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Music not for a funeral

I’ve already described the music X and I selected for the funeral. I thought I would post now about some of the music which was considered but discarded for various reasons. 692 kata lagi

Treme Prince

New Orleans trombonist/vocalist Glen David Andrews –  cousin of Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews – brought a tasty musical gumbo of funk, soul, gospel and rock to Harlow’s Nightclub tonight in midtown Sacramento. 143 kata lagi


Wycliffe Gordon | Here's That Rainy Day

“The older I get, the more I realize that things happened and happen the way they do for a reason, so the answer would be no. 95 kata lagi


Rediscovering and Reapplying the “Conversational Breath”

In last week’s post as well as several others I have freely discussed areas in which I have abandoned previous approaches to playing my instruments and have embraced ideas found in newer publications. 728 kata lagi

Teaching Low Brass

Jamspace: anti-counterpoint backgrounds or "I need to write horn parts and don't know what I'm doing"

You’re in a bind.  Your band is bland and you want to turn down the suck but you’re self-taught, need to look at the keys to play, and jump out of time on the drop.   2.283 kata lagi


Easin' It (Count Basie)

Cool intro and some great brass solos (soli?)


Busking on The Drive

Trumpets, trombones, and tap dancing; what a perfect day for some busking! On Tuesday afternoon a couple pals and I played some tunes on Commercial Drive, jamming a variety New Orleans classics to modern pop-funk. 97 kata lagi

Live Music