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Miranda Kate's Mid-Week Challenge : 2018/01/21

This used to be an island, you know. Yep. Less than 24 hours ago. About ninety miles off the coast of Florida. I know. This is my home. 734 kata lagi


Predictions 1-21-18

Evacuate.. do it now.. the volcano is about to erupt.

That sounds like the Philippines, which they talked about in a previous prediction, It could also explain the burning houses from yesterdays predictions.  165 kata lagi

World Predictions

Predictions 1-20-18

We used the new process for this set of predictions which means we are expecting these predictions to unfold within a matter of days. We also have updates on the Tsunami prediction below.  313 kata lagi

World Predictions


Just a note to say that due to an unexpected tsunami of messages since yesterday night, I decided to do the right thing and spend the evening answering everybody’s note… (or so I hope. 169 kata lagi


Prediction: Indian Ocean Tsunami Arriving

“Earthquake.. Indian Ocean.. times up.. it’s about to arrive.”

Spirits begin to countdown; 1, 0 :

If the countdown sits at one, then we have one to two days before this event arrives.  579 kata lagi

World Predictions

A school trip to Japan

Teachers, students and the parents gather outside their high school one Saturday at the beginning of August.  They chatter anxiously as they wait for everyone to arrive and while bags are loaded into the school mini-bus.   590 kata lagi

Gone Focusing: Day 15

Day 15 of 40, fasting from Facebook, for fuck’s fake. (That last f might be an old-English S.)

In which our hero surfs the receding Facebook tide, naked and alone.

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