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Meet our fantastic teachers!

At Rick’s Musical Instruments, Inc. (and at our second store dba Bravo Musical Instruments), we are super focused on music education. So we have worked hard to hire and retain the most qualified staff of private instructors. 18 kata lagi



Norman Dubie

There were carols on the kitchen radio, a late
cold night, entering the room
while straightening the blistered Navajo rug, I
remembered suddenly what the first eight notes…

73 kata lagi
Creative Writing

Greater San Diego Music Coterie Concert

The Greater San Diego Music Coterie had their 5th anniversary celebration today. I just posted a video of the Blue Bells of Scotland. Pretty awesome stuff! 17 kata lagi

Blue Bells Of Scotland

When should I get my "step up" instrument

It is a question that all kinds of kids will ask there parents at some point early in their musical life. It is important to be able to get this asap! 229 kata lagi


Play Bold

His tune was beautiful

but much too timid.


Then he went

and never returned.


My greatest fear

 is not death

but what

dies inside me… 8 kata lagi


The Great Birmingham Trombone Company

On 2nd November 2015 I had the pleasure to deputise on piano with a great jazz group called The Great Birmingham Trombone Company. The group is modelled after Bobby Knight’s Great American Trombone Company, a pioneering ensemble of 5 trombones and rhythm section playing hard swinging jazz charts and sounding like a miniature big band – a really exciting sound. 117 kata lagi