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Beast & Day

For RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #34, the words were ‘beast’ and ‘day’. I challenged myself to write something meaningful for the second week that I’m participating in this fun activity. 131 more words


Monday March 2, 2015

We are praying and fasting today for 1) Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and the courageous warning he has for Congress,  America and the world, and 2) Congress that they will truly hear, understand and righteously respond with decisive action to thwart the grave dangers Bibi is warning them of, and 3) The future of Israel and the church. 343 more words

Kraken the ship against the waves

Acrylic on canvas

Over Christmas I was given a bottle of a famous spiced rum brand which features a picture of a giant squid on the box and bottle. 159 more words


A saintly gesture leaves us guessing
The timepieces all began to ring
Our dust called to us to reduce
The dream of the hurricane and floods washing away all our cities and ships… 49 more words

Fukushima Healing

I created Fukushima Healing from a photo I came across of an ancient, twisted tree in Japan.  The digital image of the twisted trunk and branches (red/orange) as well as the images of a rampant sea (blue) reminded me of the horrors and disruption of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan in 2011 with the resultant nuclear disaster at Fukushima. 49 more words

Digital Art