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Linden MacIntyre shares personal connection to Newfoundland disaster in 'The Wake'

As a journalist Linden MacIntyre covered adversity around the world, sharing the experiences of those caught in tragic circumstances, but he’s waited decades to bring the story of his hometown to the page. 815 kata lagi


Writing Style

According to the two people who have read my previous writings that i did for fun and given feedback, i apparently have a pretty distinctive writing style when i’m describing things. 305 kata lagi

Oregon tsunami risk and politics

One of the leading researchers on Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquakes, Chris Goldfinger, expresses his concern about the state government’s attitude to tsunami risk. They seem at least in part to side with developers who want to build in the tsunami hazard zone. 44 kata lagi

A Giant Tsunami Engulfs Santa Monica Pier In The Teaser For Season 3 of "9-1-1"

We had something of an Earthquake season this past year. Several big quakes shook the Golden State in ways it hasn’t shaken in decades. So this trailer for season 3 of Fox’s… 151 kata lagi


Europe tsunami warning: Navy drills for mega-quake that could wipe out Mediterranean coast

Europe is on alert for a shock mega-quake, amid warnings that a tsunami could strike tourist hotspots in the Mediterranean with just 15 minutes warning. Ten leading navies carried out a surprise four-day ‘Mighty Waves’ drill intended to prepare European countries for a earthquake-tsunami disaster. 14 kata lagi

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