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1500 meet & greet time!

We have passed 1500 followers now. You are all a part of this blog that keeps growing and growing and growing.

You are all funny valentines that makes me smile and learn new things everyday. 144 kata lagi

What Ever

The Five Minute Wonder, 1969-2016

This is the story of a guitar.

It is a very unremarkable guitar, except to me and to its current owner.

It was my first guitar, bought for me by my parents some time around 1969. 714 kata lagi


Using a Trombone to exert dominance

It was an early winter’s evening in New Cross, an up and coming creatively inclined area of South London. I liked it here, it had the right mix of greasy chicken shops and diversity in bespoke alcoholic brewed offerings. 2.504 kata lagi


Practice Mute Buying Guide

Choosing the right practice mute can be a tricky decision.  Weighing up characteristics such as volume, resistance, sound and of course price, with so many mutes currently available is a minefield.  211 kata lagi


Unedited Videos: “The Big Horns”

As often happens in November, which along with April is one of the two busiest months in every university music department, I have found keeping my regular blogging schedule to be impossible. 245 kata lagi


Music students create "great moments" for recital

On Thursday November 17th at 3 p.m in Founders Hall, over 70 students, staff and family attended the Student Recital. Hosted by the Music Department, nine students performed different classical pieces. 476 kata lagi

My Freakin' 365 + 1 List: Days 317 & 318

Day 317 – Yesterday I tried to learn to play taps on my 14 year old’s trombone. I tried for an hour, but I just couldn’t play it very well. 208 kata lagi