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Indonesia’s special cuisine. Come on! Let’s give it a try. . . :mrgreen:


Happy Birthday My Lovely Daddy

Halo2 kali ini gw mau bahas soal ultah papa gw hehehehehe. Sedikit OOT dari postingan2 sebelumnya soal kehamilan dan segala macem hal yg berkaitan dengan baby. 372 kata lagi

Daddy's Birthday

Jual Tumpeng Enak

Jual tumpeng enak, berkualitas, lauk komplit. Hub: Susy 0818 855 822. Email: Silakan dicoba…

Jual tumpeng enak terima pesanan untuk tumpeng nasi kuning dan nasi putih. 42 kata lagi

Jual Tumpeng

Indonesian feast!

Look how gorgeous this yellow rice mountain and the condiments around the giant plate! The amount of thought and preparation in making these are just amazing.   56 kata lagi

Food And Recipes

Day Ten: My Favorite Childhood Meal!

Today’s Prompt: Tell us something about your favorite childhood meal — the one that was always a treat, that meant “celebration,” or that comforted you and has deep roots in your memory. 468 kata lagi

Writing 101

Tumpeng, an Ephemeral Food Art

As a person who uses English as second language, the word ephemeral is a new vocabulary for me. And something kind of hard to visualize, too. 226 kata lagi


Nasi Kuning: Rice Never Looked So Good

It’s testing season in Indonesia. The 9th graders at my school have been practicing and taking tests for the past few weeks, and while most of these exams vary little from the tests dreaded by students around the world, one stood out: Nasi Kuning. 377 kata lagi