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The Tao of the Trombone

The other day I realized that I’ve been playing the trombone for nearly 50 years.  And during that time, it hasn’t just been my musical instrument of choice, but a teacher.   376 kata lagi


Funky Sunday

Today’s Strip

Sosfdavido here, barely  to update after a long power outage in the Santa Cruz mountains! Here’s a post for today from my cell phone but HTML doesn’t show up from my phone. :/

Son Of Stuck Funky

Grachan Moncur III - Evolution (1963)

Recorded in the hours before the assassination of President Kennedy, this document foretells the haywire mood of the times with a sound that floats between waking and dreaming. 300 kata lagi


logo cleanup

I didn’t design this. I just cleaned it up.

My main trombone choir has decided to start dipping its toe into the publicity game. So we took some “publicity photos” today (with an iPad camera, nothing fancy), and I was tasked with (a) Photoshopping at least one of them, and (b) putting our new logo on it. 227 kata lagi


auld lang syne

Happy New Year!!! WOOOOOO 2017

This is my second attempt at putting together a multitrack. Here’s what I did differently:

(1) Tried to choose a simpler, shorter, more lyrical, and overall easier piece… 56 kata lagi