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A critical reflection on “running to higher ground” narrative!  Myth and Reality in Tsunami Warning and Response

This paper provides critical reflection on the transferability of local knowledge adoption to foreign lands and peoples. It also challenges the universal construction of and acceptance of “going to the higher ground” as means to save lives to avoid the tsunamis hitting the shore. 189 kata lagi

Political Ecology Of Disasters

“You don’t appreciate a lot of things until you come very, very close to losing them”

That title quote is from the novel The Last Days of America by Paul E Erdman. The book is a frightening tale of how an economic crisis could lead to major political upheavals and shifts in the global balance of powers, and bring civilization as we know it to the brink of extinction by nuclear holocaust. 766 kata lagi

From Pappa With Love

Do You Know How Blessed You Are?

As we look around the world and see the suffering of other people, how can we complain about our misfortunes?  Even the poorest among us cannot possibly be worse off than those living in other countries like the Africa and the Middle East. 893 kata lagi


Silly Sea Salt

It is hard to get much more basic than salt. It’s cheap, but it’s vital. And I’m curious. Of all the DIY projects and frugal endeavours, making my own salt seems silly. 1.105 kata lagi

A long shadow

We are all shaped by joy and sadness. We all experience tragedy at some point in our life. Sometimes events echo down generations. Sometimes healing takes many years to accomplish. 1.327 kata lagi

Short Stories

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12

Scorpion Season 2 Episode 12

Dam Breakthrough

While they prepare for Christmas, Cabe shows up with team from Dam. They found that Dam is damaged from the flood, they need to fix it. 160 kata lagi


100 Words a Day #121

‘You want me here because I know when Bengo is near.  I know how to avoid Bengo.’

‘Well, maybe I want to meet Bengo.  Maybe I want to have him here.’ 71 kata lagi