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Perking up!

Things are looking up! The past few days have been good, things are getting sorted.

I saw a psychologist for the first time on Friday. My cardiologist recommended I see her to help with feeling so nervous about my heart, and she was so nice. 276 kata lagi

Friday, November 20th

Milford Graves (drums, vocals) with Amiri Baraka (words), Roswell Rudd (trombone), Charles Gayle (tenor saxophone, piano), William Parker (bass), live, New York, 2013


As you get older, you ain’t afraid to say something.

32 kata lagi

More Street Music

More fun. In the streets.

Music, brass band, joyful noise. On a Sunday. In Central City. I think the pictures speak for themselves. So, I’m not going to write much more. 46 kata lagi

Ray Laskowitz

Thoughts about people

People can make or break your day. All it takes is a small comment or a look and your mood can change. I am encountering more and more positive changes. 292 kata lagi

The Chimp Paradox

Do you ever get the hump about something that you wish didn’t annoy you?Ever say something in the heat (or cool) of the moment and then regret it (sometimes instantly)? 619 kata lagi

His Granting of Favors

Hounding the rose garden
with a turnip-snouted affair
could lead to regret
as long as you flub up
the orders coming in
at a mile a minute. 59 kata lagi