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It’s time for Queensland Labor to reintroduce a landfill levy

By Mike Ritchie, MRA Consulting Group

More than a week after the Queensland election, current predictions are for a Labor majority.

At the same time, the… 283 kata lagi


Meet this unique truck driver from Colombia

12-year old Diano Marcelo from Colombia has a unique hobby. She loves to drive trucks and trailers!!

Diana manages to both drive and park both trucks and trailers with ease. 65 kata lagi

Nikola Motors - Daimler - Toyota Challenge Tesla's Metrics for the 'Long-Haul' - Will the Best Zero-Emissions Semi (Trucks) Run on Fuel Cells? Next-Gen Batteries? Both?

Toyota’s Project Portal and … a possibly “game-changing” semi from upstart Nikola Motors might prove FCEVs are the winning tech for the long-haul industry.

Last month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk rode onto the dais at Tesla’s design studio in Hawthorne, California aboard a futuristic semi truck. 2.881 kata lagi