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Maastricht Week 2

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for posting so late again! I hope you all have been having a great week!

This week has been actually pretty normal for me, which includes Nutella, work, and trombone. 755 kata lagi

How do I play higher?

It’s probably the single most common request I hear out of students: “I want to play higher notes.”

It’s a perfectly reasonable request.  Who wouldn’t want to expand their limits on their instrument?   660 kata lagi


Bang! Festival 2016: Deae Ex Machina -- for trombone, dance, and GameTrak system

Janine King, trombone; Sarah Wasik, dance; Michael Ducharme, composer/programmer.

Bang! Festival 2016: Chronos -- for trombone and real-time audio/video processing

Janine King, trombone; George Dean, Janine King, Alec Korchev composition/programming.

Bang! Festival 2016: Fourths -- for trombone and D-box

Janine King, trombone; Victor Zappi, D-box; Victor Zappi, hardware/software designer.

Understanding Instrument Entrances

One aspect of wind instruments the composers and band directors alike need to understand is that different instruments have different attack rates.  The attack rate is the speed with which the player can start a note. 914 kata lagi


May 22nd National Buy A Musical Instrument Day

Just listening to music can change your day, your attitude and your life.  It brings us joy, makes us sad, helps us remember and gives us something to look forward to.  617 kata lagi

Unboxing The Bizarre