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1957 Chevy 3124 Cameo Pick Up Truck.
9 Exposure HDR

From 500px


Pop Culture: Elmer Fudd '85 FORD BRONCO 4X4

The Hot Wheels Pop Culture line has had some less-than-ideal applications of graphics on vehicles. Some casting choices are head-scratchers as there are usually better choices in the eyes of collectors. 353 kata lagi


Looming Near You In The Near Future

Every time I think that the motor car designers have reached the maximum in any particular thing I am proved wrong – it is the same when I consider the devices made by electronics firms – I think they could not be smaller and I’m wrong. 367 kata lagi


Parallel Park Like a Pro!

  1. Seek out a space you feel comfortable that you can safely get your car into without crunching into another car. Drive around the block until you find a larger gap if you need to; you will need a space that’s several feet longer than your car.
  2. 369 kata lagi

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