it was a thoroughly wrong way to go about planting an orchard…but at the time it was the best we could do… 208 kata lagi

Toroweap Overlook

The roads to Toroweap Overlook are easy until the last few miles and even then aren’t too difficult. Understand that if the road is muddy (like how I found it) you will need a truck with good ground clearance, 4WD, and decent tires. 224 kata lagi


Top Reasons to Buy a 2017 Tundra | Waldorf Toyota

Top Reasons to Test Drive the 2017 Tundra At Waldorf Toyota

Forget the gym membership. Just get a 2017 Toyota Tundra. It makes hard work and heavy lifting a cinch. 281 kata lagi


Many of my posts on Instagram use custom driver number cards to replicate schemes that don’t have diecast offerings. These are my cards for single truck Camping World Truck Series teams Jennifer Jo Cobb Racing (#0 – Tommy Regan / Jennifer Jo Cobb / Bryce Napier – #10 – Jennifer Jo Cobb / Chuck Buchanan Jr.) TJL Motorsports (#1 – Mike Harmon / Bryce Napier / Jordan Anderson), Norm Benning Racing (#6 – Norm Benning), and Hattori Racing (#16 – Ryan Truex Jr.). 252 kata lagi

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Обзор дрели Tundra Basic DU-001-500 | Весь инструмент на sima-land.ru

Как выбрать дрель? Мастера рекомендуют электрическую ударную дрель Tundra Basic. Она предназначена для сверления кирпича и бетона. А в режиме сверления без удара — для пластика и дерева. 9 kata lagi

Обзор болгарки Tundra Basic US-001-500 | Весь инструмент на sima-land.ru

В этом видео вы узнаете о технических характеристиках болгарки Tundra Basic US-001-500.