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Awesome Music Thursday: A Song of Storm and Fire

I don’t know much about Tsubasa, and what I do know mostly consists of ways in which the anime is widely considered vastly inferior to the manga. 31 more words


Memorial Day Weekend Buys

I hit up 3 different Half Price Bookstores and couldn’t resist the 70% off original price (50% plus 20% for the holidays).

Titles include:


XXXHOLiC Rei - Chapter 41

Chinese scanlations available here.
English translations: none yet.

DISCLAIMER: If you enjoyed reading this story, please support CLAMP by purchasing the original or licensed material available in your country. 148 more words


All the fishies....

Mahiko: And so, Mahiko chased him and ate him!
Sayumi: …that’s fascinating.. Does she ever shut up..?

Yuki: Hi girls, what’s up?
Mahiko: Mahiko was telling SayuSayu about Mahiko’s adventures! 301 more words


They come in pairs

Mahiko: Box for Mahiko!
Yuki: Not every box is for Mahiko ^^;;
Sanji: oof….

Mahiko: That’s nonsense! Help me open it!
Sanji: Aye aye! 227 more words


Arrivals and such

Saturday, Lisa and I received notice that our Fairyland order had shipped from DDE! We were excited, and the package was on track to arrive Monday, as was Tsubasa’s (my LTF Elf El) wig. 672 more words


May Update

Here I am again for another month and the first thing I wanna say is, I’m so very sorry for not finishing Watership Down. I’m sorry that I lied. 241 more words

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